March 30, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday

I like to call this photo, "Lights, Camera, and No Action".

Happy Tuxie Tuesday furriends and lest you forget:

Purrs, y'all.

March 29, 2015

Mancat Monday

Kittehz, it's been a long time, but I got a Liebster award from Travis over at LONE STAR CATS.
Thank you so much!

Here are the answers to the questions I was asked:
  1. My blue string (pictured above) is my all-time favorite toy.  I unstrung the hoodie it came from myself!
  2. I don't care for people foods.  They smell weird.
  3. I obviously have learned to coexist with woofies.  We has a chihuahua sisfur.  I like to tussle with her.  Sometimes.
  4. My hero is Princeton.  I adore him and try to be just like him.
  5. I am not picky about my foodables.  I just tuck in and eat like each meal is my last!
  6. The most embarassing thing I ever did was - there are so many - where to begin??? Maybe it was when I got caught chewing on the human's undies...
  7. I like to chew on lots of non-food items.  Some even show up in the litterbox.  I did tear up a crinkle ball and chow down on some of the shiny papers it was made of.
  8. I deal with the pawparazzi head-on! ( Like my head on the phone/camera.)  I LOVE a close-up!
  9. Mommy is my secretary and I help her by stomping the computer keyboard.  MOL!
  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE water!  I get in the shower with the humans, I turn on faucets, and I like to play in our water bowl.
  11. My BFF is Princeton.  He "gets" me!
So those are my answered questions.  My secretary stinks at these things, so we are not nominating anybody, but feel free to pass it on.
Efurrybody have a great Mancat Monday!
Purrs, y'all.

March 28, 2015

Sunday Selfie - Prudie

 How's this for my close-up selfie?
Too close?  I may have been a tad enthusiastic.

How's this?  Better?
Unfortunately Preslee's bum is photobombing me.
But I think the rest of me is spot on!

We're hopping with the THE CAT ON MY HEAD for the
 Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.
Come join the fun!

Happy Sunday and purrs, y'all.

Catio Caturday

Hello kittehz.
It's catio time.
We're enjoying some warmer temps and sunshine.
Some of us are enjoying other things too:
Do you see those weeds??
I'm admiring them.
It's National Weed Appreciation Day.
Mommy says we could hold our own festival with all those dandelions in our back yard!
Would anybody like some dandelion tea??

Happy Caturday and purrs y'all!

March 26, 2015

Feverish Friday

I've got my crazypants on.
The storms are over and the temps are headed back up.
Mommy always asks me if I have fever with these fits.
(She thinks she's clever.)

Sorry bout the quality, but Mommy had to take snap the pic quick, 
cause I was out of there in a flash!

Hope your Friday is as great as mine will be.
Purrs, y'all!

March 25, 2015

Thursday Recuperation

I'm exhausted.
We kittehz have been on wicked weather watch for the last two evenings.

Today will be spent recuperating so we can wake the peeps at 3am
 we can be back on guard duty tomorrow.

Meanwhile the peeps are left to care for themselves today.
I hope they can handle it.

Happy Thursday and purrs, y'all!

March 23, 2015

Turbulent Tuxie Tuesday

I'm getting my Zzzz in bright and early on this Tuxie Tuesday.

Wicked weather season has begun here in Oklahoma and our first storm
 watch is later this afternoon. 
 I'll be nice and rested and ready to run UTB.

Have a safe Tuxie Tuesday and purrs, y'all.

Mancatly Monday

We manly mancats let the younger kits in bed with us when they have a bad dream.
I gave Prudie a comforting wash and we both went off to dreamland.

Happy Monday to all you mancats out there!
Purrs, y'all.

March 22, 2015

Sunday Selfie - Preslee

Hi kittehz!
I tied my favorite blue string to the camera to take my selfie.
It worked ok the first time.
The second time ended up like this.

I like to call it  "Claw Selfie".   MOL!

We're hopping this Sunday with THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
Come join the fun!

Happy Selfie Sunday and purrs, y'all.

March 20, 2015

Caturday Clown

You would like me to pose for the next photo, Mommy?

How's this one for ya??

Happy Caturday kittehz and purrs, y'all!

March 19, 2015

Friday Reflections

Well, National Poultry Day was yesterday, so what's today?
National Ravioli Day
That doesn't even begin to sound  yummy.  Mommy says it is - but her taste buds are strange.

So I'm just content to snuggle with the Daddy and let him rub my belly.
There should be a day for that.
 National Belly Rub Day - now that sounds like a great holiday!
(alas, Belly Rub Day doesn't exist)

Hope efurrybody has a great Friday!
Purrs, y'all.

March 18, 2015

National Poultry Day Thursday

Hi kittehz!

Guess what today is.  That's right it's National Poultry Day!

We can only imagine what our furriend WAFFLES, has to say about this.

All I've got to say is, "TURDUCKEN" - it's what's for breakfast.

Happy Thursday and National Poultry Day!
Purrs, y'all.

March 16, 2015

St. Paddy's Tuxie Tuesday

Why yes, we're still enjoying catio time.

There's no green on the catio, but there is lots of clover on the other side of the fence.
I would truly love to get over there and roll in it, too.
Unfortunately this catio is locked down tight.

