December 31, 2015

That Bellah Thursday

Mommy caught me mid thlurp early this Thursday morning.
A mancat has gotta keep his bellah nice and clean for those Mommies
that come along and snorgle them, and our Mommy is a repeat offender.

I hope efurrybody has a great Thursday and New Year's Eve.
Please have a safe one.
Purrs, y'all.

December 29, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday

There's been a lot of "loafin" going on at our house the last couple of days.

Seems that wind isn't the only thing whippin down the plains here in Oklahoma.
In the past 24 hours  alone we've had torrential rain, flooding, wind, storms, and snow.
The catio has been closed for 2 days!
On the up side, all roads leading out of our home were closed due to severe flooding
and all the humans stayed home!
(It's a good thing the humans received new lap blankets for Christmas, cause that's where our kitteh bums have been!)

Some roads will start reopening today and our extended holiday will be over.
Back to routine on this chilly Tuxie Tuesday.
Hope efurrybody has a terrific day and remember:  TUXIES RULE!
Purrs, y'all.

December 27, 2015

Sunday Selfie - Princeton

We're all a little exhausted after our recent holiday,
but still manage perk up for a selfie.

Happy Sunday and purrs, y'all!

We're hoppin with the lovable kittehz at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
Come join the blog hop fun!

December 23, 2015

Yard Bird Yule

Guess what??
The Mommy is having chick-hen for Christmas dinner!
Finally something we agree on!
She doesn't even have to share her salad or bread with us.
(It's not like we're greedy. Ha!)
This holiday is looking up already.
Forget the fact that we found our toys and Mommy had to give us a few of them...

We hope all your holidays are safe and jolly, however you celebrate them. 
Happy Holidays from all of us at Angel Prancer Pie.
Purrs, y'all!

December 21, 2015

Temperate Tuxie Tuesday

Well kittehz, no chance for a white Christmas here.
The afternoon highs have been around 70 degrees fahrenheit,
so I've been busy gettin window whiffies.

Since there's no snow, I've fixed you kittehz up a snowman.
Here he is.  Enjoy.

Tuxies rule, Preslee drools!!

Happy Tuxie Tuesday and purrs, y'all.

Murderous Mancat Monday

The look you give your Mom at 7:45 am when she sticks her  bandaged finger
in your face and says she's had enough of the mind games this morning.

Some Mancat Mondays get off to a rough start.  MOL!

Happy Monday and purrs, y'all.

December 19, 2015

Sunday Selfie - Prudie

Hi kittehz!
Don't you just love my fabulous box?
I just love the blue and white checks.
Who knew they would look so nice with my tuxie colors??
I think it makes a great Selfie Sunday submission.

We are hopping with the adorable THE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz.
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Happy Sunday and purrs, y'all!

December 18, 2015

Fangy Friday

Here's a toothy shot for all you fang fiends out there.
I keep my fangs pearly white by nomming on the Mommy.
Her ankles, knees, and elbows are my fave!

Have a fabulous and fangy Friday!
Purrs, y'all.

December 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday is an oldie, but goodie.
Angel Prancer Pie liked his towels warm and clean just like the rest of us kittehz do.
He was always a big help to Mom on laundry day.

Happy Thursday efurrybody!
Purrs, y'all.

Watchful Wordless Wednesday


December 14, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday Travesty


This is an outrage.
A complete mockery of all that is Tuxie.
You kittehz do know hat I'm talking about, don't you?
December 15 is National Cat Herding Day.

Do we look like we could be herded?
I think not.
It would be simpler to nail Jello to a wall.

So today we tuxies thumb our noses to National Cat Herding Day.
because we TUXIES RULE!!!

Happy Tuxie Tuesday anyway.

December 13, 2015

Sunday Selfies - Precious

This is my submission for Sunday Selfies, kittehz.
A rare shot of my wonderful tuxie colorings.
Mommy just loves how my little feetsies are together.
(I think she just squealed a little..)

We are hopping with always adorable THE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz,
for their delightful Sunday Selfies.
Come join the fun!

Happy Sunday efurrybody and purrs, y'all!

December 12, 2015

Cloudy Caturday

It may be 73 degrees fahrenheit outside, but we're still stayin 
under the heatie lamp on this cloudy Caturday.
This is to prepare us for the cold weather system headed this way next week.

It's gonna take a miracle to get one of us to "man up" for Sunday Selfies.  MOL!

Happy Caturday and purrs, y'all!

December 10, 2015

Coniferous Friday

Fluffy's Christmas card
We got our first Christmas card today.
It came from all the way at the other end of our house.
It was from our crazy fur-cousin, Fluffy!
We've shared posts about him before HERE.

His Mommy (our Mommy's sister) said her tree was up 5 minutes when this happened.
You've made us proud, Fluffy.  Heh-heh.

Happy Friday efurrybody and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - get in  there and climb those conifers, kittehz, and be sure to share your pics!

December 7, 2015

Toasty Tuxie Tuesday

I'm all tucked up and toasty warm with the Mommy.
She says our cool days are gone for a short time.
No worries, Mommy.
I will keep you toasty warm even if it is 70 (F) degrees outside.
(You might even have to turn on a little fan to keep both of us cool!)

Happy Tuxie Tuesday efurrybody and remember:  TUXIES RULE!!
Purrs, y'all.

December 5, 2015

Sunday Selfies - Princeton

Hi and welcome to Sunday Selfies!
I'm just hanging out here on the wood floor, catmouflaged.
Mommy totally doesn't notice me - 
until I bite her on the ankle!

Happy Sunday efurrybody and purrs, y'all.
(from Mommy's little ankle-biter)

We're hopping with the adorable THE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz.
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Calm Caturday


Caturday is looking like a fairly warm day for us (YAY!) and both the humans will be home.
It will be a purrfect day for ignoring them and hanging out on the catio.

Hope your Caturday is gonna be as easy as ours.
Purrs, y'all!

December 4, 2015

Tomfoolery On Friday

None of us kittehz would ever consider coming near the Mommy's
after-bath powder.
We don't who/what could have made those footsie-prints.
Maybe a couple of raccoons broke in and did it.
We've heard those squirrels are vishus animals, too.

In a totally unrelated event, we tried to quit using Feliway diffusers, 
but our poor Mommy is becoming quite unhinged.
The next shipment isn't due here until the 8th of December.
Mommy says this should make for lots of blog fodder.

Happy Friday efurryone and purrs, y'all.