June 18, 2011

Time For Your Photo Shoot.

Go away (Precious)

Leave me alone (Princess)

Zzzzzzzzz (Prancer)
Mom here. My cats are cute. My cats are(mostly) lovable. My cats are HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH! Ugh. Why didn't someone out there tell me my cats would automatically stop doing cute things when I started a blog? For Pete's sake, it's like pulling a tooth around here to get a photo. Everybody was right. It's the flashy box conspiracy theory.
These three make me feel like i've lost my mind. I'm running around the house at all hours and manners of dress trying to get these photos. You can forget staging. This is candid camera at its best. The worst of this is, that I feel my cats are laughing at me behind my back (again).  - t.woodruff (mom)

Prancer here. Bahahahahaha!

Pee Ess - Happy Father's Day


  1. Hah, I feel your pain! I have about 2-3 variations of each girl - hundreds of each. And I don't have a fancy camera, so if I DO catch them doing something funny, by the time the photo takes, it's over! But if nothing else, you have a written record of what's going on :)

  2. Mom said you need a camera which have ability of ZOOM !
    That's what my mom use because I doesn't like to been taken a photo too, I always run, Turn the butt to camera, stop playing. But mom got some chance when she use Zoom in !.. Because I didn't know or it's too far from me to feel irritated !!!
    But I think you have a good exercise today...heh..heh

  3. Our #1 keeps her camera in her pocket at all times and just whips it out when there is something to photograph...

  4. I will look at the camera when my Mommeh holds a treat up, and Harley is motivated by toys. Still, she probably takes 20 photos for every one she uses!

  5. Yes, we agree with Daisy. One good shot and 20 bad ones! Mom keeps her camera handy all the time and is always clicking away at us!!

  6. Mum leaves her camera handy but by the time it's picked up and switched on we are not doing anything interesting! What fun we have at her expense ha!!ha!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Our Mommy AND Daddy have a camera handy all the time...
    Mommy goes thru sometimes a hundred photos to get one she likes. Her and Daddy shoot a LOT! If your camera has a sport or burst mode it's good for action shots, and zoom is a Codsend.

  8. We are hard to photograph too! Mama says she has so many that look exactly the same. Of course, that's because I do the same thing efurry day. Sleep, groom, eat, sleep, play, groom, sleep . . .

  9. ::::hehehehe::::
    And that is exactly what we want you to think!
    We never make it easy.
    Happy Father's day.