March 9, 2013

Princess For A Day

Sweet little feet

Best Friends Forever

Arguing over the first Nip Cigar

Wrapping paper fun

Say cheese!

Looking fabulous for the pawparazzi

Enrolled in Princeton's decoupage class

Mommy cut my bum off in this pic (amateur)

Pretty girl

The Heated Cat Cup = my throne

 Snacks on the Mommy's laptop

Classic good looks


Window time

A cube for a queen (well, a Princess)

You stick your left foot out..

The royal throne room (her kid's bedroom)

Just chillin

When you're smilin, the world smiles with you


Sleeping Beauty


A basket case

Tussle champion

 The day's kill

Laundry day

 Feeling boxed in

Of course I flushed

Valentine wishes and whisker kisses


  1. What a beautiful girl. My favorite one of all is the second one.

    We are very sad. :-(

  2. Such wonderful pictures and memories of Princess. We are so sad it was her time to go to the bridge. We're sure Angel Sweet Praline was there to meet her.

  3. Beautiful tribute to a real Princess. Love the basket case photo.

  4. such a gorgeous girl with lovely personality. I'm still in shock that she's gone, it all happened so fast. Thanks for the touching tribute.

  5. We love you Princess. You look Awesome!

  6. Such a wonderful collection of photos and memories of Princess. Love that photo of her smiling, especially.

  7. What a lovely photo essay for such a lovely Princess.
    Sending LOVE from all of us at Purrchance To Dream

  8. Oh what a sweetie. It made us teary looking at all of her beautiful pictures.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  9. What a beautiful girl. We are extremely sad to read about Princess leaving for the Bridge - there have been a lot of tears here. The loss of a such a respected senior..... it's so very sad.
    But there are so many happy times to remember and celebrate through all the tears too. Sorry, we do not know what to say. We know nothing helps. We are all getting hugs here and we want to send nose bumps to all of you.
    With tipped tails and bowed heads, much love from FInland (North)

  10. PepiSmartDog: Dear Princess's mom, I am a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador and drove Princess to her Welcome Banquet, in my Pram/Stroller, where all her family and pals were gathered to greet her. She had a wonderful banquet, filled with all her favorite treats. OTRB we can eat anything and do everything!We will take very good care of Princess until you unexpectedly arrive over the bridge, where she will be waiting for you. Meanwhile, she is surrounded by great pals and family. We only have happy memories here and no pain or sickness. Princess has been refreshed and renewed! You will be a forever family again...not just yet. :=o)

  11. What a lovely and regal girl Princess was. I will miss her pretty face very much, so thank you for sharing her with us today. Purrs.

  12. What a sweet, beautiful soul. I am glad she has left you with so many wonderful memories.

  13. Wonderful, wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing Princess with us one more time.

    The Chans

  14. She was exceedingly brave. Such a lovely tribute xx

  15. What a lovely tribute to beautiful Princess. We are so sorry that she had to leave, but glad you were able to get her that help so quickly. We send you love and rumbly purrs to help you at this sad time and hope that happy memories of such a special girl fill your hearts soon

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape

  16. Spitty and I send you our very best purrs and purrayers on this sad day. We loved the Princess Retrospective as it helped us remember her wonderful Cattitude and saucy outlook on life.

    We had not realized she was quite such a Grande Dame. You gave her a long and joyous life. She never had even a moment that she did not feel your constant love and warmth in her life, and a kitty cannot ask for more than that in this life.

    Much love and purrs all around. XOXOXO

  17. A most precious and beautiful girl. We are so sorry for your loss. (((Hugs)))

  18. We shall all miss that beautiful Princess. Love and hugs from all of us.

  19. What a lovely tribute to a lovely girl. Comforting purrs, love & hugs.

  20. Oh what leaky eyes I have looking at precious Princess's loving life here. I am still shocked and very very saddened by her passing. Your star is the brightest one dear Princess. We will think of you each time we see it. Sleep sweetly darling girl.

  21. Awwww sweet angel Princess! We are so sad you had to run off to the Bridge! We send your loving family lots of hugs and love.


  22. We will always remember Princess through the when you smile photo, hve not known you guys very long, but we always had a giggle looking and reading her ramblings!

