February 23, 2012

Of Fridays And Fetishes

Oh hai, I was just catchin 40 winks.

See my preshus spotted paw pads?
White booties are always in season!
Hi furriends, HRH Princess postin today.  I want to tell you kittehz a secret.  Come closer....MY MOMMY HAS A "THING" FOR KITTEH FEET!!!   Sum of you kittehz may already haf suspected my Mommy's dirty little secret.  What you don't know is about the scores of kitteh feet pics in our albums.  It all started innocently enuff, a paw here, a toe there.  The worst part is that Prancer Pie is an enabler. He puts his paw softly on her face and then he, (I can hardly say this part) lets her part his toes and scratch between them!  How undignified.  Hmph!  Now she's slinkin around the house takin pics of our toesies and the floof between them.  The curled feet nearly do her in.  The squealing, oohing and ahhing, and kissies is about more than I can take.  You kittehz be very careful postin those pics of sweet little cat feet.  Considered yourselves warned.  Happy Friday and purrs, ya'll.


  1. Well ya got to admit they are just about irresistible.

  2. Those are some really cute toes!

  3. Awww, our mummy has to agree with your mummy. She just loves kitty paws especially the curly over ones when we are chilling out :)xx

  4. OMC! It's a good thing she does not live here - Binga would probably slap her.

  5. Most unusual spotty paw pads. Hope you managed to get back off to sleep again.

  6. Jeez, our mom has the same fetish...is there some group we can get them to join?? Cat-Toesies Lovers Anonymous???

  7. We love your white booties Princess - they are furry smart.
    You must meow sternly to Prancer that he is wrong to encourage your Mommy in her toe fettish.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Mommy loves toesies too. Wel, white booties ARE a fashion statement that just won't go away~tee hee!

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh there is nothing softer than precious kitty pads.
    Prancer is a very special kitty to allow for pad massages. I'm ok with a stroke or two on my front but katy bar the door on my back

    Hugs Madi

  10. My mommy goes crazy for paws and toesies. My sisfur patted mom's face and even I reach up and pat while I'm stretching. She loves pawsies.

  11. She sounds like a whacko!
    Try to put up with her or just get your 40 winks & ignore her.

    Our Ess isn't a name brand Ess it's the Wal-Mart version. Same thing, less expensive.

  12. Our Mommy has a foot fetish too. Not only mine and Kozmo's but the hairy slobbery sister's too!
    What is it about peoples?

  13. If there was a club for people addicted to kitty feet, I would run for president....