July 31, 2011

Mancat Monday and Award

My shy look.

 Hello furriends! Happy Monday! We got an award from Mr Puddy and I decided to share it with my sisfurs.  You are supposed to tell 7 unknown things about yourself and pass on to 15 bloggers. Whew!

1.  Precious is the only kitteh in the house wif all her claws. Mom doesn't declaw cats.

2.  Princess has a bitey problem towards mom. Thank goodness she doesn't bite hard.

3.  I, Prancer,  haf twisty claws (front feet only) due to declawment gone wrong.  ( not painful)

4.  Precious has a cube to play in and the beans call it her "confessional". MOL!

5.  Princess belonged to the daughter bean, she went to college, now Princess  is mom's cat.

6.  I like for mommy to scratch under my chin and kiss my head at the same time. I lean back fur it ofur and ofur.

7.  We get 4 small meals a day, cuz Princess is a senior cat who has to eat this way. It's a pretty good setup if you ask me!

We'd like to pass this to:

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Princess Jasmine at Princess Jasmine from Kitten to Cat                 Kwee Cats
Athena at Athena the Torbie Cat                                                        Jeter & Joba at Jeter Harris
Homer at A Cat Named Homer                                                          Clooney's Num Num Fund

If you already haf the award, don't worry bout it. Cuz that's how us kittehz roll. Purrs, ya'll.

July 30, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Hello furriends! Here we all are, fur Easy Like Sunday, mostly just looking miffed, though. MOL! We hopes efurryone has an easy, restful weekend! Purrs, ya'll.

July 29, 2011


Hello furriends! Mommy and Daddy left us alone tonight and went to the rodeo. Mom took some "behind the scenes" pictures to show efurrybody. What she could possibly see in theses horses, i don't know. But when she came home, she got this.


Efurrybody haf a great Caturday! Thanks fur the purrs, we got a small shower and sum cooler temps. Purrs, ya'll.

July 28, 2011

Friday Furcast

Hello furriends, Prancer here to talk about that Friday Furcast! We haf about a 40% chance of rain Friday and Saturday! Yay! We still will be in those triple digits, but if we could lower our chance of fire, we would be so grateful. As we post tonight, we haf friends in a nearby town fighting a terrible fire. So, furriends, we would be so thankful if you could send up an extra purrayer today, for us, along wif those furriends we are purring so hard fur, Ayla and TBT at MarksMews, Daisy the Curly Cat, Mommy ML at Missy Blue Eyes, and Spats at the Taylor Catss.  We hopes efurryone has a happy weekend. Purrs, ya'll.

July 27, 2011


Me slappin my forehead while laffin.
 Hello furriends, Prancer here! It is rarely boring at our house. Today was no exception! My stoopid sisfur, Precious, did sumfin crazy. We wuz all mindin our business, when Mom and Dad spied Precious gnawing at her back and actin all crazy! (more than usual) Then she puffed out all ofur and run to the corner of the room and gnawed lower on her back and leg. Then she started gnawing on her foot, then the bottom of her foot. She acted like her skin was crawlin all ofur, then just quit. It was at this time it occurred to mom she was playing by the tv cords and she is known fur chewin on cords. Mom's sure she prolly got herself a lil electrical shock. Mom and Dad checked her ofur and kept an eye on her fur further stoopid unusual behavior.  Sisfurs! Haf a happy Thursday! Purrs, ya'll.

July 25, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

Precious hittin the books.

I get to post today. Yippee!  Do you think i'm learning anything while layin on that book? By osmosis, maybe?  What you didn't see was 5 minutes later, i was shredding that book to bits! MOL! I haf to keep my posts short cuz i need to rip down the hallway at previously unknown speeds while bouncing off the walls.  See you guys, later. Haf a good one!

