February 15, 2012

We Gots An Award!!!

UPDATE:  We haf turned off word verification due to so many of us haffin problems.
The start of a good snooze.

NOTE: Curled Back Paw.  SQUEE!!!

NOTE: White Chinny-Chin-Chin. So Kissable!!!

Hi furriends and Happy Thursday!  Prancer Pie here today apologizing upfront fur the shoddy pics of me again sleepin on my red couch.  My Mommy just thinks I am too sweet and make the cutest faces while sleeping.  I am often roused from my slumber to be covered wif kisses from her! ( i luf that woman)

We also want to say we got a lovely award a couple of days ago from Bengal Business. If you don't know these adorable kittehz, hop ofur and visit them HERE.  We need to pass this on to three kittehz.

1.  MADI  (she is our BFFF  and her Mom is sweet too)
2.  MEWSINGS OF GARDEN COTTAGE CATS  (they haf a bee-yootiful blog)
3.  KATIE ISABELLA (Katie and her Mom are just gettin started on their life togeddur)


1. You must be a follower of my blog

2. You must link the award back to my blog

3. You must pass the award on to 3 other blogs


  1. I like that position huh., ehmmm seems that I want to go to bed.,I'm sleepy.

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  2. Awwww, awwwwww, awwwww, curly paws. We just love curly wurly pawsies. Well done on award sweetie :)xx

  3. Concatulations on your award! Lars and Odin are pawsome kitties!

  4. ConcATUlations for this very deserved award, it's a wonderful news!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  5. Congrats on the beautiful award, Prancer! And yes, you are very cute when you sleep (and the rest of the time too!)

    Guess what? When our friend Ms. P from Texas came to visit us yesterday, she brought with her a friend from Oklahoma!!!

    The Chans

    PS: The new word verification "words" are completely illegible... #1 suspects they're written in Sanskrit...

  6. Prancer and Mom....
    Thank you so very much for the most beautiful award...I'm honored.
    Mom and I will prepare a post sometime over the weekend.
    I just love you curly feet!!

    Hugs from your BFFF,

  7. You look so comfy, Prancer! And my mom is definitely all SQUEE!

  8. I love the pics! Congrats on the very nice award too!,

    Oh that new word captcha thing is awful and so hard to read...4th try.

  9. Concats sweet Prancer Pie. You adorable boy! xoxoxo!

  10. Warning! Dead kitty on the red couch! You should try to relax, heh heh.

  11. Prancer you is so adorable!
    Concats on your award and thank you for turning off the WV!!! EEK that is going to cut us way down on leaving comments. You probably know you can set up where you can moderate your comments if need be. WE do and we've had 99.9999999% of success with it.

  12. You're making me sleepy!

    Congratulations on your awardification.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. We don't think the pictures are shoddy! And we love the curled back foot, it's adorable!!

  14. Prancer!
    Me thinks yous is beautiful too! If me was there, me would cover yous with kisses too!

  15. You do look so peacefully asleep in the last pic, and we love the curled paws!

    Good move on the word verification switch off! We did too! Those new words are designed to be impossible. Sometimes Mom just refreshes the words several times until something readable comes up.

  16. You sure look comfy there, Prancer! And congrats on your award!!

    Thanks for removing the word verification. They are driving us nuts!!

  17. Concats on the award. We are glad you have turned WV off, it is driving us mad.

  18. We have both steak and chicken hot off the BBQ - we will be waiting for you:)

    We hate that new word verification thingie - takes so many tries before we get it right.

    Nothing wrong with your pics at all - very sweet.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. My Human agrees with your Mom that you are the most adorable sleeper ever. Me? Well, I'd rather see Precious.

  20. OOOOOO Holy Cod !!! We didn't know :0.... Wow! Fankz guyz :))) We have da mom get on dis A.S.A.P! unfortunately fur us she takez furefur:( We let you know when we post..... Wow! Fankz fur thinking ov us ^..^ :)))))) xoxoxoxo

  21. Congratulations on your award. It's lovely. And thanks so much for turning off that wordy thing that wants to be verified. I was having lots of problems however, as usual, I blamed the peep.

  22. Congratulations on your award and thank you for turning off the word verification. OUr mom is have a hard time reading some of those words.

    Truffle and Brulee

  23. HOW in the world did I miss this!? I was here commenting on your adorableness. That little Prancer Pie mouf just makes my fur all tingly.