June 28, 2011

Bellah Shots

The most bellah you'll ever see from Princess.

Prancer showing off his snuggling moves.
Hello furriends! Guess what? I started acting up last night and mom got suspishus. This morning, we had big booms and a crack of lightning and then, it rained! Yay! Mom was so happy. As you can see, we kittehz took it all in stride.

In udder newz, sumbody has been "going" outside the litter box. Mom can't figger out who it is. She thinks it's becuz she had to be gone alot for the sister bean. We're not tellin.

Don't forget June 30 is Interntational Box Day. See efurrybody there! Purrs, ya'll.


  1. You're a WeatherCat!

    Sometimes a Cat's gotta think outside of the box. Um, neither one of you has a bladder infection, do you?

  2. We had BIG lightnings here. It killed the hotbox clock! We all went UTB!

  3. You might ask your vet about a certain dye you can give to one of the cats and it will reveal which kitty it is next time they (don't) use the litter box.

  4. That happens. At least you have suspects only. In my case, when it happens I am the offender. No trials, no defence. There is a down side to be an only kitty.

  5. You guys don't tellin your human and I don't know either ! Great ! !!!
    Now What I'm going to do ? I'm Nosy !!!!
    ( Walk circle, Really want to know )

  6. That is a problem but maybe Mom will catch someone doing the deed. You two are brave kitties to not hide under the bed for the storm. We all hide during loud thunder. Hope you have a great day.

  7. We nice too, from storms, from the cows, from tne biggie dogs, from lots of stuff! We wuz them tummies!

    We want to be sure and thank you for our Mumsy's happy birthday from you. Those nosetaps gave her a smile :-)

  8. Morning to you all,
    Oh what cute poses today. We had just a smidgen of rain last night barely enough to dampen the rain gauge. Lots of thunder though; but the good news is the part of our county were our water supply is got lots.

    We are all set and ready to post for Internatinal box Day.
    Hugs madi

  9. I'm glad you finally got some rain! Maybe somebody has a UTI.

  10. You should be the weather cat.... Have a great day... We're looking forward to IBD too.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. wow! haf you considered a career as a meteorologist? you was spot-on!

    is the "suspect" only tinklin' outside the box? maybe it's a ninfeckshun. that's usually the prollem if any of us start straying. now, if it's poopin', it could be just cussedness (like our ed, who wouldn't poop inna box if it was as big as a room--he'd STILL go outside it, into the next room!). we hopes you're all OK!

  12. Princess has got a furry pretty tummy - mum would love to give it a good rubbin'. Have you considered being a TV weather cat?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. We hope you're all okay, no UTI! If the peeing outside the box keeps up, it might be a good idea for your mom to have you checked out.

    Angel Chumley pooped outside the box once when he was mad at the mom, but we've all been good...so far. LOL.

  14. Mom just had to give up on me. I refuse to use a box the others have used, so she resorted to the training pads outside the box and those are what I use, she has to change it at least once (if not twice) a day, but at least it keeps it off the floor!
    Woo hoo tomorrow is boxing day.

  15. Hey Prancer, do you watch the Weather Channel too? Good prediction!