April 30, 2012

Gray Tuxie Tuesday

Cat In A Cup.

Hi ya'll, Precious here.  We had a gray, rainy day, Monday.  All us kittehz took to our beds to snooze the day away.  Tuesday is supposed to be sunnier.  That, of course, will mean snoozing, too.  But wif more breaks fur nomming.  HaHaMeow!  Happy Tuesday and remember: TUXIES RULE!!!

We Made A GIF

We made a GIF, we made a GIF! Thanks KATIE AND GLOGIRLY!  (sorry bout the photo quality and that little glimpse of spot #13!)

April 29, 2012

Purrs For MoMo on Mancat Monday

Me, Prancer Pie, relaxin in one of my favorite spots.

Princeton relaxing while lookin wistfully at the critters outside.

Hi furriend and Happy Mancat Monday.  We want to keep it short today and just think about MoMo. We are waiting anxiously to hear the outcome of the surgery.  You can leave purrs HERE.

April 28, 2012

Easy Sunday Sunbathing

Easy Like Sunday baff in the sunpuddle. Ahhh.

Uh-oh, I've got an itchie.

Now,  gotta clean those toesies off!

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  We've had so many nice, sunny days, this spot in the floor is always in use. So go find yourself a nice sunpuddle and haf a nice baff, or even better,  sprawl out and haf a snooze.  Happy Easy Sunday and purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - you notice that my silvervine pillow is nefur far from me. MOL!

April 27, 2012

Caturday Cat Tree Competition

I can't believe he wants my cat tree.  I was here first.

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Yes, things are definitely getting back to normal around here!  Precious and I haf renewed our feud.  Here she is, taking a snooze (well, she was a second a go!) in my cat tree.  I know the heifer thinks it's her tree, but obviously it's mine cuz  it was purchased after I came to live here.  Mebbe if I keep givin her the ole stink-eye, she'll get the message and clear out!

 Happy Caturday kittehz and be sure an lay claim to what's yours,  or a pee-mailin sisfur may try to take it ofur!  Purrs, ya'll.

Mom here:  I can't believe these two made nice while Princess and Prancer were sick. When Prancer Pie went UTB in the bedroom, both of these two took up residence (albeit apart) in the same room with him. Precious would make many trips down the hallway to check up on him.  Now, efurryone has moved back into the family room where the action is.

April 26, 2012

Fun on Friday

Which side you like best? My right?

Or my left?

Hi furriends, Precious here.  I just wanted to let efurryone know, I peed in a ham-mick and haf been involved in sum general mayhem. Things are definitely gettin back to normal around here. HaHaMeow!

Gotta run, I'm stalkin my little brofur.  He needs to be taken down a few notches. Happy Friday and purrs, ya'll!

April 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Sunbathin baby.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here! Mommy says she is efur so thankful fur the slow return of my good health and so thankful for the furriends that kept purrayin and encouraging us. To answer a few questions, yes, the pics from yesterday are new and yes, it is a silvervine pillow! Kittehz, those little checked pillows are the bestest! We got ours ofur at Baby Patches shop, NIP AND BONES.  Our silvervine pillows came in while we were sick, so we are just now starting to enjoy them. Rush ofur and get you at least two! Holy cod, they are ten times better than nip!

We is experiencing much warmer than normal temps here (85F) today, and the sunpuddles abound. We hopes efurrybody is haffin a great Thankful Thursday and purrs, ya'll!

April 23, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

You remember those chocolate pinwheel cookies?  I is one. MOL!

Hi ya'll. Precious here on your Tuxie Tuesday.  I've been "holding down the fort" while efurrybody got the sicks.  Postin, pacin the floors, eatin the leftovers, are just a few of the extra chores I've had.  Mommy says that suspiciously enuff, I haf been a little angel while Princess and Prancer haf been sick.  I'm ready to get back to my normal self! Even Mommy says she misses it a little. Now, here's the Prancer Pie report:

Mommy here. Prancer Pie spent almost all of today out from UTB.  He is coming for his meals now, too. Today, he got down with his silvervine pillow and bunny-kicked it a little and gave it sum biteys.  I know it will take time, but am ecstatic with his progress. Thank you again fur all those get well wishes.

Efurrybody haf a great Tuesday and remember: TUXIES RULE !!!

Luffin Mommy - Mancat Monday Style

What was that noise? I'll get it.

