March 19, 2014

Showing Off My Knickers...


Well, it started off as well as any other photo shoot...

But apparently, Princeton has no taste for thong underwear.

Or maybe he does...

Destructive little cuss, isn't he?

This will be the last of these pawticular knickers...
(no, they're not Mommy's, she bought them off the $1 rack at Wal Mart)

Sorry, Mollie and Alfie, we did try.  Here's the closest we got to a knicker shot:

Here's the link to the Knicker Blog Hop at Mollie and Alfie's:   KNICKERS  
Be sure to hop over and check out the funny pics!



  1. dood....we iz crackin up !!! showin off a wee bit mor N knickerz huh !!!

  2. Princeton, the best part of theese knickers is the string, huh? All considered, we thinks you was a good sport about it! Have a wonderful week everyone!

  3. My human does not like thongs either, MOL!

  4. MOL!!!! We thought they were FURRY, umm, uh... colorful!!

  5. hahahahaha Oh Princeton you found a new play to "wear" the knickers!

  6. Darn TW! She made me forget this momentus day! I wanted in, too. BTW, those are pretty. The thought of TW is those things is making me wanna hurl.

  7. Princeton, you are too funny. We would have played with those strings too.

  8. Brilliant photos - but honestly, do you expect knickers to fit such a manly mancat!!?? Simply no!

  9. ha ha ha ha....

    that's funny, so glad you didn't put it on.

    emma and buster

  10. Princeton? You are SHAMELESS! I like that in a ManCat. Though I really would have preferred Precious be wearing that.

  11. OMC that is the funniest thing I have seen Mawahwhahhwhha Thank youz for playing the blog hop xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. We are behind the times (no pun intended) ... but this photo shoot is totally hilarious! Great giggles top to bottom (no pun intended).
    Tee, hee!