July 24, 2011

Mancat Monday Eye Candy

Hello furriends! We had rain today!!! It was only fur about 5 minutes, but mommy says we'll take anything we can get! Mommy knew it was gonna do sumthing cuz I was extra frisky this morning and did alot of talkin. She's say i'm better than radar! Have a great Monday. Purrs, ya'll.

July 23, 2011

Synchronized Sniffing

Me sniffin Princess, and Princess sniffin Mom.
Hello furriends, Prancer here. Happy Sunday! What do you think of our synchronized sniffin pic? We luf to sniff things. Here's a list of unushual whiffies we like:
                                                                    mom after a shower
                                                                  dad's hands after fishin
                                                            dad's huntin stuff (OMC yummy!)
                                                                      mom's makeup
                                                               blankies wif fabric softener
                                                    each other's hineys - (MOL mom hates this)
Princess has an obsseshun wif  Ben-Gay. The stuff you rub on your hurtie legs or back. She is NOT allowed to lik it. What unushual things do you like to sniff?  Purrs, ya'll.

July 22, 2011

What I'm Doing Caturday

You pretty much get the idea. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz - Princess

July 21, 2011

Sunny Side Up

Mom, what are we doing wif that egg?

Yep, it's cooked.
Hello furriends! Here's your Friday Furcast: It's gonna be hot enuff to cook an egg on the sidewalk! Mom wanted efurrybody to see our cooked egg.( We cooked it on the metal electric box in our yard.) It was 106 F here today. No rain in weeks. Burn ban. Next seven days: more triple digits. We need purrayers fur rain, furriends!

Do you like the look of our new blog? We are ofur the moon about it! Kudos to Ann of Zoolatry! She works wonders! Many, many thanks to Ann! I think Maggy and Zoey are pretty cute, too!

We hopes efurrybody has an easy weekend and please remember those who runned off to the bridge this week. Purrs, ya'll

July 20, 2011

Mission Impawsible

Nom, nom, nom.
Precious, spyin on my noms.
Hello furriend, Prancer here. Do you efur feel like sumbody is watchin you? Precious is always spyin on me,  wantin my noms, toy, mommy, whatefur. She's always there, waitin, watchin. She's like a secret agent, kittehz. (think Mission Impossible) Do any of you kittehz haf that problem wif younger sisfurs?

Be sure to come back tomorrow fur a speshul Friday Furcast. MOL! Stay cool, kittehz! Purrs, ya'll

July 18, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

Singing...I'm bringin tuxie back....
Them other kittehz don't know how to act
I think it's speshul when i attack 
So turn around and i'll tear your sacks
Take em to the chorus:

Get your tuxie on
(get your tuxie on)
Get your tuxie on
(get your tuxie on)
Get your tuxie on
(get your tuxie on) 

This is sung to the music of Justin Timberlake's I'm Bringing Sexy Back. Ya'll haf a great Tuesday.

July 17, 2011

Hopper Explosion

Hello furriends! Prancer here to talk about the sudden explosion of grasshoppers we have. OMC! They. Are. Efurrywhere! Hundreds of hoppers! They come into the house on mom and dad's shoes and pants legs. Then they are in my territory! Precious and I haf come up with a few games such as Hopper Hockey - where we slide it back and forth on the wood floor, and Bitey Til They're Deaded (just like it sounds). But, kittehz, as many as we haf exterminated - we just can't keep up. That's why we need all of you to help. If you see sum of the dastardly critters take it upon yourself to find new and unique games to help exterminate them. Well, gotta go kittehz, i'm tired from all this work. Purrs, ya'll.

July 16, 2011

Easy like Sunday.

Yours truly, lounging around.
Hello furriends,  we are so glad it's Sunday. Efurrybody will be hangin round the house, stayin cool, and mom will prolly restock the stinky goodness. I luf it when mom and dad are home and i can lay on mom about elebenty times.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, we're gonna talk about sumthin that's drivin us all crazy! Purrs, ya'll.