Prancer Pie - turned his head, as soon as I clicked.   Still so happy to haf him out to be able to take pics.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here again! I'm so happy to be bloggin again.  Thanks to the sibs fur keepin my bloggie goin.  I've been out from UTB about half the day.  Mommy is so happy! I even jumped up on her 2 or 3 times to gif her sum speshul luffin, Prancer Pie style.  I'm  eating small meals, Mommy is only supplementing me a couple of times a day now.  Today I've been sittin in the window patrolin my yard fur introoders, too.

Princeton likes to be efurrywhere I am, eat what I eat, and do what I do. Little brofurs! Mommy has been feeding me wif a syringe and one time when she turned her head, he was tryin to suck the speshul foods out of it! So, of course, when I went to luf Mommy, here he came.  Well, let's just say Princeton has been gettin sum quality Dad time this weekend. HaHaMeow!

Once again, we wants to thank efurrybody fur those purrs, purrayers, woofs, and pawsitive thoughts.  Happy Mancat Monday! Purrs, ya'll.  And remember to hug your mancat today!

Pee Ess - be sure and stop by my favorite ladycat's blog - MADI, her grand-peeps could use sum purrs.

April 22, 2012

Back By Pawpular Demand


Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I wants to thank you all fur those powerful purrs, woofs, and  purrayers.  I am eating sum on my own and did come out from UTB 2 times yesterday.  I am also purring and grooming again.  Mommy says this will take time to recover from and Rome wasn't built in a day. Whatefur that means.  I definitely will be haffin and easy Sunday, and I suggest efurryone else do the same. Purrs, ya'll!

April 21, 2012

UPDATE:  Guess who showed up for breakfast this morning, meowed loudly, and then ate on his own?  Prancer Pie!!!   Guess who showed up for brunch 3 hours later, jumped onto the cabinet and ate again? Prancer Pie!!!  Mommy is still supplementing with 3 cc of force feeding the high caloric food, but not as often.(and she hasn't had to crawl UTB to do it!) Prancer is still eating very, very, small amounts. But we're making real progress. Mebbe we can get a pic this weekend. Love to all our furriends fur all those purrs, purrayers, and pawsitive thoughts.

April 20, 2012

Caturday Bag Wranglin

Hmmm, what's this?  It's my EMPTY cat food bag.

Watchin it carefully, so it doesn't sneak away.

BAM! It tried to get away, but I stopped it! (halfway across the room)

Mommy, are you gettin all of this?

I'll sneak my little paw up on it and.....

WHAP!  Caught it tryin to get up in my cat tree!

WHEW! Bag wranglin is hard work. Time fur a nap.

Hi ya'll.  Princeton here again. I'm bein absolutely adorable so Mom's had to take lots of pics lately.  I've been very busy helpin Mommy wif Prancer Pie.  She finally locks me out of the bedroom to feed him and I help her by beating on the door, wailing, and tearing at the carpet.  That's just how I am. Always thinkin of the udder purrson. If she takes me into the bedroom wif her, I try to suck the food out of the syringe. MOL! Mommy says I've prolly gained a pound running around eatin efurrything that the sick kittehz wouldn't! Now, here's our UPDATE:

Prancer has actually eaten on his own two times today! Now, it is only a quarter size amount, but that's after he gets his high-calorie prescription food!  He is moving around alot more and drinking and peeing, but still just wants to hang out under the bed. However, he's not just laying in one place anymore.  Slow goin, but at least it's goin. Thanks fur those purrs, they're helping.  There are lots of us kittehz and woofies out there right now that need our purrs.  Just check the CB.  You can visit them by clicking HERE.  Happy Caturday and purrs, ya'll.

April 19, 2012

Fun On Friday

NOONISH UPDATE:  Mommy talked to the vet, and he was pleased. So she is continuing to drag Prancer from UTB and feed him efurry two hours.  He went to the litterbox, peed, and drank water last time.  Then he held his tail up on the way back to bed. Thank you fur those purrs. (this is alot of fun fur the rest of us kittehz, as Mommy is on the floor all the time!)

Hi ya'll.  I'm providing hours of comedy and laffs this Friday.  This kitteh cube has  given me a hard time and now it's gettin it's comeuppance!  Luckily, Mommy had the flashy beast nearby and got to capture sum of the fun and games.

Mommy spent her day feeding her little man (the other one)  3 cc of prescription food efurry 2 hrs. So far, it's been 8 times.  Re-consult wif the vet Friday a.m.

We hopes efurryone has a great Friday. **nosebumpies** ~ Princeton

Pee Ess - pardon those HBO shots, Mommy  is so vulgar.

