November 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here. I'm thankful fur my comfy couch and the fact that Mommy lets me snooze anywhere I wants. The days here haf been very cool, but Mom's thankful that it's not hotter than Hades anymore! Princess is thankful that Mommy turned on the small space heater fur her. Precious is thankful of the extra kitty cubes that Mommy bought recently. Princeton, well, we all know he's just thankful that
 yesterday is ofur! MOL! Happy Thursday and purrs ya'll.

November 29, 2011

Heeeeeee's Baaaaaaack !!!

Hi ya'll, it's me Princeton. I am home and feelin fine! Thanks fur all those purrs. Whew! I hopes that is not sumthin I haf to do again. Happy Wednesday furriends!

November 28, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday - Pee Queen

Well, here we are on Tuesday again wif me, Precious. I've enjoyed quite a run this last week. I am most displeased wif my family. I'm also displeased wif my hateful toys, the furniture, the food, and the weather. So as an outlet, I haf decided to express myself through art. Pee art, that is. Mommy is NOT proud of my accomplishments. Mebbe she'd rather me shred sumthing of hers. MOL! 

Mommy says to ask fur purrs fur Princeton. It's time fur his "family jewels" to be removed today.  She will be home all day wif us Wednesday, so I can't be mean to him  he can recuperate quietly. Well, gotta go terrorize sumbody. See you kittehz later! Remember: Tuxies Rule!

November 27, 2011

Mancat Monday - O Krissymouse Tree

Prancer haffin a little rest.(wif watchful eyes)

Princeton about to get into trubble. Again.
Hi furriends, Prancer here. It's Mancat Monday again. Us mancats are helpin the Mommy around the house wif Krissymouse. There's  a brand new tree to tryout put up. Mommy bought is speshul cuz we haf a young kitteh in the house again.  It's a pop-up tree. She thinks this will keep Princeton out of it, cuz it's all wired togeddur. (wat's the CB  equivalent of roflmao?)  I think Mommy has unrealistic expektashuns! This time of year brings out the kitten in all of us. Haf a pawsome Monday and purrs, ya'll.

Easy Like Sunday

Yep, the flash is always on in our house!
Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here and Happy Sunday! I hopes each and efurry one of you is takin it easy today. The Mommy is gonna venture out and do sum shoppin. I'm sure she'll bring home Fancy Feast and litter. Those two things make the world go 'round! MOL!  The rest of the day is fur relaxin, nappin, feetsball, and sum noms. I luf Sundays! I hopes yours is a easy as mine. Purrs, ya'll.

*******Today is Maggy's birthday ofur at Zoolatry. Go gif her birthday wishes HERE.********

November 25, 2011

Caturday Nappin - NOT

Seriously Mommy! I need my sleep!
You snooze, Prancer, I haf udder plans.  ::evil laff::
Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here to tell you I'm very upset wif the Mommy. She woke me up and I gave her the high-beam laserz. A mancat needs his rest. Does she not unnerstand that camera makes enuff noise to wake the dead? Click, whirr, snap, and it's all ofur but the cryin. Shortly after this pic, I stormed off (after showin her the back of disrespect). Caturdays are fur nappin and eatin. If it's not her ruinin my dreams of all the lovely ladeez of the CB, it's that little rugrat, Princeton.  Precious looks like she's got sumthin planned, too. (she socked a claw in Mom yesterday and all hello kitteh broke loose) Well, I'm off to an undisclosed nappin hideaway. Happy Caturday, sweet dreams, and purrs, ya'll.

November 24, 2011

Lessons On Friday

Hi! It's me Princeton, again. Since I don't haf thumbs, my Dad is teachin me to sign my name wif my toofies!
I'm catching on very quickly. I leave a mark of four little holes as my signature. Kinda like a staple gun.

I persist in learning efun if the paper tastes bad. I'm dedicated to learning to make my mark! (Mommy says I've left my mark in a few places, already.)

I think I'm getting the hang of it! It will take lots of practice, though. I'll make Prancer very proud of me! He and the sisfurs are sleepin off the ham they gorged on yesterday! I hope efurry kitteh has an easy weekend planned.  Happy Friday and purrs ya'll.

(You kittehz like the new look? It's from Ann at ZOOLATRY. Thank you, Ann! We luf it.)

November 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Thanksgiving 2011

Hello furriends, Prancer Pie here. I am wishin all my furriends here in the U.S., a very happy Thanksgiving. We haf so much to be thankful fur. We is fed, luffed, heated, cooled, medicated (when necessary) and haf a roof ofur our heads.  So today, and efurryday we are thankful fur these things. Mommy says she is always thankful fur her family and fur our furriends that we haf met here on the CB. And of course she is thankful fur us kittehz. She says we are her bunch of turkeys! Hahameow! So, Happy Thursday furriends, haf a pawsome day, wherefur you are! And purrs, ya'll!

November 21, 2011


You look like an angel....

You talk like an angel....

You walk like an angel....

But I got wise.....
You're the devil in disguise,

                                         Oh yes you are,

                                    The devil in disguise.

Thank you Elvis Presley fur this song. Happy Tuesday and TUXIES RULE! Smooches!

Pee Ess - wink wink to my speshul furriend Spitty. That mancat understands me!

