November 30, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Prancer Pie
 Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.   Sometimes, you just gotta turn your back  to the world and get some rest.

Prancer Pie

Be sure to keep your chin up and a little fang showing.   If you're looking adorable, they will feel too guilty to wake you.  Heh-heh.  (Mommy says this pic makes me look like a possum.)  Mommy!

Have a purrfectly easy Sunday furriends and purrs to all of our furriends who are sick right now.

November 29, 2013

Kicked Back Caturday

Princeton & Daddy
Yep, it's me again, Princeton.  I'm holdin my Daddy down in the recliner.  Heh-heh, just us two men kicked back, relaxing.  It doesn't get any better than this, kittehz.

Happy Caturday and purrs y'all.

November 28, 2013

Perusing Black Friday 2013

Princeton checks the ads for Fancy Feast sale.

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I'm just checkin out all these sale ads for Black Friday.  Mommy reads them all, then doesn't go to a single one!  She said she tried that one year and it was enough for her.

We hope everybody has a great Friday.  Stay safe, warm, and purrs, y'all.

November 27, 2013

Talking Turkey, Er, Tuxie!


Lickety, lickety, lickety.  Hello furriends, just grooming myself for Thanksgiving dinner.

Daddy, why are you testing ME for plumpness and tenderness?!?

We are having TURKEY on Thanksgiving, not TUXIE!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our furriends who celebrate it!  Purrs, y'all!

November 25, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday


Hi furriends, Precious here.  Sorry for the old pic, but Mommy says I've been MOST uncooperative with the flashy box lately.  Well I try, Mommy.

We're coming up on a big USA holly-day this Thursday, it's Thanksgiving.  I would just like to say that I'm thankful for my foodables.  I love my Fancy Feast, crunchy foods, and treats.  Yeps, that's it.  That's all I'm thankful for.  What's that Mommy? Pfffffffft, OK!  I'm thankful fur my home, furriends, and family, too....  there.  Happy?

Lots of furriends out there needing the power of the purr, right now.  Let's remember them this week.  Happy Tuxie Tuesday and remember:  TUXIES RULE!  Purrs, y'all.

November 24, 2013

In The Pink On Mancat Monday


Hi furriends, Princeton here.  The Mommy pawparazzi snuck in on me and the Peggy blankie the other night.  I blinded her the pawparazzi with my laserz.  Everybody knows a mancat and his pink blankie is a beautiful thing.  Bugger off, Mommy.  MOL!

Happy Mancat Monday!  Purrs, y'all.

November 23, 2013

Easy Sunday SQUEE

Prancer Pie

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I figured after stealing the Mommy's chair yesterday, I better step up the cuteness factor.  So fur your viewing pleasure we present:  a little fang, adorable toesies, a little peep-eye, curled paws, and partial bellah exposure.  Enjoy!

Have a super Sunday and purrs, y'all!

November 22, 2013

Busted On Caturday

Prancer Pie

Why yes, I did take the Mommy's chair while she was gone to the human litter box.  Heh-heh.

Happy Caturday and purrs, y'all!

November 21, 2013

Feelin Cozy Friday

Prancer Pie
This spot, in front of the coffee machine and on top of the little refrigerator is the coziest
 spot in the house. 
Purrfect for a kitteh to take a little catnap.

Thursday evening, a cold front moved through our area dropping our temp by about 30 degrees!

Stay warm and have great Friday.   Purrs, y'all! 

November 20, 2013

Takin A Bite Out Of Crime - Thursday


Psssst!  Hey, it's me Princeton.  Come closer and I'll let you in on a secret.  I am a member of Blogville Police Department!   Yes, it's true.  (No thanks to Mommy.  She didn't keep up wif the news!)

I've been named BRPO (Blogville Rodent Patrol Officer)  by  SUSIE AND SIDEBITE!  Officer Bites is my mentor and I hope to be just as good as him, someday.  Be sure to stop by their bloggie and check out all the other great officer and firefighters!  (Just click on their name.)

So, if you ever need any rodents chased, handcuffed, and maybe nibbled a little, just call on me.  I'll be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail.  (hmmm, now there's a thought...)

Happy Thursday, furriends.  Purrs, y'all.

November 19, 2013

Wishy-Washy Wednesday


Yes, I know the cat door is in the other window, but I want in THIS window!

November 18, 2013

It's Tuesday, Tuxie Deer


Sometimes it's hard to find a good snoozin spot in this house!  I've been driven to slip inside the closet between the luggage (which makes an excellent bed) and the deer head.  Obviously the pawparazzi followed me in.  Pffffft!

Happy Tuxie Tuesday deers dears, and remember:  TUXIES RULE!

November 17, 2013

Mancat Monday - Dirty Boy


Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I'm getting my baff today so I will look great for all the ladeez out there.   You never know when you might need to look your best.  Besides, Mommy was complaining that I was dirty from rolling around in the catio and chasin vermin.  Heh-heh.  Sometimes you just got to get down and dirty, kittehz.  That's the only way to get the job done.