July 15, 2011


Me havin a little look-see.
Hello furriends, Prancer here. This photo pretty much says it all. It's my dirty little secret. I luf to go thru bags! Handbags are the best! So many whiffies! Grocery bags are great too!  Mom has to ask all visitors to keep their purses put away cuz not efurrybody knows sum things in a purse could make kittehz sick. What bout your dirty little secrets? Purrs, ya'll.

July 14, 2011

Belly Laff

 You like my bellah?
Hello furriends! My mom just snapped this pic of me. She says i haf no inhibitions. Whatever that is. Than she snorgled me haf to death!

Friday Furcast:  Guess what! We had a SMALL rain shower overnight Wed! Then we had about 24 hrs of 90 F temps. MUCH cooler, kittehz! Unfortunately, it's back to the triple digits for the next week.

Well, it's back to the tile floor fur me. Thanks fur all the great comments this week, you guyz are just great! Purrs, ya'll.

July 13, 2011

First Award!

Hello, furriends, Prancer here. I just got my first award! Baby Patches was kind enuff to send it to me! So here we go:

1. I only drink water from a cup on the side of our kitchen sink.

2.I luv crunchy! Cookies, chips (nacho cheese chips are my fave), crackers, etc.

3. My fave snoozin spot is on my mommy's chest.

4. I'm very healthy, so it was a surprise when 6 weeks ago i got an infected anal gland. Furriends, it was bad. Two visits to the V-E-T later, it was healed.

5. Mommy "baby talks" me and i LUV it! I roll around fur her and "talk" back!

6.My nicknames: Prancer Pie Pie and The Little Man.

7. I got stung on the nose by a scorpion one time. That was terrible!

8.The V-E-T wants me to lose 2 lbs!

9. I'm allowed on the countertops and pretty much wherever i want. (cuz i'm the little man)

10.I luv to sleep in the clean towels, and mommy lets me.

11.I don't travel in the PTU, cuz it makes me sick. My mommy has to hold me so i don't get too upset.

12. I'm not much on lookin out the windows or outside. Life was not good to me out there. My life is on the inside - that's where mom is.

13. I'm super easy-going. I don't fuss with anyone.

14.I like to roll in the dirt my daddy tracks in on his shoes.

15. I  like fur mommy to scratch between my toes. It feels good.

So there you go! We don't know yet who has this award already, so pick this up if you want cuz efurrybody we know has a great blog!  Purrs, ya'll.

July 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

You know the people who sleep with one leg on top of the blanket? This is the cat equivalent.

July 11, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

Get the flashy box away from me now. -Precious

Hello furriends. Precious guest posting here. Prancer's all tuckered out after making biskits on mom's face at 2 a.m. MOL! That kitteh really cracks me up! 

We were saddened to learn about Jack at Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam. Be sure to pop over and give em sum whisker kisses.

You all stay cool and iffen your lookin, i'll be nappin on the cat tree.

July 10, 2011

Mancat Monday

Mancat at rest.
Hello furriends! It's Monday again, and you can find me cooling myself on the floor.  Then maybe a lil napping will be in order. Today is supposed to be cooler at only 105F. Cold front! Mom's cranky and efurrybody's just trying to nap until we get a break or sum rain. Have a happy (and cool) Monday! Purrs, ya'll.

July 9, 2011

Saturday Nite Out.

Hello furriends, Prancer here.  Mom and dad deserted us. Really. They went out to dinner for their anniversary. They were gone for HOURS, so, i eated too much food and yakked in TWO places! MOL! That was my lil present!

Have an easy Sunday, efurrybody! I'll be restin my bellah! Purrs, ya'll.

July 8, 2011


Hello furriends! I just want to say that i am very confident of my mancatliness. Don't you think the pink goes nicely with my furs? My momma told me i was a very pretty boy and I believe her. Besides, i was helping my sister bean with her college homework.  I think it was called "Paws and Scratch". A topic i am obviously qualified to help her with! MOL! Purrs, ya'll

July 7, 2011

No Cryin Over Spilled Sugar

Twofur. Me and Precious.
Hello furriends, Prancer here. Happy Friday! We enjoyed efurryone's comments and "hotter than" sayings yesterday!  Mom says she is so glad this week is over! We gots in a lil trouble earlier today when momma spilled a bag a sugar. She went to get the sucky machine and when she gots back to the sugar sumbody had played in it! MOL!

