March 31, 2018

High Flight Risk


I know this selfie cuts off my cute ears, but Mom says that I won't sit still for pics
and she'll take what she can get.
She says I'm "high flight risk" when I see the phone/camera.  MOL

I'm hopping today with our sweet furriends at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
Come join the blog hop, it will be loads of fun!

We hope efurrybody has a wonderful Easter and restful Sunday.

March 25, 2018

Stop And Smell The Dandelions

We have a guest for this Sunday Selfie.
It's Titus, the human sister's furbaby.
His Mom snapped this pic of him sniffing a dandelion recently. We guess it's sort of cute.
(too bad she edited out those epic ears of his!)

We think this pic does remind all of us to stop and  sniff the flowers, and take the time to visit Sunday Selfies hosted by

We hope efurrybody has an easy Sunday.

March 10, 2018

Sniff My Paw Sunday Selfie


PRESLEE:  Dood, sniff my paw.  It smells funny.
PRINCETON:  There is NO way I am sniffing it!  Do you know where that paw has been???
PRESLEE:  It's always been at the bottom of my leg.  
PRINCETON:  ::sigh::  I'm still not sniffing your paw.

While I'm trying to get Princeton to sniff my paw, you kits should join this Sunday Selfie blog hop with those sweet kits over at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.   It will be loads of fun!

March 4, 2018

Wishful Thinking Sunday Selfie

Thank Baste the rain has finally stopped.
The catio is open and the birds are taunting us with their warbling.
In this photo, my attention has been caught by a meadowlark.
If only Mr. Meadowlark could be INSIDE the catio, then the fun could begin...

I'm hopping (sans Mr. Meadowlark) with our good furriends over at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
Come join the blog hop fun!