October 31, 2013

Freaky Friday


It's Friday, furriends, so raise your paws in the air like you just don't care!

Happy Friday from your favorite freak, Princeton.  Purrs, y'all!

October 30, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Precious thinks she'll sneak a drink.

I'll just sneak around the back of Mom's chair and have a little drinkie from her bottle.  Heh-heh.

Stay thirsty, my furriends.  Happy Thursday!

October 28, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday


Hi furriends, Precious here.  It's time for quarterly, semi-annual, bi-weekly performance reports and Mommy has been found severely lacking, again.  Not only do her pawtography skills fall embarrassingly short, I often find her loitering over at PIKKU PUNAPIPPURI, salivating shamelessly over the nekkid kitteh over there!

What will I do with this woman???  All of this fretting has made me sleepy.  I think I'll just sleep on it for now.

I hope the rest of y'all have a terrific Tuxie Tuesday.  Purrs, y'all and remember:  TUXIES RULE  (Mommy drools)  Heh-heh.

October 27, 2013

Mancat Monday

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Well, I didn't bag any vishus deer yesterday, but I did manage a nice long, sit-in on the catio, followed by a nice snooze on the sofa.  Isn't that what Sundays are all about?  Come to think of it, isn't that what efurryday is about for us kittehz?

Happy Mancat Monday, furriends.  Purrs, y'all.

October 26, 2013

Seeking Vishus Deer on Sunday

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I'm loading myself into the cooler.  It's deer season again here in SW Oklahoma and I think I might just go vishus deer hunting with Dad.  You think he will notice me inside his cooler next to the snacks and soda pop?  Then again, there might not be any snacks left when we get there!  Heh-heh.

I hope the rest of y'all have an easy Sunday.  I'll let you know if I bag a vishus deer.  Purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - Daddy won his cooler from his day hunting gig.  There is no imbibing while on vishus deer hunts.

October 25, 2013

Cadaverous Caturday

I'm Princeton and I am a good boy.

Deaded Nip Cigar
First, I deaded the Nip Cigar and made a huge mess of nip.

It was lots of fun. (thank cod we have another one)

Deaded Mousie
Then, I halfway deaded this mousie and put it down near Mommy's feets, shortly after Mommy had oral surgery. (you should have heard her trying to scream - MOL!)
That was loads of fun, too.

(This pic is blurry cuz Mommy wasn't done shaking when she took it.)

Happy Caturday efurrybody and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - Princeton brought the mousie in from the catio.   Daddy gave it a proper burial across the pasture fence.

October 24, 2013

Feeling Thirsty on Friday


Hi furriends, Precious here.  I was feelin a tad dry and stopped off by the ole watering hole to quench my thirst.  Mommy always knows when I'm drinking because (she says) it makes the cutest sound.  I'm a dainty ladycat, Mommy.  What did you expect? ::BURPS::  Excuse me.

Happy Friday and purrs, y'all!

October 23, 2013

Very Thankful Thursday


He sleeps, and for this we are truly thankful.

Quite adorable when he's like this, isn't he?

Happy Thankful Thursday and purrs, y'all.

October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday - I've Gone And Dung It

Precious - >crunch, crunch,crunch<

Hi furriends, Precious here. >>crunch,crunch<<  I'm not getting up from this bowl for love nor money.  >>nom, nom, nom<<  Mommy has tried all day to get pics and I have avoided it.  I even ran when she poked her head around the corner to our "facilities".  I didn't even take time to cover my business.  Mommy had to get the litter scoop out and cover it for me.  Now THAT'S teaching your human to do your dirty work!  MOL MOL MOL!!!

Happy Tuxie Tuesday furriends and never doubt me when I say "TUXIES RULE"!

October 20, 2013

Maniacal Mancat Monday


Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Mommy asked me to pose nicely for the flashy box.  This is what she got.  HahaMeow!  She says that I've been on a bit of a "bender" lately.  I'm sure I don't have the foggiest idea what she means.  (innocent face here)

Anyway, enjoy my stripes and my handiwork (on the arm of the couch) and have a maniacal wonderful Mancat Monday.  Purrs, y'all.

