September 1, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday

Mommy, how could you cut my head off??

I look like a holiday turkey!  Pfffft!

This is only minimally better.

At least you can see my laserz of disapproval.

Now this is much better.

No demerits issued today.

Happy Tuxie Tuesday and remember:  TUXIES RULE!

Purrs, y'all.

August 31, 2014

Mancat On A Mission Monday

Shhhh!  I'm after bugs today
I always get what I'm after.

So I will just carefully ease up to the catio screening..

and roll.


Did y'all see all those bugs fall over dead from my cuteness attack?

Mommy didn't either.

Oh well, I guess I'll get back to my catnap.

Happy Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all!

August 30, 2014



We found our easy Sunday on top of the human sister.  Her foot is in the upper right hand corner, our chihuahua's bum is in the upper left hand corner.  Mommy wanted to post the whole pic, but since the human sister was catching some z's, she didn't think that would be nice.  So it's just us kittens, snoozing, taking this Sunday a catnap at a time.

Happy Easy Sunday to the rest of our furriends.  Purrs, y'all!

Pee Ess - as you can see, we get along with efurrybody at our new home.  We are easy-going kittehz.  <<SMOOCHES>>

August 29, 2014

Chillaxin On Caturday


Some Caturdays you just have to cover your eyes and have a nice long catnap.

( I haven't learned modesty tail placement yet.)

Have a happy Caturday furriends and purrs, y'all!

August 28, 2014

Family Tradition Friday


Does this look familiar to you, furriends???

Looks like we have a second generation of decoupage artistes here at Angel Prancer Pie.


Happy Friday efurrybody.

Purrs, y'all!

Pee Ess - Mommy didn't have the heart to scold me. She's a sucker! - Preslee