    Your Sad Pals
    Susie & Bites

  23. Such beautiful photos and so nicely captioned. It is these memories that will help you cope with your very sad and sudden loss. Princess was a sweetheart.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  24. A Beautiful Photo array of "The Princess"...One Gorgeous Girl!
    Lots of Purrs,
    Miss Kitty

  25. What a lovely photo tribute to a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing those sweet memories of her long and happy life.

    Ambrose, Clarence, Teddi, Baskin, and Abner

  26. Truly royal in every way. Purrs and hugs to you all.

  27. What a sweetheart Princess was! She will be missed.

    Purrs and hugs to you all.

  28. We are so sorry to hear about your special lady Princess - nothing we can say will make it hurt less but our thoughts are with you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Guys we just saw this sad news!

    We're so very sorry & are thinking of all of you today ...

    Much love
    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  30. Run free Princess....there are a lot of friends waiting for you at the bridge...
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  31. What a great tribute! Wes will miss yous!

  32. And Princess, you'll be Princess forever in all the days now. You sure are to me.

  33. Simply beautiful. We are thinking of you today.

    Eileen and Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  34. Some how we missed yesterday's post, and are just devastated by your news. It's worse than when we lost our Madison 13 days after a lymphoma diagnosis. What a wonderful long life of 19 years Princess had and you memorialized your sweet girl so beautifully with this lovely series of photos. Many, many, many prayers, purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olicia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette and our mom, Janet. She says her heart hurts so much for you.

  35. Beautiful photos of your beautiful girl. We will miss you Princess.
    Hugs and purrs to all of you.

  36. She was SOOOO beautiful! I hope you'll keep posting her photos. xoxox

  37. PAWSOME pics, just... PAWSOME! Such a lovely remembrance! We will all miss Princess...

    Our thoughts and purrs to all of you for the sadness of Princess going over the Bridge.

  38. You sure are one bootiful Gal, Alfie's drooling..Stop it Alf.. I love the kiss, that is such a wonderful photo xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  39. What a lovely photo montage! Thank you for sharing this with us. XOXO We're continuing to purr for you ...

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  40. Wonderful pictures and memories of Princess <3

  41. We've been absent fur awhile. And it's so sad that another furbaby has gone to the bridge. Mom 's eyes are leaking again as she reads this sweet tribute to your sweet Princess.
    xoxo Kassey

  42. Memories Build A Special Bridge
    Memories build a special bridge
    when loved ones have to part
    to help us feel we’re with them still
    and soothe a grieving heart.
    Our memories span the years we shared,
    preserving ties that bind,
    They build a special bridge of love
    and brings us peace of mind.

    Emily Matthews


    deer princess' mom; pleez noe we all R trooly trooly sorree ta lurn princess crossed rainbow bridge... R gram paw dude toll us that her iz doin veree well, her iz happee, N healthee and aza wee kiteh again....

    pleez all sew noe if her could speek, her wood want ta say two ewe:

    thanx mom N dad...for everee thing...eye love ewe both


    this bee a way awesum tribute for princess.....

    with sinceerest sympathies


  43. Such a lovely Princess. She was part of your heart for many years and will remain so forever. :)

  44. We are so sorry your princess has crossed the bridge :'( Please accept our words of comfort and know that we will be praying for you and your family.

  45. Poor Princess, what a brave sweet girl, now a very beautiful Angel. Bye Princess........theCatStreetBoyz & MomHolly

  46. Oh, such a wonderful, loving tribute to your beautiful Princess=she was such a precious sweetheart...Keeping you all in our purrs and prayers...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  47. What beautiful photos and what a nice way to remember her through this post. We know you miss her like crazy, we miss her too. We purray that your memories of her comfort you as you mourn.

    Our very favorite one is the one where she's smiling!!

  48. My fave, fave of all...the smiling one!! that captured her REAL SELF; her spirit; her soul...pawsome for sure

  49. We are SO sad to hear about beautiful Princess going to the bridge :(

    We are sending purrs and comfort. She was a gorgeous girl and we know you'll miss her very much.

  50. What a beautiful post and tribute to Princess. We always admired her lovely feets. Continued purrs to you all.