November 23, 2014

Mancat Monday

Aren't these a couple of adorable legs on this Mancat Monday?

And they're mine!

I'm still just a kitten, but I'm practicing my beefcake poses.  
Someday, I'll be a strappin young lad that makes the ladycats swoon.
But for now, I'll just cuddle with my Mommy.

Happy Mancat Monday kittehz and purrs, y'all!

Sunday Selfies - Prudence

Don't I look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?  It's for my Sunday Selfie and for this:

Kittehz, it's TURDUCKEN and it's the best stuff, ever.
What a purrfect time to get it, too - right before Turkey Day!
It gets even better, folks:
Yes we did.  Over at MAXWELL, FARADAY, AND ALLIE'S (A Tonk's Tail).
They had a giveaway on Allie's birthday and all we did was sign up.
They also donated Merrick to the Great Plains ASPCA kittehz.
(They're wonderful like that.)
We want to thank our sweet furriends, Maxwell, Faraday, Allie, and their Mommy.

Happy Sunday efurrybody!

This is a Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. We're linking up with THE CAT ON MY HEAD Join the fun!

November 21, 2014

Caturday Chuckle

Remember our First National Bank bull?
(He got all dolled up for our local hot air balloon festival.)
Well guess what he's doing now:

Yes, he's ready for Thanksgiving.

He really photographs better a little bit further back, but we didn't want to get into the highway.

I have to admit, I can't wait for Christmas now and that's no bull.

Here's your gratuitous kitteh pic:

Happy Caturday and purrs, y'all!

Falling Down On The Job Friday

Hey, even troublemakers need naps.

Last night I managed to paw at the door knob until I turned the lock.
The problem was that the peeps were not in our section of the house at the time.
The other problem was that it is just a bedroom doorknob and not a keyed one.

It probably will be a keyed doorknob by this time tomorrow.

Happy Friday furriends and purrs, y'all!

November 19, 2014

Thankful Thursday

We've emerged from our deep freeze.
The cat cup on the cat tree is still my favorite place, though.

The catio is open full time again.
For this, we are extremely thankful.

There are mousies to hunt (hopefully) and fresh air to sniff.

We are sending our purrs to all those affected by that deep snow in
New York.

Stay warm and safe, furriends.
Happy Thursday and purrs, y'all.