June 17, 2011

Over The Edge.

Mom trying to get a bellah shot.

This is what mom looked like in dentist chair. MOL!
 Hello furriends! I hope Precious didn't scare anybody away yesterday. That ladycat dances to the beat of her own drum. Hee-Hee. Mom says i'm easy-going. However, furriends, i do have one little nasty habit.I I'm almost ashamed to tell it. I LIKE TO PUSH THINGS OFF OF THE COUNTERTOPS WITH MY HEAD. There, it's out in the open. I've broken dishes, cell phones, spilled food and drink, medication, knocked papers into the floor, etc. You name it, i've pushed it over the edge of the counter. Mom doesn't know why I do this. Do any of you kitties do this? Good thing i'm mom's fave. Pee-Ess - Mom made chick-hen tonight and we all got a taste! Purrs, people.


  1. Well, we push stuff off of tables , but not with our HEADS! MOL! Closest we got is that Iza like ta shove taller stuff with her shoulder. Like our water fountain or boxes on the floor.

    BTW, in answer ta yer question on our bloggie, I AM named after Clan of the Cave Bear. TBT saved that name fer decades waitin for the right kitty.


  2. We just give a quick whap with our paws if anything is in our way on the worktops - we are trying to train mum to just toss everything down on the floor so we can stroll round the tops without the clutter.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I don't do that because I am the Good Cat. Teddy might, if he was given the chance.

  4. heh heh. My nickname is Newton, cuz I'm always testing gravity! Only I use my paw...

    xx Salem

  5. We do occasionally push stuff off but it isn't really a habit for any of us.

    The Chans

  6. We don't push things with our heads! I, Zoe, do love to knock things off of tables and shelves. I can't resist it. And I knock over water glasses - I can't resist that either.

  7. Flynn: I like to tap things off with my paw. Eric just marches through everything and if it is in his way, he knocks it flying. I will have to try headbutting things down to the floor.

  8. Ooo I gotta try that head thing!! I push things off with my paws... mmmm and chicken... maybe I need to move in with you for a couple of weeks to learn!

  9. I push things off wif my paws, but I haven't tried wif my head yet! Yet!

  10. I didn't putsh things with my head. Instead, I pushed them with one paw... golf style. It's great fun to just see things fall on the floor...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm following you now.

    Pawhugs, Max