Thursday Afternoon Update

THURSDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE:  All of the Mommies out there will appreciate this post.  After a phone consultation with our vet,  (we liv in rural area - next small animal vet is 1 hour away, which would stress Prancer out so badly we would nefur get him calmed down.) it was decided I would force-feed him with a syringe, 3cc of critical care prescription food, every 2 hours. Soooooo, first, I crawled UTB (again) to get Prancer out. (sumhow, he still manages to have alot of strength!)  I fed him (went surprisingly well), and set him up in our master bathroom. Hammick - check.  Water-check.  Food -check. (just in case he decides to eat) Litterbox - check. Nip pillow - check.  Window blinds up fur optimum viewing pleasure - check. One, very mad little mancat. - check.

Our first couple of feedings are already under our belt.  We're old pros. My washer and dryer have run all day. I've run out of towels twice.  I'm settin an alarm to make sure I don't drift off and I'm gettin him up all night to do this. Re-visit with vet tomorrow. We are gonna try to not go down the feeding tube road.

Surprisingly enough, Prancer has been alert with his ears up and did come out again last night about 9 p.m. to visit and hang out fur about 45 minutes. Through this whole thing he has never done the third eyelid thing, (he has before) and he is using his litterbox. We have had a couple of very awful poos, so we have wondered if he is sneakin dry food through the night, just not enough to sustain him and they haven't been happening everyday. Prancer has lost 5 lbs since September.  About half of that has been since the illness started.  We aren't taking pics of him right now, as it just breaks my heart. Thank you over and over again fur those purrs, purrayers, woofs, and get well wishes. Time to go feed my little man again. XOXOXOXOXO

April 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Prancer last September, pckin those toesies.

Hi furriends,  we kittehz just got shut out of the bedroom while the Mommy crawled UTB again to feed Prancer Pie.  He hasn't been out today that Mommy knows of, but he has licked toona juice 3 times and ate a little.  We knows efurrybody is prolly a little tired of hearin bout his illness, but it has totally consumed Mommy's time.  (and mind)  Thanks fur those purrs and purrayers. We are very thankful this Thursday that he is at least a little better and Princess is recovering nicely. Happy Thursday and purrs, ya'll.

Wednesday Afternoon Update

Hi, Mom here.  I just had to post that early this morning, Prancer allowed me to crawl halfway under the bed and hand feed him sum tuna.  He then went to say hello to his Daddy.  We'll take these baby steps! Thanks fur those purrs!

April 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday And Update

UPDATE:  Princess had a great day.  She continues to get better every day.  This is day 9 fur her.  Prancer came out tonight fur about an hour again and licked a little chicken baby food from my fingers.  Ok, I'll take it. He drank well and hung out with me in kitchen. He then scurried back UTB.  I'm pullin out the big guns.  Each day this week, I'll be cookin his favorites.  Chicken, tuna, roast beef, to name a few. Thanks again fur those purrs. XOXO

April 16, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday - The List

My catloaf impression.

Hi furriends, Precious here. Thank cod Tuxie Tuesday is back.  I know ya'll been missin me.  Cuz I've been missin me, too!  Here's an interesting piece of trivia:  I'm the only kitteh that hasn't been to the V-E-T  in the last three weeks.(costing Mommy and Daddy lots of green papers)   Now, that I haf that piece of leverage, I'll be submitting my list of demands.

1.  Window ham-mick.  It's mine. Only mine. I'm not sharing.
2.  When I feel like makin biskits on the Mommy, she won't whine bout my claws pickin her lily-white skin.
3.  While biskit makin, efurry other kitteh shall vacate the Mommy. Immediately.
4.   The cat tree.  I want it too. All mine.
5.  Princeton needs to go away. ASAP.

This is a partial list. All others supersede this list.  Now, get off your duff Mommy and go fill my dish to the rim, the way I like it. Remember:  TUXIES RULE!!!   And Prancer says, "purrs, ya'll."

SICKNESS UPDATE:  Princess continues to eat and do better.  Prancer labs were not purrfect.  His thyroid isn't functioning properly and he needs pills fur that and one of his kidney tests wasn't that great.  It's the one that filters the blood.  Now, that being said, Vet said that after his return to health, he needs re-testing cause bein this sick could definitely alter tests.  And he believes this to be true in this case.  Prancer received steroid shot, nausea shot, and a thyroid pill.  He was not dehydrated.  He has held pill down.  We are gonna get this little man better if I have to grunt my way through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those purrs and purrayers and if you could just keep them coming fur a little while longer, I know we're gonna turn this around. XOXOXO  About   15 minutes after I posted this, Prancer Pie came out from hiding and had a very small amount of tuna, used the litterbox, drank water, and hung out for about an hour.  He then went back to his hidey hole. Baby steps, baby steps.

