July 25, 2014



Hi kittehz and thank you for the warm welcome!  We love it here and today we were given names.  I'm Prudence.  Mommy says it is purrfect for the little prude in me.

We also got introduced to wet food.  OMC (can I say that or am I too young?) That stuff is wonderful!   Mommy laffed and laffed because she said we were noisy little eaters.  Lip-smacking good is what that was.

Today we also go window privileges.  I've never had my own window, kittehz.  Amazing!
Birds, woofies, voles, geese, and whatever else might wander by. I'm already in love with this window.  What could be any better?  (catio privileges to come at a later date)

Well, I'm gonna go see what my brofur is doing.  Happy Caturday and purrs, y'all.
    **scampers away**

July 24, 2014

New Kittezh On The Block

Hi efurrybody, it's our Gotcha Day!(Thursday)  We are the new residents at Angel Prancer Pie.  Our Mommy hasn't settled on our names yet.  Any ideas?  Here's a little about us:

 I'm a gray mancat.  Sorry about ages, but our Mommy forgot to ask. (she'll ask tomorrow)  I am the wild child.  This pic of me trying to get away from my human sis, shows my cricket toy.  I've made that thing chirp all afternoon.  My Mommy wants to squeeze and love on me, but I've got things to do and no time for that!

 I'm a little tuxie girlcat and have lots of tuxie attitude!  Mommy never dreamed she would own another tuxie, much less another girlcat!  I love my Mommy already.  She saved me!  Some mean humans didn't like my temperament, and decided to just have me euthanized.  I'm only a few months old!  A "little birdy" at the vet, told my Mommy what was going to happen, and my Mommy literally ran into the back into the vet office and said, "NO!"  

Then Mommy told the lady to just cage up the last kitten at the vet office to come with me.

For better or worse, here we are!  We're gonna like this blogging thing for sure and can't wait til Mommy gets better pics of us.  It's hard to photograph greased lightning!  MOL!

Happy Friday efurrybody.  Mommy says to always say "Purrs, y'all" at the end, cause that's what the great Prancer Pie always said.  So...Purrs, y'all!   **romps and frisks away*

July 23, 2014

Crazy Talk Thursday

 Kittehz!  Mommy has been whispering in my ears and it's not things that I want to hear!
She's gone mad, kittehz.
I'm giving her the back of disrespect.  Pfffft!


She was talking crazy to me, too.
So, I'm not speaking to her, either.
Here's my back of disrespect!

Hmmm, what could make this happen????
Stay tuned....
(and get your squees ready)
Happy Thursday and purrs, ya'll.

Wordless Wednesday


July 21, 2014

Factual Tuxie Tuesday


Hi kittehz!  Mommy has been trackin me with that stoopid camera of hers, again.

She just loves to follow me onto the catio. 

(she missed the shot right after this one - I launched myself all the way up to the top catio shelf!)

I got this award over at LONE STAR KITTIES.  Be sure and click on their name to visit.
(They sure are some cute kitties!)

 I'm supposed tell 7 random things about myself:

  1. "The Miffed Look"  is something I made famous.
  2. Precious is just a name, not a purrsonality trait.  Get over it.
  3. I am very bonded to Mommy now, but I don't want that getting out.  Ruins my reputation.
  4. I've only shown my bellah 2 or 3 times.  You won't bee seeing it often.  Get over that, too.
  5. I loathe and despise Princeton and our woofie, Chi Chi.  They just need to go away.
  6. Mommy has several "Precious rest stops" around our house.  These included fleece, food, and drink.
  7. I believe that efurrybody would do well to remember:  US TUXIES RULE!!! (my motto)
Happy Tuxie Tuesday and purrs, y'all.