July 30, 2012

Little Tuxie Get Around Tuesday

Playin sweet tuxie games.

A rare tuxie wash captured on film.

Woman, you'd better quit singing that song or I'll zap you wif my laserz.

Hi ya'll, Precious here.  Mommy's been followin me wif that blasted flashy box again.  I gave her a good case of the ole stink-eye.  I think she's got the message.  

Mommy likes to sing stoopid little songs to me, too.  Woman couldn't care a tune in a bucket if her life depended on it! MOL!  If she values her ankles, she better quit that singing too!  This is her latest song, of course she changes the words here and there to "tuxie".

Hope ya'll are haffin a good Tuxie Tuesday and remember: TUXIES RULE!  Oh yeah, purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - fur more great music, go visit BILLY SWEETFEETS.

July 29, 2012

Mancat Monday

Princeton tackles the silvervine pillow.

It nearly escapes!

Using "reverse psychology" on the pillow!

Hi furriends, Princeton here on your Mancat Monday.  All of us kittehz (and the 'rents) haf been watchin Olympics and Pet Blog Olympics this weekend.  What a great time it's been.  Alas, the weekend is over and it's time to put our nosies to the grindstone.

Don't furget to stop by the auction fur MISS STELLA (click on her name fur her bloggie) over at furriendsofthecb.blogspot.com.  There's lots of great items and remember it is only 147 days til Christmas. HaHaMeow!

We is haffin a bad case of the hots.  Looks like the thermometer is gonna be up around 110 F, so I'm lookin to take sumbody's cool nappin spot away.   See you kittehz later.  Sending cool purrs, ya'll.

July 28, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Prancer Pie gettin his easy on. Front view.
Back view.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  We hopes efurrybody is haffin a nice, cool weekend and enjoying the Olympics.  I'm tryin to get my easy on, but the Mommy is runnin around wif the flashy box interruptin my snoozes.  One of these days, Mommy, one of these days.

Happy Easy Like Sunday and nice, cooling purrs, ya'll.

July 27, 2012

'Tocks And Toesies On Caturday

They're delicious.  All of them.

Yep, clean as a whistle!

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Happy Caturday and we hopes efurrybody is enjoying the Olympics and the Pet Blogging Olympics.  You can catch what's goin on everyday by clicking HERE.

I realize this post could haf been a Tocksie, Toesie Tuesday post, but that Precious' Tuxie Day and I don't think any of us are wont to upset that apple cart! MOL!  So here we are.  We hopes efurrybody is haffin a great weekend and stays cool. (and drinks lots of water)  Very cool purrs, ya'll.

July 26, 2012

Finally Friday - Our Week In Pictures

HRH, Princess.  The hostess wif the mostess. MOL!

Yep, we still live wif a woofie, Chi-Chi.

Prancer Pie STILL in the box Glogirly and Katie sent.
Precious  keeping things lively.

Princeton on cricket watch.

Hi furriends, HRH Princess here today.  It's finally Friday and we is glad!  This week was hot and next week is even worse.  We had several thunder boomies roll through our area Thurs. evening and we all hid!  It was loud and the power went out fur a couple of hours and it rained 2 inches!   We are gonna hang loose wif the Mommy today and relax after all that noise last night.

It's time fur those Olympics and we can't wait!  Efurrybody get their favorite snacks ready (ours is Temptations, Mommy's is hummus) and enjoy.  We hope it's a great weekend fur effuryone.  Stay cool and purrs, ya'll.

July 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Our Glogirly and Katie swag.

Prancer Pie makin sure the box was empty.

3 paw taps means he approves.

A sweet note accompanied it.

Even Precious got in on the action!

Is there anything else in there? We just realized Mom didn't get a pic of the pens! Sorry!

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Remember a couple of days ago we told you we got a package from KATIE AND GLOGIRLY?  Mom entered our names in their contest and we won the bag and pens!  Our Mommy is over the moon fur this adorable bag.  We were over the moon for the Tuna Temptations they sent us!  Thanks so much KATIE AND GLOGIRLY!  We think that we're the lucky ones fur haffin such great furriends!