April 15, 2012

Auxiliary Mancat Monday

Here I am, overseein my kingdom.

Patrol will haf to wait, I haf an itchie.

Efur notice how one itchie leads to anudder?

Now, I'm back. Guardian of the laundry basket. 

Pounce in 3...2....1....

Hi furriends, Princeton here. I am standin(so to speak) in as mancat here til the Prancer Pie gets back on his paws.   We had sum storms blow through here early on Sunday. Well, any kitteh worth their salt knows that weather change means crazypants playtime!  I left the window shade tore down, the cat tree leaned against the window, papers all ofur the floor, Precious hiding, and the rents plum tuckered out! Hee-hee.  Nuffin like a good thunder-boomer.

Here the sickness update:  Princess has had toona, chickens, and sum cat foods today.  She is resting well and slowly regaining her strength.  Prancer came out twice to yak and pee in the litterbox. Mom is whiskin him off to the V-E-T again tomorrow, and isn't stoppin til she gets sum answers! Princess got steroids after her labwork. Mommy thinks that got her ofur the hump. Prancer hasn't had any. Labs should be back tomorrow. Efurrybody cross their paws.

We hopes efurrybody has a Happy Mancat Monday (us included). Purrs ya'll and remember to hug a mancat today.

April 14, 2012

Comic Relief

This little man provides it.

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I provide the much-needed comic relief fur my Mommy.  She's needed lots of that lately and sum extra luffins I threw in there too.  She's startin to get a little uptight that her other little man, Prancer, is still not eating and hiding out UTB.  Thank cod, Princess is eatin and gettin her strength back.  Today Mommy cracked open a can of toona to entice Princess. Well, we all got sum! Bein around sick siblings has its benefits!

We appreciates those kind words, purrs, and purrayers so much.  Happy Sunday and purrs, ya'll.

April 13, 2012

Caturday Wif The Colonel

Hi furriends, we wanted  efurrybody to to know that the Colonel was Princess' undoing Friday.  Princess had actually begged fur three meals, only to promptly lick the gravy off, then leave the rest.  Mommy had boiled chick-hen to let the smell help her appetite.  She ate it twice, earlier in the week, then got tired of it.  Then Daddy intervened.  He brought home this delishusness.  She met him coming in the door.  The hunger strike is ofur! Princess has a full bellah and is snoring like a log.  MOL!

Prancer is resting well after his vet appt. and has made it a whole day wifout puking.  We'll try to tempt him wif sum critical care cat food tomorrow or chicken broth.

We just appreciate those purr, purrayers, woofs, and get well wishes so much. Happy Caturday efurryone and purrs, ya'll.

Late Friday Update

Update:  Whew! We just got back from the dreaded V-E-T.  Prancer Pie has NOT puked today, however, he was so lethargic, I decided to take him on in.  He got shots for the nasty bug, fluids, and bloods stole.  Bless his heart, he is tired now.  He is moving around a tad more today and coming out of his hidey-hole.  Princess is still improving and has asked to be fed 3 times today! She is eating very small portions, but at least she is. She has also resumed her more normals routines, which includes standing on this keyboard this very moment.  MOL  Thanks so much for those purrs and purrayers.  They are helping. xoxo

April 12, 2012

Friday Photo Shoot

Front facing. Not very happy.

Left facing.

Right facing.

Hi ya'll.  HRH posting tonight.  I'm still not very strong, but wanted to let efurryone know I licked all the gravy off my FF tonight!  I've had two meals today and used the litter pan (well, mebbe the floor a little too). I continue to drink lots of water and rest well. Things haf been a bit crazy here this week.  Did I tell you we're building a new home? Yep, that's goin on too. Mommy says this week has definitely built character. Whatefur that means.

My brofur Prancer Pie hasn't snapped out of it, yet.  Looks like he will get himself a little trip to the V-E-T tomorrow. Mommy says I don't haf to go. Yay!

