June 21, 2011

Me with lasers on.

Princess and the back of disrespect.
Hello furriends. Prancie Pie here. ( Jeez mom, do you have to call me that?) This photo shows my lasers. My lasers are aimed at the weatherman. No rain. No storms. No cooler weather. We still got the hots. So much for the seven day forecast. I think I might start doing the FURCAST. Couldn't be any worse than the weatherman and i'm cuter. Princess is not happy about the weather, either. Precious couldn't be found for comment. Waddya think about the Friday Furcast? Mom wants to thank efurrybody for the birthday wishes. Thanks! Purrs ya'll.


  1. We just hadded a big storm here and it was scary! I would send you some rain iffen I could!

  2. It's unCodly hot here too! We lay on the tile indoors and then go riot on the Catio at 3 AM. Can you FURCAST us some rain?

  3. It's pouring with rain here today and we wish we could send you some.

    You would probably do a great furcast, Prancer!

    The Chans

  4. The weatherman said we would have lots of showers today but we haven't had any yet. Stay cool if you can.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Hello Prancie Pie! You're so cute. I used to have a big tabby named Sneaky Pie, after a cat in a book. Wonder if you two might be related?!

    How about a FurCast of Raining Cats & Dogs? Without the dogs???

  6. we hopes it was a fun (and treat-some) day fur you both yesterday!! there is cooler wevver here today (only inna 80s) but we can't figger out how to box an' ship it to you, sorry.

  7. Hai Prancer Pie! You is furry handsome. Sounds like you has good reason to show your laser eyes. It is starting to gets hotter here too now so we know how dat is. Thanks you for coming by my bloggie. I got momma to subscribe to yours for me so I can comes to visit.

    A FURCAST sounds fun MOL! Purrrrrrrrrrs

  8. We're waiting for some rain too. We hope it cools off for you soon.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. We hope your Mom had a fun birthday :)
    Those lasers are pawsome too!!!
    Sorry you still have the hots. Guess we are getting the rain(this weekend) and cool temps.
    It's too bad we cannot trade,heehee
    We hope it is a bit cooler indoors.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  10. Prancer, are you sure it isn't your lasers that are causing all the hots??

  11. We should mix our weather and we would all be happy.