So I'll just have a nice stretch and go check out the food dish.

Yes, that's much better.

Happy St. Patrick's Tuxie Tuesday kittehz and remember:


Purrs, y'all.

Mancat Monday

Catio time has finally arrived.
"Nuff said.

Happy Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all!

March 14, 2015

Sunday Selfie - PRECIOUS

Finally!  The sun is supposed to be out today!
I'm SO happy.
Yes, this IS my happy look.

We've had day after day of rain and lots of flooding.
It might even reach 70 degrees (F).
This kitteh is just waiting for the sun to come out so she can have some catio time.

Meanwhile, I hope all of you mancats enjoy my selfie.

We're hoppin with THE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz.

Come join the fun!

Happy Sunday and purrs, y'all.

March 13, 2015

Blissful Caturday

This kitteh is taking full advantage of Mommy time on this dreary Caturday.
It has rained several inches here in the last few days and I've no desire to visit the catio while the Momster is willing to tickle my tummy.

I hope efurrybody else is having blissful Caturday. 
Purrs, y'all!

March 12, 2015

Friday's Whodunnit

Some kitteh started the day out making a mess on Thursday morning
ended the day making a mess.

Looks like he's returned to the scene of the crime here. (Preslee)

Mommy sure hopes Friday is less messy.

Purrs, y'all!

Pee Ess- Shortly into Thursday morning the Mommy realized that she didn't replace the Feliway refills at the end of February.  She ordered some and placed a RUSH delivery!

March 11, 2015

Little Things On Thursday


You kittehz see my blue string?

I bring in to my humans at least once a day to play.  Isn't it a grand blue string?

Mommy just shakes her head.

Of all the balls, wand toys, critters, nip toys, etc., I love my blue hoodie string the best.

It came out of my Dad's hoodie.
(I removed it myself!)

It's the little things of life (like this blue string) that are impawtant.

Now I'm off to make Mommy play with me.

Happy Thursday kittehz and purrs, y'all!

March 9, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday On Top


Ha!  You only thought you were gonna beat me to the top of the cat tree, Preslee.

There's no place for young, tabby, whippersnappers in this post today.
Now, shove off!

Happy Tuxie Tuesday and remember:  TUXIES RULE!
Purrs, y'all.

March 8, 2015

Mancat Monday - National Napping Day

Kittehz!  This is for reals - it's National Napping Day.
It's always the day after the time change.
When I had the Mommy look it up, she saw this:

Mid-afternoon naps are an integral part of most cultures and
scientifically proven to
 be good for you.

So there you have it.  It's like a free pass for napping.
I'm gonna get my nap on right now.

Happy Mancat Monday National Napping Day and purrs, y'all!

March 7, 2015

Sunday Selfie - Princeton

Yes, we are enjoying catio time again.  It was warm and sunny today, so I opted
to do my selfie out in the catio.
(Mommy was running the evil Dyson and we kittehz sought sanctuary in the catio.)  Pffffffffft!

We are hopping with THE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz.
Come join the blog hop fun!

Happy Sunday and purrs, y'all!

March 6, 2015

Caturday Crazies

 Woo-Hoo!  The colds are on their way out and
the warms are coming back.
This mean us kittehz are running and frisking.

Com'n up, Preslee, let's play!

Come on, just stretch a little further...

PRESLEE:  Ugh, just a more pulls...

Whew, I made it.

Move along Mommy, nothing to see here...
>insert evil laff here<

Happy Caturday kittehz and purrs, y'all.

March 5, 2015

Frosty Footsies On Friday

 Mom, what is this stuff?
I wanted to stick my paws in it at first,
but now I'm not so sure about it....

Yep.  I'm outta here!
This stuff is too cold for me.


Happy Friday kittehz and purrs, y'all!

Pee Ess - we were lucky this time.  The winter storm started through here on Wed with rain, ice, and snow. Travel was hazardous late Wed and early Thurs. But by Thurs at noon, almost all of the precipitation was gone!

March 4, 2015

Thwarted On Thursday

 Since we've got the winter weather going on again,
our boredom level is running pretty high..

I'm thinking that Princeton's sleeping backside could use a good whap.

Uh-oh, the beast is awake!

Ack! Pfffffftt! I didn't expect that there would be retaliation!
(I threw my laserz on high beam for that.)

Surprisingly enough, this time next week the weather guessers are saying it will be 
sunny and 70 degrees (F). 
Mommy  said, "Bring it on"!

Happy Thursday and purrs, y'all!

March 2, 2015

Tired Tuxie Tuesday

Prudie takes her best shot at posting and commenting, too.
(Just like brofur Preslee did yesterday.)
This tuxie tapped out pretty quickly, though.

LONE STAR KITTEHZ, blogging is indeed a stressful job.

Happy Tuxie Tuesday and remember:  TUXIES RULE (even when snoozing)!
Purrs, y'all.

March 1, 2015

Dr. Seuss Day 2015

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
(Oops, we almost forgot this.)
Preslee does not take his blogging duties lightly, either.
He would have been very upset.

Sometimes he gets so stressed out that he has to nap.

Happy Mancat Monday on this Dr Seuss Day!
Purrs, y'all.