We just can't believe the overwhelming well wishes we've gotten.  Mommy gets leaky-eyed when she thinks about it.  We are truly blessed.  Our bloggie furriends are the greatest. Purrs, and smoochies, ya'll. xoxo

Thursday Afternoon Update

THURSDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE:  Hi furriends and thank you fur the continued well wishes.  Princess ate more chicken this morning after meeting me for her morning meal.(hand-fed of course)  Yay!  Her progress is just so slow. But, at least it's progress.  Now, Prancer Pie.  He's still hiding out and puking a couple of times a day. Nothing to puke though. He's drinking and taking meds.  If he's not better tomorrow he sees Vet. We'll get throught this and be smarter on the other side for sure.  To all our furriends out there - XOXOXOXOXO

April 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday

WOMAN!  I'm bringin the lasers online!

Hi furriends, Precious here.  I thought ya'll might could use a break from all the sickness and Mommy whining bout it.  Princeton and I are feelin very frisky and so far are healthy. We are VERY thankful fur that this Thursday.

Here's the updates:  Both Princess and Prancer are the same as earlier today.  Princess hopefully is on the road to recovery albeit slowly.  She did haf cod-awful diarrhea today. Prancer still has the pukes.  We are scheduled to see vet again Friday, giving meds a few more hours to work. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your caring words. Thank you and purrs, ya'll.

Wednesday Afternoon Update

UPDATE:  Hi efurrybody. First, let me thank efurryone again fur those purrs. Princess has just eaten fur the first time in 36 hrs.  Now, the breath holding that the puking doesn't restart. (it was plain chicken, I boiled myself.)  This was the first thing she even wanted anything to do with.  She is drinking lots and using the litter box. (I'm over-zealous bout these things.) She is slowly returning to purring and pre-sickness habits, such as face-tapping, etc. (mine)

Now, Prancer Pie is still in the awful throes of this illness.  He wants nothing to do with anyone and hides, only to come out to puke and/or drink large amounts of water.  (which strangely neither one haf puked) They are both on Reglen and antiobiotics.  Princess is also on Prednisone.

Lab results, onset, and Prancer coming down sick, really points to one of two things:  virus/bug OR food contamination.  Vet is concerned about the latter.  Both of these furbabies are HUGE Fancy Feast fans.  No recalls we can find.  No Easter lilies or chocolate here. We're empty nesters and NO fresh plants or flowers are allowed in our home due to furbabies.  We haf gone ofur efurrything from cleaning fluids (which I am cautious about) to dish detergent.  Nothing has changed. I appreciate all the ideas efurryone throws at me.  We've nefur (in 17 years) had a multiple illness such as this. Thank you fur the purrs and purrayers and keep them coming, please. XOXO - The Mommy

April 10, 2012

Updates - Wednesday

My azalea bush.

Hello furriends.  I'm beyond despair tonight as I write this. My sweet little man, Prancer Pie, has fallen ill, too.  I cannot even fathom what is going on.  He had his breakfast, then went to nap.  He refuses to come out, except to drink.  Then, just like Princess, he drinks and drinks.  I have wracked my brain to find a common thread.  I would probably be suspicious of Princeton's illness last week, but he obviously had trauma (bite/sting) to his jaw.  Princess is still resting, showing sum signs that she might become interested in food, but has yet to eat since yesterday.  Again, I thank you for the purrs, pawsitive thoughts and purrayers.  Please keep them coming and any advice is welcome, too.  XOXO
PRINCESS UPDATE:  Vet called with lab results. Surprise! Princess has almost purrfect labs for her age. (a lady nefur tells)  Slightly elevated white count. The vet and I talked at length and with her history of a sensitive stomach, he thinks she could just haf sumthing that has put her stomach in severe turmoil.  Just got to keep her hydrated and he has now prescribed stomach calming meds along with the antibiotics.  She's still very sick, but is drinking well and resting.  I'm watching her efurry move. Thanks to efurrybody fur those purrs and purrayers! xoxo

Pee Ess - thanks fur the slippery elm bark info. we are definitely going to get sum.

April 9, 2012

Princess Update

Princess preening fur the camera.

Hi efurrybody.  We wants to thank you fur the purrs and purrayers.  HRH, Princess is still very sick, but the vet thought she would benefit from being at home wif family.  (with meds)  Sunday afternoon she began vomiting, for about six hours.  I wore myself out following her, checkin on her, cleaning up after her.  She finally drank and kept it down and rested quietly throughout the night. (I would know this cause, I didn't!)  She still wasn't eating and was drinking way more than normal.  We were a work-in at the vet.   He did blood work and we will know more later. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for remembering us and praying fur us at this time.

UPDATE:  Princess was given special food and did eat, however about 4 hours later, started vomiting again.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Why is it, that vet visits always come in multiples?  We haven't had anyone in beside check-ups and now two in one week! Purrs, ya'll.