February 10, 2012

Caturday Blood-Letting

                                                Hmmmmm, what's this little ball of fluff?

                                         Smells vaguely familiar, I can't quite place it.

                                                                 Whap! Play ball!

Hi furriends, HRH Princess here.  Well, Mommy and I did the whole brush- n -bitey thing today.  She brushed and I putted the bitey on her.  That's me above, playin wif my hair, after the ordeal.  Mommy had a small amount of blood loss ofur it.  We won't show that pic.  Oh well, it's ofur fur now. Hope you kittehz out there haf a better Caturday than me (or Mommy).  Purrs ya'll.

Pee Ess - They is haffin an auction ofur at Furriends of the CB. You can visit them HERE.  The auction is fur Coco of Curlz n Swirlz.  She had to haf surgery on her leg.  They has great stuff ofur there. Be sure to go visit!


  1. Well, we are all real short-haired and we get a LOT of strokings. So we never have many loose furs. We are very lucky that way.

  2. I LOVE being brushed! That's one of the few times I actually approve of what my human is doing.

  3. Wow! Blood loss just for being brushed?? We don't mind being brushed (except for the Sphynx, of course), but if they start that bathing then they get the blood loss!

  4. I love, love, love that brushing...I'll take yours if you don't want it!

  5. We love being brushed too. There wouldn't be any blood loss here.

  6. Hannah loves being brushed - but she's not so keen when she sees Mum with a tiny pair of scissors if there's an untangleable knot!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Princess...I gather from this post you do not LOVE being brushed!! MOL
    You my sweet friend, might want to reconsider. Anyone named Princess should have a lady-in-waiting, aka Mom to take care of her every need.
    If your mom needs a transfusion call I gladly volunteer Mom...she is what is called a universal donor.
    Hugs Madi who loves loves loves and begs to be brushed

  8. Having so much hair is a pain in the patootie, I know!!

    We'll be checking out the auction, too.

    Happy weekend, my furriend!


  9. hmmm cool time! I also love to be brushed as well!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  10. Maxwell: Oh My Cat! We didn't know Coco was having surgery - we'll head over to the auction now & make Momma bring out her plastic card thingy.

    Allie: ooooh what price beauty, Princess! The suffering we go to in order to remain as stunning as we are...*sigh* I feel your pain. (Yours, not your mom's, of course.)

  11. oh my, blood letting at brush time... we like being brushed but, like you, we love to bat around, sniff... stalk OUR fluff... you look wonderful, dear. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxxx

  12. Why don't you like being brushed?? My kitties love it! Like you, they also find the fur-ball fun to play with. =^..^=

  13. Oh Prancer Pie! We sures apurrciate you supporting Coco's Auction and for spreading the word! We hopes you wins the Cosequin (do you have arthritis? Cosequin might help and can't hurt as it's a safe 'nutriceutical'...

  14. Oh Princess!
    Me would has LOVED to see all the blood pictures!

  15. You know what? I think the Best Toy Ever is a ball of my own Royal Furz. The Human thinks it's weird, but what does she know???

  16. Mom Paula is trying to get us used to grooming. Truffle is pretty patient, but Brulee squirms like a worm.

    Truffle and Brulee