Here's the Friday Furcast: The next 7 days will be in the triple digits and no rain in sight. Furriends, Oklahoma,  is not the place to be right now. But, it could be worse, did anyone see that dust storm video from Phoenix, Arizona? Skeery.

Remember our furriends that has gone to the bridge this week, big purrs goin out to their loved ones. Purrs, ya'll.

July 6, 2011

Hot Hot Hot.

Me gettin noms from mommy's plate.
Hello furriends, Prancer here. Us kittehz laid low today cuz the hots were so bad. We have AC, thank cod, but nobody really wants to tussle til after the sun goes down. Mom and I thought it would be fun it we heard sum of ya'lls "hotter thans". We will start. It's hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch. Now, that's hot efurryone! MOL! Purrs, ya'll

July 5, 2011

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday.

Princess cat-nappin.
I'm doin the post today, cuz i'm tired of Prancer hoggin' the pooter. Obviously, i'm not nappin now, like the above photo, but don't you just luv my speckled paw pad? Mom does!

Furriends, let me tell you bout sum excitement we had at our place late Monday nite(the 4th). Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the closet and UTB, we wuz havin our dinner and there was a huge *BOOM*! Needless to say, dinner wuz over! Sum, ahem, (a diva doesn't talk that way) unpleasant purrson, made and lit a "sparkler bomb"! It skeered the whole household and the authorities were called. Kittehz, take my advice, you don't want anything to do with this!

Well, i'm off to calm my nerves and get sum beauty sleeps. Later, furriends.

July 4, 2011

Takin It Easy



Hello furriends, Prancer here with the sisfurs. We had a big day on the 4th. As you can see, we are all laid out recovering. The sister bean came home. Dad grilled, and we got chick-hen! Later, we all hid out for the boomies.  We might well be recovering this time tomorrow! We still have the hots and starting to haf lots of fires. Purray for rain, furriends! Purrs, ya'll.

July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July and Mancat Monday

Hello furriends! Prancer, Precious, and Princess here wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July! For our furriends, that don't live in the U.S.,  we have a handsum mancat wishing you a happy Monday! Purrs, ya'll.
This is my dignified kitteh look.

Pee Ess - many furriends still need our purrs. Let's not forget Clooney, Annie, and Ginger Jasper's mom's nephew.

July 2, 2011

The Morning After

Caturday night bath.
Gotta get between those toes.
A little privacy, puleez.
 Hello furriends, Prancer here. Well, I haf alot to report. Seems that last nite, between 2-4 a.m., Precious, Princess, and yours truly, had an impromptu house trashin. Sorry, it was a last minute sort of thing and there were no invitashuns sent out. It was really spontaneous. We dumped the toy basket, scattered the toys, rolled up the rugs, ate every bit of food, tore up the box fort, and just caused general mayhem. We even found a hopper in the house and deaded him in two pieces. Boy, was mom surprised! After all that house trashin, we need our rests. Purrs, ya'll.

July 1, 2011

Lazy Day.

Me catching 40 winks.
Hello furriends! Prancer here.  Do ya'll like my photo? My mom thinks it's cute. Today we were lazy. Mom has been very busy this week and since it's hotter than Hades, we took it easy.
I likes to nap where I can keep an eye on my mommy, and since she just cleaned this sofa, it was purrfect.

Mom says we will grill out this weekend, cuz it's too cussed hot to cook.  Nom Nom! That's about the extent of our 4th of July celebrashun, since us kittehz don't like firecrackers.

Happy Canada Day to our furriends up north. We hopes it's cooler there. Purrs, ya'll