March 25, 2017

Sunday Selfie - Prudie and a Rainbow!

Friday's Rainbow
This is my submissions for Sunday Selfies.
I set the timer on the camera for it.  mol
I also wanted to share the rainbow we had after Friday's thunderstorms.
Mom said she could see both ends of the rainbow.
I think that means something special - like more treats??

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March 19, 2017

Sunday Selfies - Preslee

Howdy everybody, it's me, Preslee!
Mom's not happy that I chose one of the windows to the catio for my selfie.
Because there are so many nose prints on it.
I consider it artwork. 
I bet you kittehz out there would agree with me. 
Am I right?

I'm going to be hopping this Sunday with those cute kittehz from THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
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March 11, 2017

Sunday Selfie - Prudence

Happy Sunday, furriends!
Hope you enjoy this selfie of me as I enjoyed some sunshine.
Speaking of sunshine, our weather sure has been fickle.
We've had the hots, the thunder boomies, and  now the colds!
I sure am glad to be an inside kitty.

We are hopping with those adorable kittehz at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
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(You don't even have to be a kitty!)

March 4, 2017

Sunday Selfie Silhouette


Guess whose big hiney this is on the cat tree.

We'll give you a hint:  he hogs the blog all the time!

Yes, it's Princeton.  Again.

Before we give you the link for Sunday Selfies, the Mommy just had to share
what she found at the local Wal-mart grocery store:

As  if calling them "Paws" instead of "Feet" would make it any less disgusting.

She has never seen them before and hasn't seen them since.

Mommy hasn't a clue why they were being sold.

We kits wouldn't have minded a package or two of them.  Heh-heh.

Anyway, we are hopping with those adorable kits from THE CAT ON MY HEAD.

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