Be sure and stop by the AUCTION FOR MISS STELLA.  She had to have her toe removed after injuring it and there are some great items to bid on or you can just donate to the chip-in. This just in:  KATNIP LOUNGE is havin a commentathon, so rush over a leave a comment and their Mommy will donate .50 fur efurry comment.  One per blog, please.

Efurrybody have a great Thankful Thursday and stay cool.  Purrs, ya'll.

July 23, 2012

Happy 'Tocksie Tuesday

Yep, it's troo, I wear my heart on my bottom! MOL!

Hi furriends, Precious here.  Mom snapped this pic from around the back of her chair.  I was peepin in on the window perch.   I made her put up the modesty heart. Really, Mommy!

We has the most exciting news, a package came today!  Pics will follow later this week.  It may or may not have been from KATIE AND GLOGIRLY.  Mommy will open it tomorrow. I'm very excited!  (I may open it all by myself later tonight, when efurrybody's in bed! MOL!)

Mommy has mentioned in our bloggie that we will be moving, (don't worry, local move) but that's not fur another 5 or 6 months.  (Ours catio has to be completely finished to my satisfaction first!) So we is saving boxes.  Mommy finally got a good one.  So like a good kitteh, I left a pee-mail about my satisfaction of said box and Mommy threw it out! Nows I has to start all over!

Well, I gotta go check out that package.  Efurrybody have a happy Tocksie Tuesday and remember:  TOCKSIES RULE!

July 22, 2012

Dreamy Mancat Monday

I've got my eye on you Mommy.

Hi furriends and happy Mancat Monday.  All of us still have those hots.  Except fur Princeton's bird action (or lack thereof) yesterday, it's been quite, with doors and window shades pulled tight.  By the time you furriends get this, I'll be in dreamland with a little puddle of drool formin on the table. MOL!

Efurrybody stay cool and hydrated and have a great start to your week. Cooling purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - my ears are not dirty, it's dried thyroid gel medicine that gets put in my ears.

July 21, 2012

Princeton's Predicament On Sunday

Mommy, help me!

Maybe if I squish my head a little closer.....

Wait, if I move my paw this way....

It's not working!  I need out!

Is this what you wanted, Princeton?
Not even big enough fur a good taste!  (and he looks angry)  

Happy Sunday, furriends.  Prancer Pie here, cuz Princeton is sumwhere pouting. MOL!  We still got the hots, but we hopes efurrybody has a great, easy, Sunday.   Cooling purrs, ya'll.

July 20, 2012

Caturday Catnappin and Composin

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Well, today has been a long, hot one.  Tomorrow's temps will be well into the 100s again.  We has our Mommy and Daddy home wif us all day. Wif any luck at all, they will go out fur dinner (Mommy says it's too hot to cook) and bring us home sum leftovers.  Meanwhile, here's a little poem I composed fur you about our hots:

It's all to clear, the hots are here.
Too hot fur us tabbies, tuxies, and torties
Too hot fur the 'rents they're sportin their shorties.
We're upside down airing our bellahs
(It wouldn't be uncommon fur us to make *smellies*)
We'll only move when the dinner bell tolls
Even then, our paws are movin real slow.
No games of THoE, bitin, or whappin,
Not much of anything is gonna be happenin.
Will it ever be cooler, we're beginnin to wonder
If not, you can find us, where it's winter *down under*!

HaHaMeow!  Happy Caturday and cooling purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - Our hearts go out to those people in Aurora, CO.  Purrs and purrayers bein sent to the victims and their families.

July 19, 2012

Fevered Friday

Princeton gettin belly rubbins from Daddy. What a suck-up.

Me, Prancer Pie, airing it out. MOL! (it was the nip cigar that did it)

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I got just one word today. HOTS.  Yep, we got em.  We've had em since early June and the dawg days have really set in now.  Today's temp is supposed to be 106 degrees fahrenheit.  Mommy says it's like roastin alive when you get in the car.  The air coolie thing is workin double time and we're all layin low.  Sorry we're not very excitin right now, but we're just tryin to push through this heat without workin too hard.

We want to remind efurryone that it can get very hot inside a car, so don't leave your loved ones (furry or not) inside a parked car with no air.  Check on your elderly neighbors and be sure to stay hydrated and keep the furbabies hydrated also.  Happy Friday and cooling purrs, ya'll.