October 19, 2013

Insatiable Sunday

Precious chows down.
Hi furriends, Precious here.  Mommy says we eat the peeps "out of house and home" when the weather cools off.  That's just ridiculous Mommy, we still have a house.  Maybe you are insinuating something about the size of my bum?

I didn't think so.

Happy Sunday and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - Have you heard the news?  Go check out King Punapippuri's blog HERE.  They've got big news today!

October 18, 2013

Cuddlin Caturday

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  This is how we are startin our weekend. (how we'll end it, too)  We've got more rain moving in and cooler temps. (again)  We'll just stay cuddled up this Caturday.  We hope you kittehz out there have a great one.  Purrs, y'all.

October 17, 2013

Finally Friday - Mommy Uses An HBO Word


Hi furriends, Princeton here.  No freaky Friday today, I'm on my bestest behavior after the electrical outlet - peemail  "incident".  I've put nary a whisker in the wrong place.  Well, maybe one or two in some other kitteh's bidness, but she had it coming!

Mommy says it has been a "helluva" (what does that mean? sounds like something to snack on!) week and she's glad to see it go.

Well, I've got to go, Mommy is headed to the cupboard.  Maybe she is gonna have "helluva".  I'm so anxious to see what it tastes like!

Happy Friday and purrs, y'all.

October 16, 2013

Caught In The Act

Winter & Kit Kat
Hi furriends, we're sharing our human aunt's kittehz with you today.  Remember, we live in a multi-generational home and they live down the hall and behind close doors, away from us.  Our human aunt says it was a real treat to see these two curled up enjoying a late morning snooze.  Winter just snoozed on, but Kit Kat looks like he was appalled at getting caught cuddling with his sisfur!  MOL!

Happy Thursday, furriends and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - Our Mommy always calls Winter by saying, "Winter, Winter, chicken dinner".  (She's a little crazy like that.)

October 15, 2013

Close Call on Wednesday


Just a note from the Mommy:  Some kitteh pee mailed into an electrical outlet.  There were sparks, nasty black smoke, and a funny sizzling noise.  Oh, and lots of HBO words.   Thank Baste we were home.  Everyone is fine, but frazzled.

Happy Wednesday and purrs, y'all.

October 14, 2013

Naughty Tuxie Tuesday


Hi furriends, Precious here.  I just wanna say that naughty tuxies need love, too.  Heh-heh.  Just because I might swat your hand when you pet me one too many times or hiss if you approach me from behind, doesn't mean I don't want love too.  Doesn't it look like I'm enjoying these scritchies from Daddy?  (Never mind that I slapped and hissed just after this pic was snapped.)

FYI:  that scratch on Daddy's arm was caused by brambles, not me.

I hope efurrybody has a terrific Tuxie Tuesday and remember to love your tuxies even if they're naughty cuz:  TUXIES RULE!  Purrs, y'all.

October 13, 2013

Chair-Mancats of the Bored


Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  We Mancats got locked out of our catio yesterday evening!  Mr. Skunk came by and Mommy didn't want us mancats smelling like him, so she locked us out of our catio.  We were stuck inside the rest of the evening, bored.

If Mr. Skunk's smell hangs around, we'll be stuck inside all day, plus it is supposed to rain.  Yep, we will be bored kittehz.  (that's not good with Princeton)  Mommy will have the wand toys out tomorrow for sure.  Well that's something to look forward to.

Efurrybody have a magnificent Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all.

October 12, 2013

Easy Sunday


Hi furriends, Precious here.  I'm gettin my easy on today, too.  On my bed in the guest bedroom.  Mommy always puts a quilt down on top of the bedding to keep me from getting it filthy because she knows I like it.  Sometimes I rearrange the quilt to suit my needs.  (it just doesn't seem right, all smoothed out)

Kittehz, our cool front didn't amount to much but rain, a few boomies, and some lightning.  So the AC still reigns supreme at our house.  So much for the weather-guesser's forecast.  I guess we'll enjoy summer a while longer.

