February 29, 2016

Mancat Monday

It is very mancatly to place your paws on the human Dad for support
when he's returning work phone calls and messages.

Mommy said to please disregard straw and cord in pic, please. This photo opportunity
was just too cute to pass up and there was no time to remove items.

Happy Mancat Monday and purrs ya'll!

February 27, 2016

Sunday Selfie - Precious

Hi kittehz!
I haven't been on the blog in some time,
so I thought I would treat ya'll to a selfie.
Mom helped me take it.
In the other photos, I kept running up to the camera 
and sticking my nose to it. MOL

We are joining with the always adorableTHE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz
for Sunday Selfies.
Come join the fun!

Happy Sunday and purrs, ya'll!

February 25, 2016

Frisky On Friday

We kits have been feeling frisky with all these weather changes we've had.
We've had spring, summer, fall, and winter - all in one week!
This makes us get our crazypants on and go tearing through the house.
Mommy snapped my pic as I took a little break to recharge my batteries.

We hope efurrybody has a fantastic Friday.
Purrs, y'all!

February 22, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday - Spay Day 2016


Hi kittehz!  I posed like this to get your attention.
We need to talk.
Tomorrow is Spay Day.
I know that all our furriends here on the CB are very responsible and spay/neuter their pets,
but, many people aren't as responsible.
Please help remind them that February 24 is Spay Day.

There is a really good article with the numbers of kittens one unaltered female cat
can produce HERE.  It's shocking!

Please don't furget to pass the word along because:

Happy Tuxie Tuesday and Happy Spay Day!
Purrs, y'all!

Pee Ess - Thank you to all those that were persistent in commenting
even though our blog got messed up during Sunday Selfies and thank you for notifying us promptly.

February 20, 2016

Screamin Sunday Selfie - Princeton


Mom helped me snap my selfie this Sunday.
Then she told me to use my "inside voice".
Heh.  Fat chance.

We hope efurrybody has a great Sunday and...

We are hopping with the CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz.
Come join the fun!

February 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday

 This throwback is from last year.
We love to tussle (underfoot) when Mommy is trying to do chores.

There is much meowing and gnashing of teeth.

But we never get mad or hurt one another.

Because we mancats are thicker than thieves and stick together.
Besides, what's a little bitey between brofurs???

Happy Throwback Thursday kittehz!
Purrs, y'all.

February 14, 2016

Mancat Monday Celebrations

Happy Singles Awareness Day, kittehz!
It's a day for us single kittehz to relish in the fact that we're not tied down,
we're foot loose and fancy free.

It's also Presidents Day for us here in the U.S.
I'm not a president,  more of the dictator type Mommy says,
but it seems to be a good enough reason to celebrate that, too!

On top of all that - it's Mancat Monday!
I've staked out a claim on the Mommy's cushion to celebrate all these occasions.
All this celebrating seems to have worn me out.

Happy Monday effurrybody and purrs, y'all!

February 11, 2016

Thicker Than Thieves On Thursday

We mancats got out onto the catio today and got some fresh air.
That's right, we told the Mommy enough was enough!
We don't care if the winds have been high, it's been cold, there's been smoke from grass fires,
or whatever excuse she was using - she can't keep us in forever.
Actually it was quite nice this afternoon for us in the catio
and we enjoyed it immensely.
So there.

Efurrybody else have a happy Thursday too.
Insist on it!
Purrs, y'all.

February 8, 2016

Blowing Through On Mancat Monday

I am not happy. 
The wind here is blowing 39 elbenty miles per hour.
Mommy has officially closed the catio for the day.
So I'm hanging out on the bed, glaring at the Mommy every time she walks by.
Heh!  That will show her.

Hope the rest of you kittehz are having a great Mancat Monday.
Purrs, y'all

February 6, 2016

Sunday Selfies - Princeton

This is my Superbowl Sunday Selfie.
We're going the easy route this Superbowl Sunday -
takeout food and lots of snuggles.
Nobody is going to exert much energy.
The Mom and us kits will probably snooze through the game,
but at least we will be next to Daddy in body, if not in mind.  MOL!

We're joining the delightful THE CAT ON MY HEAD kittehz for their Sunday Selfies.
Come join the fun!

I Love Karma Caturday

KARMA - loosely translated - The Buddhist belief that whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.

Remember earlier this week when I was dumped into a carrier and hauled to the VET??
Where I was treated terribly and given injections?!?
Well, a little thing called karma paid a visit to our house shortly afterwards.
Seems the Daddy caught something called a virus and then the Mommy caught it.
There was a rash and violent fits of itching. 
Then there was a double doctor visit  for them with...wait for it...injections!
Who has the sore backsides now???

Happy Karma Caturday furriends!

February 3, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Points to ponder this Thursday:

Is there a Rainbow Bridge of sorts for all those toys we've deaded?

Why do the humans gripe and complain about the amount of kitteh litter found in the shower
each and every darn day?

If the one gallon waterer isn't for knocking over and spilling on the floor,
what's it for?

And last but certainly not least, why isn't there 2 days a week set aside
for my tuxie wonderfulness???

I'm gonna need to nap on these impawtant questions before I ponder them some more.
Some sustenance might be needed, too. (hint, hint Mommy!)

Happy Thursday and purrs, y'all!

Wordless Wednesday