September 8, 2018

Undercover Kitty

This Sunday Selfie coming to you from under the blankie on the human/our bed.
It's still very warm here but it's been very grey outside.
Purrfect day for snoozing - but what day isn't purrfect for naps?

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September 1, 2018

Two-fur Sunday Selfie

 Mom says this is one of her favorite photos of me.
::sticks out chest proudly::

She says this one is a favorite, too.
The wench never did have a good eye for photos.

Both have been submitted for your viewing pleasure on Sunday Selfies
with those adorable kits at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.

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August 4, 2018

Bench Warmer

Here's my submission for Sunday Selfies.
I've commandeered the new bathroom bench.
 It has a seat plus a shelf underneath for another kitteh!
We can't understand why it took her so long to bring one of these home.
Thanks, Mom.  We love our new bench.
Guess you better find another place to sit and lotion your legs.  Ha!

Come along with us as we hop with those adorable kits over at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
It will be loads of fun!

July 29, 2018

Lazy Summer Selfie

This is my selfie cause,
this summer has got me like this.
I haven't done a thing.
Well, I have antagonized Precious a few times,
nibbled on the Mommy repeatedly,
let myself onto the catio without purrmission,
started a few rough tussling matches, and left
countless pee mails.
Maybe this summer hasn't been a total loss...
and it's not over yet!

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July 21, 2018

Lord Of The Fleas

I'm complaining loudly for my selfie today.
I thought there was a book about my life, but apparently
I'm Lord of the Fleas, not Flies.

The human was less than pleased to find out about my being Lord and all.
She's washed, vacuumed, medicated...ya'll know the drill.

It's still hotter than a blister bug in a pepper patch here in Ok-cat-homa,
but we're staying cool inside while the catio is fumigated for fleas.

I'm hopping with those sweet kitties over at the CAT ON MY HEAD.
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Hope efurrybody has an easy Sunday.
Smoochies, ya'll!