Have a super easy Sunday, furriends.  Purrs, y'all.

October 11, 2013

Caturday Catio Catnappin

 Hi furriends!  Mommy stuck the flashy box and her head through the pet door to catch us snoozin out on the catio.

Prancer Pie

Well, she only caught one of us off guard.  

Happy Caturday and purrs, y'all.

October 10, 2013

Finally Friday

Prancer Pie relaxes.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Don't I look cozy on Mom's blankie?  This was taken last weekend during our cool front, but furriends, the hots were back this week.  Now here we are on Friday and expecting another cool front tomorrow.  What a yo-yo ride!

I'm just gonna hang out here today and rest up for some marathon nappin sessions this weekend. MOL!  I hope efurrybody else has a great Friday.  Purrs, y'all!

October 9, 2013

Thursday's Blog Hog

Princeton, the 'puter, and Momy's toes.

Hi furriends, Princeton here .  Efurrybody has been hoggin the blog this week.  I put my paw down and told Mom that I wanted to be on the 'puter today.  So.... here I am!  Hee-hee

I hope all my furriends have a happy Thursday.  Purrs, y'all!

October 7, 2013

Tuxalicious Tuesday


Blah, blah, blah, the last week has been all about Princeton and his stoopid moles.  What about me?   I have lots of wonderful attributes.  Let's review them, shall we?

1.  I have an adorable pink nose.
2.  My eyes are a beautiful shade of gold.
3.  Long gorgeous whiskers.
4.  Luscious ladycat curves.
5.  I have NOT put any rodents in the peep's bed.

And last but certainly not least, I am a tuxie girl and TUXIES RULE!  (Princeton drools)

Happy Tuxie Tuesday and purrs, y'all.

October 6, 2013

Mole-y Mancat Monday

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I know you've heard lots of stories about what happened this weekend with the mole.  I allegedly brought a mole/vole into the house from the catio and turned it loose, after taking it into the peep's bed.  I ask you ladycats and mancats, do this look like the face of a hardened criminal?

Princeton - a hardened criminal?

 I later deaded  (allegedly) it in the bathroom and the Daddy flushed it down the commode gave it a proper burial at sea.  The Mommy squealed half the night and refused to get into the bed.  She washed everything and finally settled down.

So as SAVANNAH'S MOM pointed out, it's Princeton - 2,  Moles - 0.  Bwahahaha!

I hope everybody has a great Mole-y Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all.

October 5, 2013

Easy Excuses Sunday

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here again.  We've got another lazy day on tap.  Yesterday was soggy and chilly!  We kittehz celebrated by snoozin under the lamp.

Our Mommy hasn't been spending enough time visiting and posting.  We apologize and thought you might like to know she's really just that lazy been helping our human sis look for her first home and she is dog-tired at night.  Excuses, Mommy, excuses.  They are just like bum-holes, everybody has got one.

I hope all my furriends have an easy peasy Sunday.  Purrs, y'all!

October 4, 2013

Caturday Catnappin

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I'm crashed out here next to my Mommy.  That Easy Sunday is gonna get started a day early.  Mommy  is not objecting to it, either.  Heh-heh.  Nitey-nite!

Happy Caturday and purrs, y'all.

October 3, 2013

Finally Friday

Princeton's bum.
Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Well, it's finally Friday and the end of another week.  Mommy says this is an appropriate pic for the end of this week.  MOL!

Happy Friday and Happy Tocktober from me, Princeton.  Purrs, y'all.

Now, back to what I was doing before I was interrupted:   


October 2, 2013

Naughty Thursday

Hi furriends, Precious here.   Mommy is in so much trouble.  When she was going thru pics she saw this  and it reminded her of something.  This is what it was:

Of course she is referring to the lump behind my head.  It is actually a bed in the other room, but appears to be on the back of my head.

 This is so not funny, Mommy.  There will be demerits issued for this faux pas.

I hope the rest of your Mommies are behaving nicely this Thursday.  Purrs, y'all!