June 20, 2011

Me in serious thought?

Naw, just waiting on mom's cereal.

Hello furriends, Prancer here. After havin a lil bit of mom's cereal, i'm off to bed early. Big day tomorrow. It's mom's birthday. That means i'll need to show her some extra attenshun and extra snuggles. That means maybe a lil bite of ice cream or cake for me!

Everybody's talkin bout the hots and how they've got em. We got em too.  Long, hard, dusty, windy, dry as toast, hots. But, I started friskin this evening and mom got suspishus. Sure enuf, cool system headed this way! Mom can always tell when there is gonna be weather, cuz i likes to run, and *talk* alot.

Remember furriends, there are alot of animals and humans out there with no relief in sight, so purr for those with wildfires in their state.


  1. Happy purrthday to your mom!

  2. Happy birfday to your Mom! Mr. Prancer, if you've told us what part of OK you're from, we've missed it. So we're thinking about you right now as the storms make their way across the state. They should be to us in just a few minutes. Wheee!

  3. Happy Birthday Mom!!

    I love cereal milk too!

  4. Our Mom has SOY cereal milk. She is a meanie!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! We hope you get a can of tuna to celebrate! Each.

  5. Happy cooler days to you, and Happy Birfday ta the Mom!

  6. Pssst... can you give your mummy some MEGA cuddles from me (and some little cuddles from Diego) for her birthday?

    We sure appreciate her kind words on our blog :)

  7. Thank you for visiting our blog; we are always excited to meet new friends!...Happy Birthday to your lovely Mommy; we wish her a personal new year filled with health, love and joy...We look forward to getting to know you all and hope you guys have a fun day...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mommy - we hope she has a great day filled with fun and kisses.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Hope you get some ice cream, but cereal milk's not too bad either.

  10. We're getting ready to come over to your Mom's birthday party :)
    Mom's cereal is worth waiting for.
    Georgia likes it a bunch too!!
    We have not had the hots yet. It has been an unusually wet and cold Spring here!!!
    Oh...we live in Nova Scotia :)
    See ya later!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom. Cereal is serious business. I always look serious when there is food to be had.

  12. Nom nom nom cereal is good stuff!
    We hope your Mom has a super birthday!