July 18, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

HRH, Princess, in deep thought.

Hi furriends, HRH Princess here today.  I have alot of thoughts I would like to share wif you:

  1. Our dear furriend, MISS STELLA O'HOULIGAN had her toe removed today and needs purrs.
  2. Felix at KATNIP LOUNGE is having dental work and could use purrs.
  3. If the heated cat cup is my new bed, why is Precious always in it?
  4. If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is it homeless or naked?
  5. And just exactly what was the "best thing" before sliced bread?
Well kittehz, I'll leave you wif those thoughts.  I'm goin to the sunpuddle to ponder. Happy Thursday and purrs, ya'll.

Wordless Wednesday-Double Laserz

IMPAWTANT NOTE:  Our dear furriend, Miss Stella, needs lots of purrs and purrayers.  She needs her toe removed tomorrow.  Please efurrybody stop by with lots of purrs and well wishes fur her and her Mom.  Click HERE.

July 16, 2012

Titillating Tuxie Tuesday

Dictating this post from the new heated cat cup. No, I'm not coming out.

Furriends!  Precious here.  We won a contest from Katie and her Mom, Glogirly.   Katie is a beautiful tuxie, like myself.  She is very furriendly and they have lots of fun over at her place. They  are up fur a Pettie, so go over, visit them HERE and vote fur Katie!

Meanwhile I'll be breakin in this new heated cat cup Mom got (fur Princess) over at NIP AND BONES.  It's pawsome.  It's bout time the Mom got us one of these.  She may have to get anudder one. heh-heh.  Efurrybody have a happy Tuxie Tuesday. Remember:  TUXIES RULE!  Purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - we are so sad to hear about Alex over at FEELING BEACHIE.  Lots of purrs goin out to his family and girlfriend, GRACIE.

July 15, 2012

Mancat Monday - Princeton Photo Wins Award

Princeton's winning pic.

Hi furriends, Princeton here on your Mancat Monday.  We has more news!  I won an LOL Award over at Garth Riley's.  He's a great woofie and you should go over and visit him HERE.  There were lots of other winners too.

We first used this pic back on a Wordless Wednesday post, November 15, 2011, when the human sis came home from college and brought her backpack along.  Princeton wasted no time tryin it on fur size! (while chewin on the zipper)

Thanks fur the award, Garth!  We hope efurrybody has a great Mancat Monday.  Purrs, ya'll.

July 14, 2012

Easy Sunday And I Was Featured!

Prancer  havin a little wash.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  This day is gonna be all about gettin my easy on.  I had some treats, now a little bath, then it's time fur a nice long snooze.

We hope efurrybody else is havin a relaxin Sunday.  Purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - We were featured on Find Chey after we guessed where he was!  Be sure to pop over and visit them HERE.

July 13, 2012

Changes On Caturday

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Guess what?  We got new foods this week.  Mommy has wanted to go grain-free fur a while, but couldn't get up the nerve.  Well, in an ordering mistake we ended up with this Science Diet (the brand we usually eat).  The first ingredient is chick-hens and it has vegetables and (get this kittehz)  cranberries!  It actually smells yummy.  The Mommy was very worried.  But, 3 outta 4 kittehz loved it.  The decision is still out fur one kitteh:

                              HaHaMeow!  Happy Caturday efurrybody and purrs, ya'll.

July 12, 2012

Frightful Friday

Chi-Chi checkin out the damage.

No apples from this tree!

Chi-chi still doin her damage survey.

This was a very big limb.

Why do the prettiest sunsets always happen after storms?

Hi furriends, Princeton here.   We just had a BIG thunderstorm here.  We lost two trees and lots of big limbs, two power poles and the people down the road lost their roof!  Mommy says we are ever so thankful fur the rain, though.

The Mommy is abandoning us with human sis fur a couple of days.  Daddy's in charge.  Yay, fur junk foods!  He lets us do anything.  Lots of scritches and snoozin.  But, Mommy will have to pay fur her abandonment.  Meanwhile, if you kittehz want to pop over and help trash the house, Daddy won't mind. Happy Friday efurrybody and purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - Gratuitous kitteh shot: