September 30, 2011

Caturday Worries

Prancer, posin fur the ladeez.
Hello furriends, Prancer here, all ready fur Caturday. Sun puddle-check, full bellah-check, relaxed pose-check, flashy box-NO CHECK HERE. This here is my favorite sun-puddle. It is the afternoon sun coming through the west-facing window. Mmmmmm, sweet, sweet, heat.

Mommy has a worry. She has nefur helped me pawticipate in LIVESTRONG. What should we do? We didn't get a pic sent in. We don't know if we want to talk about Mommy's Mom. She's a survivor. Please fill us in kittehz. We would very much appreshiate the input. Thanks, kittehz. Purrs, ya'll. Mommy send smooches, too.

September 29, 2011

Finally Friday or Get Your Squee On

Princeton doin what he does best.

Couldn't ya just kiss me?
It's Friday at last! Prancer has agreed (not happily) to let me post. Mommy hasn't had a kitten in like furever and has forgotten alot. I am happily reminding her. It is fun to sleep all day and play at night. Toes and fingers are nommy (at 5 a.m.)! I can and will overeat at efurry chance. Sisfurs and brofurs are fur aggravating.  Last but certainly not least, it's hard to photograph a speeding bullet! That's why most of my pics are nappin pics. MOL!

Prancer wanted me to add that it is Friday and the Furcast is as follows - Cooler Temps! Yay fur temps in the high 70s (fahrenheit). We still need rain but is is so much cooler now. It's pumpkin time fur sure. Oh, and he said, "Purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - hahameow! I ran across the keyboard and published this post befur it was done!

September 28, 2011

Thoroughly Clean on Thursday

It's impawtant to clean between your toesies.
Hello furriends, Prancer here. As you can see, I'm haffin my baff in the sun puddle. That makes it like a spa day. I likes to get between my toes very good and clean my claws. It kinda makes mommy's skin crawl. It makes a noise when I rakes my toofies ofur my fully extended back claws. You know the whole "nails on a blackboard thing". Brrr.

Speakin of noises, the little mancat has sum unusual ones. Well, unusually loud. He was friskin round the den the udder nite and growled like no other kitteh we haf heard. We all ran UTB. Mommy and Daddy said the hair on the back of their neck stood up! (that's a funneh vishual) Life's been excitin wif a new kitteh here, that fer sure. We're all needin a little extra rest. I'm headed to the ham-mick now. Purrs, ya'll.

September 26, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

Do I look like I care?
Hello loyal subjects, HRH Princess posting today. I'm going to post about grooming. Mommy says I don't groom myself as well as I should anymore cuz I'm a senior diva kitteh. So, Mommy grooms me every single day. I luf to be brushed two times. That's it. After twice, i put the bitey on Mom. Let the games begin: Two brushes, one bitey, pause, repeat. We do this every day, furriends. You would think the woman would just give it up. Nope, she's stubborn as all get out. Well, so am I. She may haf won the battle, but the war is far from ofur. Smooches.

Pee Ess - we haf changed our comments to pop-up due to the fact some furriends were unable to comment. Thanks fur letting us know. Purrs, ya'll.

September 25, 2011

Mancat and Mini-Mancat Monday

Mancat (wif lasers).

Mini mancat. Ooh, fresh laundry!
Hello furriends, Prancer here. It's Mancat Monday again. This is the first time i've had to share it. Just make sure you know that I'M the main mancat around here. The little one is just in training. Not a whole lot of mancat there to feast your eyes upon right now.

Mommy checked in with the CAT BLOGOSPHERE earlier and there's lots goin on and lots of furriends who need our purrs. Be sure to click ofur and visit them. Efurrybody haf a happy Monday and purrs, ya'll.

September 24, 2011

Sunday Fur Real This Time!

How do I set these lasers to stun?
Hey ya'll. Guess you heard the Mom got her carp all messed up and posted Sunday on Saturday. Hee-hee.  I've been givin this new kitteh thing sum serious thought and, I. Still. Hate. Him.  I would hang the little bugger out to dry if I could. Mom says I'm walkin on thin ice. Whatefur. If she don't like it, she can just kiss my hairy hiney. If I hear, one more time, "Precious quit", "Precious stop", "Precious knock it off", I'm gonna drop a big, steamy, smelly, pile of --WHOA, we do NOT talk like that here!  Well, kittehz, there's been chaos, panic, and disorder. My work here is done fur today. Later!


Prancer here to tell you Mom messed up and ran our Sunday post on Saturday! MOL! (cod luf the mommy) Princeton's V-E-T visit went well. He got his first shots and we got a big surprise. Princeton is only 5 months old! He's a big baby. Turns out Princeton is a Bengal kitteh. Mommy has no knowledge of this breed or why he would be running the streets starving and wet. No matter, he's furever home, now. Hugs and kissses to all our furriends!

September 23, 2011

Easy Like Sunday???

Me, Princeton, takin it easy wif a toy woofie.

Princeton reporting! We are all takin it easy around here this weekend. I have my first V-E-T checkup today. Not to worry, cuz I like the PTU and riding in the car! We'll get a better idea of how old I am and first shots and neuter appt. Mom's anxious fur my appt. cuz she thinks I might be a big kitteh cuz of the size of my feet. Look at those, kittehz. They are sum big bunny-kickers! Haf a Happy Sunday and come back and play wif me sumtime. (We haf lots of Temptashuns.)

Pee Ess - we hopes no satellite parts fall on any of our furriends!

September 22, 2011

Frazzled Friday

Me,Prancer Pie, takin it all in stride.
Well, kittehz, here's the devastatin news. The kitten is here to stay, at MY house.**sigh** I'm just exhausted. This is no kind of a life fur a mature mancat such as myself. At least the weather is cooler and we had sum rain part of the day. That made fur sum good nappin. We furgot to mention that Dad is home fur two weeks (Yay!) after knee surgery (Boo!). We just luf it when all the beans are together. You might ask yourselves, "howz that workin out wif a crazed kitteh on the loose wif a dad on crutches?" Well, how in the Hello Kitteh do you think?!? Mommy locks the little critter up at night so we can all get sum much needed rest.

Is efurryone posting about Less Adoptable Pet Week? There are sum good stories out there. One of the kittehz that came befur us was FIV. Mommy says he was a great mancat. Great post today at Cats of Wildcatwoods. Click on their name and hop ofur and visit them and learn about Cobbie. Happy Friday efurryone and purrs, ya'll.

September 21, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts And An Award

Happy Thursday, kittehz! Prancer here to tell you about our award. We got it from BRIAN'S HOME. It's fur new bloggers. (we don't feel like newbies anymore thanks to our furriends) THANK YOU BRIAN! We haf to say before we forget, that Brian is an excellent advocate fur kittehz everywhere. Like he always says, "Adopt cats cuz we deserve it". We thinks Brian deserves an award fur that.

Now, in other news, look what the kid dragged home.  He's a wild child! His name is Princeton. (yeah, stoopid name) He looks much  bigger in the photos than he akshually is. He lived fur 3 weeks in isolashun at the sis bean's apt. She found him on the mean streets alone, malnourished and wet. He's been here fur three.long.days. Mom's got him all lined up fur V-E -T appts. Hahameow! There goes the little manhood! More to come, but that's all the time I'm givin the little nut job fur now. Purrs, ya'll.

September 19, 2011

Terrible Tuesday

I'm very unhappy.
Omc, omc, omc! Mommy taked the empty kitty PTU and put it in her car. Which was all well and good, cuz we hates those things. Tonight, she camed in the house and horror of horrors, kittehz! THERE WAS A KITTEH IN IT!!!  What will become of me? What will I do? I can't haf a new kitteh in this household. It's not the right time. It will NEFUR be the right time. What haf I done to deserve this? Ok, so I tore up the newspaper before the beans read it. I fight with Princess. I  hide and whap whoefur walks by.  This is so upsetting kittehz, i has to go to my confessional so I can think. Later, ya'll.

September 18, 2011

A Pirate's Tail

This be me with me best pirate face. Arrrr!

Giving up me bloody eye patch and me pirate scarf.

Looking at my me booty.

Givin up life on the seas fur a life of ease with me mum.
Ahoy, buckos! This be Captain Pillaging Prancer, at yer service. Me once were a gentleman o'fortune,  plunderin the high seas, drinkin grog, an kissin the lasses at efurry chance. Me life tweren't  fur the lily-livered landlubbers such as yerselves. Me mum helped me see the err of me swashbucklin ways.(she said me be walkin the plank) She's quite a wench.  Arr, it be time to visit the poop deck, mateys. I'm shovin off.

September 17, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

WHAT is this? Looks like a leaf.

Doesn't really smell.

Now, a butterfly.

I will put the bitey on it.

If all else fails, i'll use my lasers.
 Hello furriends, and Happy Sunday! Does any other kitteh haf my problem? My mommy likes to decorate. She decorates fur efurrything. Efurry season, efurry holiday, there are decorashuns. Today, my mommy attempted to re-decorate the fireplace mantel for fall. Hahameow! I was there to snoopervise and attack help. Of course this is not entirely awful. Mom's decorashuns are stored away when not in use. There are LOTS of smells to whiff when she brings them out. This is only a smidgeon of what will be put out fur the holly-daze. Oh, the excitement of it all!  So, that's it fur a not-so-easy Sunday. We can't wait fur tomorrow. (MLAP day) Purrs, ya'll.

September 16, 2011

Aunt-Elope And Other Things

Me helping mommy change the mattress.
Hi efurrybody, Prancer here. I got alot to tell ya'll. First, I wanna thank all you kittehz fur the concats on our 100th post! It's been a busy weekend already at our house. Daddy went antelope hunting. I thought my aunt-eloped! MOL! He's on his way home now. I can't wait to whiff his clothes and things! Mommy went crazy in the house getting sum things done while daddy was gone. I helped her. Alot. ( See above pic.) Lastly, mommy has been coming home smellin suspishusly like ANOTHER KITTEH. She and daddy haf been whispering. Cod help us, she's got that gleam in her eye. I'll keep you kittehs posted. Purrs, ya'll and Happy Caturday!

September 15, 2011


Greetings and salutashuns! This almost snuck up on us. It's our 100th post! We kittehz started blogging in June and haven't stopped since. We luff all our furriends on the CB. You all haf made us feel right at home.  ( Efurrybody give themselves a pat on the back here.)  Ya'll are pawsome!  Speaking of pawsome, howzabout my new header? It's from Ann of Zoolatry, of course. You can visit her and the girls, (Maggy and Zoey) HERE.  Happy Friday! Purrs, ya'll.

September 14, 2011

I Got Carded

Am I a pretty boy or what?
Happy Thursday, furriends! I need to show ya'll my card i won. It's from MY FRIEND FLUFFY. They haf the cutest kitteh cards. Read all about "Fluffy" and Heather's pawsome travels. This is what is printed on the front of my card,  "All cats want for Christmas is clean linens" and the inside reads, " Have a fan-tabby-lous Christmas."  It was our first time to win anything and mom was over the moon about it. (she entertains easily too) Thanks fur the card, Heather.

I gotta go, i need to sniff mom. She's had sum pretty incriminating smells on her lately. Purrs, ya'll.

September 12, 2011

Tabby Tuesday

Does this box make my butt look big?
Hello furriends, Prancer here. Mom wanted to show efurryone the box my ham-mick came in. It was great fun! It had nip in it! It took a little work, but I got in the box. Mommy was no support at all. She sat ofur on the couch brayin like a jackass laffin real hard. Haf a happy Tuesday and purrs ya'll.

September 11, 2011

Mancat Monday - I Got My Ham-mick!

This smells sooo gooood!

My ham-mick. Mine.Mine.Mine.

Hello ladeez!
Hello furriends and happy Monday! I got my ham-mick from FORTY PAWS. We got it at the Helping our Needy Furriends auction. It is pawsome! It was even sprinkled with nip! Kittehz, it was amazing helping mommy to open that box. I claimed it fur my own right away. I think it is very mancatly to be lounging in your ham-mick in front of the tv with dad, while watching football. 

Be sure to visit the auction at HELPING OUR NEEDY FRIENDS. Right now, they haf an auction goin fur Annie. You can read her story HERE. There are lots of great things over there. We hopes efurrybody has a great start to their week. Purrs, ya'll.

September 10, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Hello kittehz, I'm guest posting today fur Prancer. He's crashed in the ham-mick. Yes, we got one. Yes, it's great. That post is later. I thought I would show ya'll how I like to spend my Sundays. First, you haf to wait fur mom to leave her easy chair. Then, you dart outta the kitty cube like it's on fire. Grab the purple mousie in your mouf and sing, LONG AND LOUD. Lastly, jump into the mom's chair, cuz it's still warm, and lay there looking so sweet that she doesn't haf the nerve to make you scoot ofur.  Laugh inside while looking smug. I hope that helps sum of you sweet kittehs out there. Happy Sunday! Smooches!

September 9, 2011

Monorail Kitteh - We've All Got One

I iz tired.....

But, the monorail must run. MOL!
Hello furriends, Prancer here! What a big celebrashun Mo Cats Day was! It was my first one and I akshully got mom to link up! Mom and I been reading blogs all day. Well, with a few snuggles, snoozes, and stinky goodness stuck in there fur good measure. This was a big day fur kittehz efurrywhere. We can't wait fur Meow Like A Pirate Day. That should be a good lot of fun, matey. (see, we are practicing right now!) We hopes efurry kitteh has a great Caturday! Purrs, ya'll.

September 8, 2011




We can't imagine sumbody not wanting to hear bout kittehz! Mommy has always had a kitteh. The ones that came before were a motley crew, like us. Tacky, the 20lb persian, Kitty Wink, mom's other heart kitteh, and Buttons, the FIV kitteh.  Mommy lufs us kittehs and we're not goin away! So we say: HAPPY MO CATS DAY! Haf a great Friday and purrs, ya'll.

September 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Me on my table. purrrrrrrr
Oh hi! I didn't see you there! Prancer here, resting peacefully on my table.  I'm thankful this wall is here fur me to lean on. I even haf my little paws crossed. (paws crossed that mom would let me snooze) Mom didn't waste any time running to get the flashy box and sneaking up on me.

We are also thankful that the dreadful hots haf left us. We will haf days in the 90s F, but probably no more 115! Yay fur that! Fall is in the air. Happy Thursday, kittehz. Purrs, ya'll.

September 5, 2011

Tuesday Tussle or Smackdown

Are you lookin fur trubble?

Bunny kicks!

Right in the kisser!

Don't start again, Princess!
Whew! A full 360 on the wood floor and it's ofur!
Hello furriends, and Happy Tuesday! Prancer here, showing ya'll sum of my moves on the floor. Since it's cooler, tusslin is happening more at our house. Of course, it's best in the kitchen, but in a pinch, we will tussle anywhere. It always starts with Princess grooming me first. Then, licking gets a little ruffer. Towards the end, it's an, all-out, efurry kitteh fur themselves, smackdown! Dad busted this one up. Just in time fur her, too. I was just about to.....nevermind kittehz. Sisfurs! Purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - at least ya'll got to see a little bellah shot of me!