July 6, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

Our award from Katie.  Isn't she pretty?

Yay fur rain!!!  (right before it started raining)

Our Daddy and his big bass.  (11 lbs 4 oz.)  Yes, he released it.  *sigh*  (Doesn't it look yummy?)

Gratuitous kitteh shot.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Today's post is a lot of this and that.  First, we wanna thank Katie and her Mom, Glogirly, fur this pawsome award!  You can visit them HERE.  Thanks, Katie!  The award states that we have to answer 7 questions about ourselves and pass this on.  We don't know if we can come up with 7 more, but here we go:
  1. On my front paws, I have a botched de-clawing job.  I have nubbies growin there now.  Mommy keeps them trimmed up fur me.
  2. I like it when Mommy trims up my nubbies.
  3. The ham-mick is my night-time bed.  Every single night.  That's sum serious sleepin.
  4. When Mommy gives me a good back scratchin, I lick her arms.
  5. Princess is the only kitteh I allow to groom me. Go figure.
  6. When I'm in the top cup of the cat tree, I always need one foot hangin out.  (is this the equivalent of humans havin one leg on top of the covers?)
  7. I caught a grasshopper this week.  By myself. 
Now, to pass this along....
  1. Madi (whom Prancer adores) HERE.
  2. Our new woofie furriend, Reuben.  If you don't know him, go over there now! He's adorable. You can visit him HERE.
  3. Our other Katie whom we love, KATIE ISABELLA.  She's a beautiful tuxie girl, too.
  4. Jaava and Jura over at Pikku Punapippuri.  We love them kittehz and Aiti, too. Visit the Burmese Butterballs HERE.
  5. Another woofie we love, Goose at the Gospel of Goose. Goose and his Mom take great hikes.  You can visit them HERE.
Well kittehz, Mom's run out of steam and I'm headed fur the ham-mick.  Happy Caturday and purrs, ya'll.


  1. Hi Prancer Pie! Concatulations on the award. We like it and all your pictures, especially that big 'ole tasty looking fish.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. You totally deserve that awaard - we love your blog. ANd thank you for the honour of passsing it to us! We shall get down to answering the questions :)
    That is after I have tracked down the #€%&/*! who did a bad declaw job on you and beaten them to a pulp. Pah! And anyone else who does declawing -ALL of them is BAD! it is banned here in Finland and should be banned worldwide. I don't care what any human says about furniture! Pah Pah Pah. And Äiti thinks your Dad is a hero - that's a big fish and he was kind enough to let it go!

  3. Congrats on the award (and catching that grasshopper)!
    That is one big fish your dad caught. It would have been so yummy.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Concatulations on your award, Prancer!

    I am still bumming over the release of that big bass... geez, humans!

  5. Big Congratulation Prancer, and whels done for catchin yourself a grass hopper! And whels done to Daddy for catchin that big fishy!
    Big Sloppy Kisses,
    Mollie xx

  6. Great photos and an excellent award. We loved reading all the info except about your botched declaring job. That's awful, Prancer!

    The Chans

  7. Abby: My sis Stygia is declawed... in the front... her back ones are very dangerous! You can still be dangerous!! Beautiful and dangerous!

  8. Fanks you sweet Prancer Pie, whom mom and I loves. xox

  9. ConCats Prancer Pie :) I loved the bits of info about you. That fish looks yummy!!

  10. Congrats on your award, very nice, and yes, that is a very pretty kitty.

    We can't believe your Dad tossed back that big bass, just think of all the delicious dinners it would have made:)

    Have a good weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Congratulations on your award. It was so nice to learn something new about you.

  12. Congratulations on your award! We were all like "He did WHAT?!!!" about the bass but Mommy was all happy about it. Yeesh.

  13. Pwancer, which awardie is dis? Beautiful Katie is opaque.

  14. Clearly you is illustrious catses to win such an award, and magnanimous too to has passed it onto me, Reuben, a dog. Thank yous very much! I will try to gets my mama off of the internets for 5 minutes to repost it... she has been hogging all of thems lately...


  15. You sorta lost us at Dad's big bass...MOL!

    oh yeah, ConCATualations on your awards!

  16. Oh my handsome mancat Prancer thank you for the most lovely award. I will most certainly display it with pride and tell the world it came from my BFBF (best feline Beau friend)MOL

    My sissy's hubby absolutely was in awe of your Dad's bass. He is fisherman too.

    Hugs to you my handsom BFBF


  18. congrats on your award!

  19. Congratulations! And I am so honored you thought of me. WOW! You caught a grasshopper today? Know what I caught this morning, a turtle.

  20. Congrats! ai enjoyed learning more about you! No fish huh?

  21. Congrats on your award, Prancer. We didn't know that about your paws. We're glad you don't suffer any real bad effects from it other than nubbies.

    And too bad about that fishie...it woulda made a good meal or two.

  22. Con-cats on recieving the award,
    Also thanks to Princeton who made some wonderful papertowel art for Mom to pick up after my party.