Happy Mancat Monday from your former dirty boy, Princeton.  Purrs, y'all!

November 16, 2013

Easy Like Sunday


Hi furriends, Precious here.  I too, have found a warm spot (even though temps are in the 70s)  this weekend.  The humans are lying about this weekend moaning about their aching backs resting after moving the human sis into her new digs this weekend.  This makes for endless nappin opportunities!

Let's get this easy Sunday started!  Have a great one and purrs, y'all.

November 15, 2013

Cozy Caturday


Why yes, I do have my humans trained to turn the heating pad on for me.  You notice that I sleep in the middle, too.  Now turn off that light, it's beddy -bye time!

Hope your Caturday is as cozy as mine.  Purrs, y'all.

November 14, 2013

Fresh-Washed Friday

Prancer Pie

It's always a good idea to start the weekend with freshly washed furs, paying special attention to the tail area.
Be sure to let your Mommy get a good luck at your adorable footsies.  

Happy Friday and purrs, y'all!

November 13, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday


Mouses award from Stunning Keisha

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Word around the blogosphere is that I'm a pretty good mouse hunter.  My furriend STUNNING KEISHA even gave me this award. Thanks, CK!   I'm strutting around the house with my chest stuck out.

The sad truth is that I don't even get to eat them.  Not even a little nibble!  We do have neighbors and the Mommy is afraid that some of the mice could have been poisoned.  Not likely, but you can never be too cautious.  The peeps do give me a nice treat and extra love and praise after making a kill, so I can't complain.

Happy Thursday furriends and happy hunting!  Purrs, y'all.

November 11, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Nom, nom, nom, crunchity, crunch-crunch.  Smack, smack.

Mommy, you'd better not be behind me, making snide remarks about my bum, while I'm eating.

I didn't think so.  

Happy Tuxie Tuesday efurryone.  Remember:  TUXIES RULE  (Mommies drool)

November 10, 2013

It's In The Bag On Mancat Monday


What???  It smells good in here.  Can't a mancat have a sniff of Mom's purse without efurryone pointing a paw at him?

We also want to remember and thank all of our veterans out there.  Thank you!

Happy Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all.

November 9, 2013

Squee-Worthy Easy Sunday

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Mommy must have a hundred pics of me in this pawsition, in this very spot on the couch.  She said this one was extra special because it had all the things that make it great:  curled paws, adorable toesies, and a little fang.   SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!

Have a super easy Sunday, furriends and purrs, y'all!

Lazy Caturday


Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Do y'all like my new snoozin spot?  It's Mommy's old laundry cart.  The peeps throw the towels across the top for me to lay on.  Have I got them trained well or what?

We're gonna be lazy with Mommy today.  She's got hay fever and is sittin on her bum in the easy chair.  Have a great Caturday and purrs, y'all.

November 8, 2013

Freaky Friday

On the left is Rail Road and Bandit.  (They have a climate controlled doghouse.)

In the window, on the left is our fur cousin (with laser eyes).  We can't tell which one.

Hi furriends and happy Friday!  We wanted to share with you some outrageous pics of our fence after some very rough winds last week.  Mommy calls them "tickle weeds" .  None of us were very "tickled" at having so many of these little tumbling weeds around.  They flew into our house, our vehicles and stuck in our link fence until the fence looked hairy!  They built up in the corner of the fence and then blew over the top, into the yard.  Mommy is still trying to get rid of these things!

November 4, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday


Hi furriends, Precious here on your Tuxie Tuesday!  Howz about this pic from last year around this time?  I think this showcases my luxurious tuxie furs and svelte rotund form.

We didn't get to pawticipate in Blog Blast for Peace due to computer problems, but did enjoy seeing everybody else's pawticipation.  It was pawsome!

Have a terrific Tuxie Tuesday and remember:  TUXIES RULE!  Purrs, y'all.

November 3, 2013

Monday Mancat On The Move

Hi furriends, it's me again, Princeton!  I could get use to this posting efurryday thing!

We wanted to share some pics of playtime with the Daddy.  Mommy says it's hard to get a pic of me because I'm always on the move.  Heh-heh.  

Well, I gotta go, there's lots of things to get into do today.  Happy  Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - The puter is still limpin along and the repairman is off on vacation.

November 2, 2013

Easy Sunday

Princeton does a double take.

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  We're just hobblin along with our puter.  It's really needing a tune-up, so we'll be hit and miss around the Blogosphere and Facebook.  Mommy says you will just have to put up with lots of pics of me (that's obviously not a problem!) and some older ones of Prancer and Precious.  She's not uploading anything new til we get straightened out.

In the meantime, efurrybody have a great easy Sunday and purrs, y'all!