December 31, 2012

Celebratin 2013 Tuxie Tuesday Style


Whaddya mean?  This is my celebratory look!  Happy New Year from the only tuxie most excited tuxie at our house.

December 30, 2012

Mancat Monday 2012 Review

Prancer Pie thinks this toenail is up for review, too.
Hi furriends, happy Mancat Monday!  This is the last one in 2012.  Mommy's put together a little review.

Well, we sold our ranch, our home, our Nana's home, and our Mommy's sister's home and built a big house.  Big Move coming soon.  (more on that later-yes, we will all be living together-sorta)

Princess and I weathered a very serious illness.  I still take thyroid gel.  Princess at 18+ yrs old, continues to have better lab results than all of us.  Go figure.

Princeton has lived with us a whole year now!  He went from homeless and starving to a very domineering, finicky, well, let's not get the Mommy started!

Precious continues to alternately terrorize and amaze us.  She has become very attached to the Mommy.  Mommy sucks that up.

Daddy had emergency gall-bladder surgery.  He recovered and we became very attached to his heating pad and blankie.

The human sister continues to get her four-year degree.  (This is her fifth year.) MOL!

Those are the things that stick in Mommy's very crowded and foggy mind.  Of course there's been lots of tears, fears, happiness, and heartbreaks.  We cherish each and every one, good and bad.

We wish every one of our furriends much love and happiness in the following year.  Be sure to hug your mancat (and womancat) today.  Purrs, y'all.

Hmm yes, that's much better.

December 29, 2012

Easy Like Sunday - Final 2012 Edition

Go ahead-the curled back feet are driving Mommy wild, too. - Prancer Pie

Hi furriends!  Prancer Pie here on our last Easy Sunday of 2012.  I'm obviously primed for an easy day.  (see above pic)  MOL!  The peeps are still busying themselves packing up for the Big Move.  (just across town)  Our moving day got pushed back by two more weeks.  In the meantime, I will keep gettin my easy on and continue being handsome.  It's a hard job, but sum kitteh has to do it.  Purrs, y'all.

December 28, 2012

Sleepin In On Saturday

Prancer Pie

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I'm chillaxin on my Christmas prezzie.  It's a fleece bed for my ham-mick.  (just in time for cold weather, too!)  Mommy picked it up on a lark at Petco.  They are only $4.99, too.  I just luv it.  It's purrfect fur those cold, snowy days and those late Saturday mornings.  Speaking of which, I best "hit the hay".  I need to get a head-start on sleepin in. MOL!  Have a great Saturday.  Purrs, ya'll.

December 27, 2012

Fickle Friday

My new teleportation device.
 Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I got a new teleportation device for Christmas!  All shiny, new, and it even krinkles.  It even has a an escape hole on top.   My Nana gotted it for me.  Mommy set it up and showed it to me and even tried to rub some premium catnip on it.   After all that, do you think I was excited?
Princeton shows his excitement over his tunnel.
Meh, not so much.  Purrs, y'all.

Thankful Thursday

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here on this Thursday.  I'm very thankful I got a chance to play wif Princeton's Christmouse prezzie before he destroyed it!  MOL!  Have a purrfect day and purrs, y'all.

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Princeton here to wish all our furriends a very Merry Christmas.  Purrs, y'all!

December 23, 2012

Mancats Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Prancer Pie


Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  We mancats are hanging around the TV today with Mom.  The weatherman (the one we say we can't trust - mol)  says we are gonna get hit on Christmas wif a snow storm.  We kittehz promptly sent the Mommy off to the store to load up on foodables.  As long as we have food, warmth, and "facilities", everything is gonna be ok.

The peeps are having their Christmas feast and presents early so everybody can get back home before the big snow.  We kittehz got our Christmas presents early.  Princeton has already broken his. HaHaMeow.  Mommy got smart and got extra parts, though.

We hope all our furriends have a warm and safe Merry Christmas.  Purrs, y'all.

December 22, 2012

Sunday Scritches


Hi furriends, Princeton here again.  Mommy followed me around alot last week with the flashy box, so now you furriends are gonna get to reap the benefits. MOL!

We're all gonna hang loose this Sunday, gettin our easy on, and just maybe Mommy will be passin out treats and scritches.

Hope efurrybody out there is just about ready for the fat man in the red suit.  Merry Christmouse and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - Be sure to hop over and leave some purrs, woofs, and prayers for our furriend, Pip.  His Mom is very worried about him.  Click HERE to visit them.

December 21, 2012

Caturday's Contortionist

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I practice yoga to keep myself flexible.  You never know when you might have to contort yourself to catch that extra treat that Mommy flings through the air.  HaHaMeow!  Happy Caturday, Merry Christmouse and Purrs, y'all.

December 20, 2012

Fending Off Foes on Friday

Chi-Chi and Princeton

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I'm defending my teleportation cube from Chi-Chi.  I can't take the chance that she might jump into it and teleport over to my furriends.  What would happen if she showed up on, say, SPITTY'S doorstep or over at my furriend, NELLIE'S?  I hate to think of it.  No way.  I'll just keep on guarding my teleportation device.  Besides, it's been a while since we had a rousing game of THoE.  MOL!  Happy Friday and purrs, y'all.

December 19, 2012

Thursday's Thunder and Lightning

 Here's a little clue as to what we were doin late Wednesday.

Prancer Pie
 It was 72 degrees Fahrenheit earlier in the day.  Boy, were we kittehz enjoyin that weather.

Precious (miffed as always)
 But alas, all good things must come to an end.  **sighs**

Princess in her heated cat cup.  Look closely to the right baseboard to see another of Princeton's messes.
We are having strong storms roll through now.  (That's why we are posting early.)  But we are thankful for the warmth earlier in the week.  Hello, old man winter!  We hope our furriends in Kansas and up north are braced for that blizzard.  Stay warm and snuggle your kittehz (and woofies).   Purrs, y'all. 

Pee Ess - We are so saddened by JUNIOR leavin for the Rainbow Bridge.  Be sure to visit his Mom by clicking on his name.

December 17, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Precious looking sweetly at the camera.

Hi furriends, Precious here on your Tuxie Tuesday.  I'm overseeing the packing process here at my house.  We have a very precise pattern we follow.

  1. Mommy gets an item out to pack, donate, throw-away, etc. 
  2. I carefully watch Mommy with said item.
  3. Prancer Pie lounges in the tissue paper used to wrap breakable items.
  4. Princeton chews tissue paper into small wads and spits them onto the carpet.
  5. Mommy then pulls paper from under Prancer Pie.
  6. She then pushes Princeton out of tissue paper and takes remaining paper from his mouth.
  7. Finally the said item is packed or put in it's designated pile.
  8. Repeat.
Whew, just talking about it makes me tired.  I oversee every single item.  Nothing escapes my rapt attention.  I am so focused on my task, my attention can seldom be broken.
Well, until this:
Princeton the photobomber.
Maybe I'll just wrap him, put him in a box, or better yet, put him in the "donate" pile.  HahaMeow!  Happy Tuxie Tuesday and purrs, y'all.

Remember:  TUXIES RULE!!! (princeton drools)

December 16, 2012

Mancat Monday

Princeton rolling in the hallway.

Acting silly.

Some foot action.  Mine and hers. MOL!

That's the spot!
Hi furriends, Princeton here again on your Mancat Monday.  It's true, the pics tell the story.  I'm a pushover for some foot lovin.  The unvacuumed much used hallway is my favorite place to throw myself down for some belly rubbins and affection.  The dust bunnies you see in along the baseboards is from me rolling in the hallway, waiting for somebody to come along and rub my belly and give me some scritchies.  Then, when they walk away, I can bite their cankles ankles.  Hey, it can't be all rainbows and roses, right?  MOL!  Happy Mancat Monday and purrs, y'all.

December 15, 2012

Early For Easy Sunday

Princeton licks his claws.

Sniff, sniff, are they ok?

I'm just ruined I tell you!

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  I am RUINED, I tell you, just RUINED!  Remember earlier this week when Precious ratted me out by leavin my claw sheath in her head?  Then, a few days later she left one in her side, further sealing my fate?  Well, the Mommy and Daddy CLIPPED MY CLAWS.  Oh, the indignity of it all.  As you can see in these  pathetic attempts at photography pics, I had to hide between the table and easy chair to lick each of my precious blunted daggers.
I hope everybody has an easy Sunday.  I'll be UTB growing my daggers back.  Purrs, ya'll.

NOTE FROM THE MOMMY:  Princeton was not hurt in the least.  It took all of two minutes for all the front ones.  He was one unhappy boy after he figured it out!  I'm posting this early.  The spouse and I are off to see Cirque du Soleil - Dralion.  We've already enjoyed one of their shows before (La Nouba) and are very excited for the evening out, amidst all the packing and sorrows of Friday.  Happy early Sunday, friends!

December 14, 2012

Speaking From The Heart On Saturday

Dear friends, the Mommy here.  I think all of us are quite shocked and horrified at the events that unfolded Friday in Newton, CT.  We are sending lots of prayers of comfort and universal light to those who are hurting.  

This touches my heart so closely because I too, am a survivor of violent crime. (home invasion-double homicide-story for another time)   One of those poor  souls left behind, wondering how to put life back together again.  Get up the next day.  Function.   A victim of the media, the judicial system, and just plain old ignorance.  

Please, please, keep these people in your thoughts and prayers, not just today, tomorrow, but always.  Their lives are irrevocably changed.  National Victims' Rights Week is held in April every year. Learn what you can do and I can't say enough about educating yourself about your state's laws.  Be an advocate for survivors of violent crimes.  You never know when it will affect your life or the life of someone you love. 

Peace, love, and blessings to all our friends. 

Pee Ess - Please forgive my faux pas of using Prancer Pie's blog for personal reasons, but they are near and dear to my heart.  Now, here's an old gratuitous kitteh pic:

Prancer Pie

December 13, 2012

Focused On Friday

Prancer Pie helps out at the kitchen sink.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Mommy's busy packing us up.  She's packing efurrything but the kitchen sink and I've got my eyes on that!  HaHaMeow!  (Mommy thinks my hiney looks so cute hangin over the sink like this.)

We hope efurrybody has a great Friday and purrs, y'all.

December 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here on your Thankful Thursday.   We has a lot to be thankful fur today. Our dear furriend Ann of ZOOLATRY sent us our Christmas cards!  Thank you so much for thinking of us, Ann!  Our Mommy has been very neglectful since she was sick and preparing for the big move.  So, enjoy, dear furriends and have a happy Thursday.  Purrs, ya'll.

December 10, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday


This is the scene of the crime.

Hi furriends,  Precious here on your Tuxie Tuesday.  Santa Claws is puttin Princeton on the "Naughty List".  Heh-heh.   Not because he shreds every paper product in the house, drinks from the toilet, and hogs all the treats. No, it's much worse than that.  Let me tell you.

I always help Mommy "put on her face" before she goes out.  (She needs me to see if she gets it on straight.)  Anyway, I jumped onto the bathroom counter to get a closer look and Mommy saw something on my little head.  Thinkin it was just a bit of fluff or at worst, a dustbunny, she tried to brush it away.  It did not brush away.  It was stuck tight and it was PRINCETON'S CLAW!  Mommy had to pick it out of my little head.  She was so distraught that she almost came down wif a case of the "vapors". (snigger)

My little head is recovered and Princeton's claw went into the trash.    Now, here's a little song for your enjoyment:

Princeton ain't gettin nuttin fur Christmas,
Mommy and Daddy are mad.
He ain't gettin nuttin fur Christmas,
Cuz he ain't been nuttin but bad!

Happy Tuxie Tuesday everybody and remember:  TUXIES RULE (princeton drools).   Purrs, ya'll.

December 9, 2012

Maniacal Mancat Monday

Hi furriends, Princeton here on your mancat Monday.  We gotted another awardie from our good furriend, Cotton.  He is a very handsome boy, be sure to stop by and meet him, HERE.  Thanks again, Cotton!

Moving right along, you've all been waiting for it.  We've all known it was coming, and here it is:

Thank you NELLIE!  It's my dream come true.  (Be sure to click on her name to visit.)


Last, but certainly not least, we have the gratuitous kitteh shot.  He looks so innocent, doesn't he?  Just stick around,  tomorrow's post is shocking.

We hope everybody has a great Monday and purrs, ya'll.

December 8, 2012

Easy Sunday

Prancer Pie holdin the Mommy down.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Mommy's on the mend thanks to my most excellent care.  I am sitting on her so she won't get up and tire herself.  She says the good wishes and purrs helped, too and they are very much appreciated.  

Surprisingly, Princeton didn't tear the house down. (yet)  Happy easy Sunday and purrs, ya'll.

To our Jewish furriends out there:

December 7, 2012



Hi furriends, it's Princeton.  I'm here to say that Mommy's under the weather and I'm holding down the fort.    HaHaHaMeow!   Happy Caturday and purrs, ya'll.

December 6, 2012

Friday's Big "Finnish"

Prancer Pie
The Loot
The Ninjas on a calendar.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  As you can see from my first pic, I had my mind set on helpin Mommy open a package we got this week.  (packages are SO exciting!)  Furriends, not only  was it great to look at, it smelled!  It was from the King Kitty of Finland (north), himself!  Mommy is over the moon  about the excellent photography over there and was very excited to see some lovely pics made into calendars.  We were all googly-eyed over the dried fishies and the flyin mousie toy!

Thank you very much, our Finnish (and Britcats) furriends!   If you don't know Aiti and her kittehz (or maybe it's the kittehz and their Aiti?)  either way, click  **HERE**.   Happy Friday and purrs, ya'll!

December 5, 2012

Takin Care of Business Thursday

Prancer Pie checkin out his Catmouse Card.

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Mommy says we gots to take care of business today (it's startin to pile up) before we do anything else.  So here we go:

First, we wanted to say we got one of those stars for our award, Blog Of The Year, from Keisha.  She is a nice woofie furriend.  Go visit her HERE.  Keisha, we is sending a star back to you!

Second, I Prancer Pie, want to thank my sweet tuxie girl Madi, for the Christmas pic she sent me.  This is me admiring it in the pic, above.   I will treasure it always.  To visit Madi, click HERE.

Third, we want to apologize for not pawticipating in Secret Paws, visiting, and a general lack of laziness on Mommy's part.  Mommy is trying hard to help get our new home ready and pack us up.  We will be moving the last of Dec./begining of Jan.

Whew!  Business over and relaxation time begins.  I hope all our furriends have a great Thursday.  Purrs, ya'll.