November 20, 2011

Mancats on Monday

Me, wif high-beam lasers.
Princeton re-chargin his batteries.
Hey furriends, it's the beginning of anudder week. A soggy one here. We kittehz are gettin geared-up fur sum turkey or ham (licks lips) later this week. The Mom has a busy week, too. We wuz wonderin, it bein our first on the CB and all, what does efurrybody do on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Does efurrybody post early, not post or what? We might not get around to it, but we've nefur missed a day since we started blogging, so.... we hate to. Let us know, furriends. Also the little rugrat (Princeton) got into sum pretty big trubble yesterday. He let himself into the gas fireplace. (no, it wasn't turned on, thank cod) He, got completely covered in soot, though. The Mom is not happy wif him. I thought it was pretty funny. Happy Monday and purrs, ya'll.

Hahameow! He's not so innocent now!
Pee Ess - we is sorry we haven't visited much, but the ever-troublesum Blogger was bein a beast, again!

November 19, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Notice the paw pad up by my ear.

Aww, c'mon Mom. I was asleep!
Hello furriends!  Prancer Pie here, bringin you a post from my fave spot (one of many) on the couch.  The feetsball is on and all is well. (no, we's not tellin who we root fur!) The Mom has the allergy sneezes and snots and I pursonally haf seen to her well-being: she's been luffed on, drooled on, made biskits on, and woken up to give us fuds. Seems to me she should be better by now. I'm off to chase Princeton - he keeps rippin up Mom's tissues. That kitten needs to be put in his place! Happy Sunday from the couch at our howz. Purrs, ya'll.

November 18, 2011

Caturday Cat Talk

Come a little closer. We need to chat.

That's purrrrfect.
 Hi people! It's me, HRH, Princess. I hopes efurrybody is haffin a pawsome Caturday. We are spending ours napping, eating, and taking turns layin on the Mom. We sent the Dad off to the woods early to go hunting fur vishus deer. They're not so vishus simmerin on the stove! MOL! Sorry deer luffers, a girl has got to eat!

Be sure to stop by Ginger Jasper's. They are haffin a commentathon in honor of GJ's birthday. You can visit them HERE. It's a great pawty! Lots of treats and toys.

Haf a purrrrfect Caturday. Smooches ya'll.

November 17, 2011

Patience on Friday

Well, we made it anudder week, furriends. Happy Friday!  I like a nice dinner at the end of a hard day.

I wonder where Mommy is. It's not like her to keep her little man waiting. I am hungry!

Now, just back off, Princess and nobody gets hurt. You know the order. Me, furst. Then efurrybody else.

Mommy, hurry, I is startin to waste away! Pick me up and put me on the countertop, pleez.

No way, did she just fix Daddy's plate furst! We will haf to cover this at the next staff meeting.

 I hopes efurrybody has a pawsome weekend. Purrs, ya'll.

November 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

The last clematis.

We don't know what this shrub is. Very fragrant, though.

Dwarf maple.
Hi furriends,  Prancer Pie here. Mom finally got off her bum and took pics of the very last flowers. We probably will haf had a freeze by the time this posts. Those of you who follow us know we had severe drought this summer. Most of our plants, even though watered, went dormant. Thankfully,  the last few weeks haf brought us lots of good rainfall. (We all know what rainy days are good fur: SLEEPIN!) Happy Thursday and purrs ya'll!

November 14, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday



Beauty shot.

Oh hi, it's me, Precious. I had Mom load these pics of me. I wanted to show the many faces of me, Precious. Mom says I haf just the one look - miffed. Whatefur.

We haf alot to cover, so let's get started.

Well, I put the bitey on Mom this week. That was her fault. Her leg shouldn't haf gotten in my mouf. I terrorized Princeton fur a whole day. That's one day of my life I'm not gettin back. I trapped Prancer and the sisfurs in the bathroom and terrorized them til the Mom ruined my good time.(she does that alot) I left a revenge turd fur Mom to step on. Oh, and I learned a new trick, kittehz. I learned to make that "spitting" noise after a hiss! Oh joy! I really like to hear myself do it. Well, that's it fur now furriends. Remember: TUXIES RULE!

November 13, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hey all you kittehz out there, it's Prancer.  It's time to start all ofur again on Monday. To make things a little easier fur ya'll, I had Mom post a pic of me  in all my snorgalishus glory.  (Feel free to drool on your pooter screen.)

Mommy finally caught up her emails and found out we won a give-away on Pet Blogs United. You can visit them HERE. It was from Shutterfly fur 25 free cards! You can visit Shutterfly HERE. We can't wait to try it out!

Haf a Happy Monday and remember to hug your kittehz today. Purrs, ya'll.

November 12, 2011

Dirty Laundry Sunday

Hi ya'll! Princeton here. As you can see I'm helpin the sisbean do her laundry this Sunday.  Just tryin to help wrangle this sweatshirt cord. They can be very danjeruss. Best to show it who's boss! After  I beat this thing into submishun, I'm off to take a nap. I need to rest up. She may haf to do sweatpants later! Hahameow! Kitten kisses to all of ya'll and haf an easy Sunday.

November 11, 2011

Just Us Girls On Caturday

Precious, lookin purrfectly innocent.

Princess tryin to catch sum zzzzzzzzzs.
Hi ya'll, we girls don't usually get along, but we're gonna try this bloggie thing today.

Princess:  Mommy left us yesterday to do more Catmouse shopping and to visit the sisbean. It was a horrible, long, depressing day. Wif only two extra cans of stinky goodness put out to tide us ofur.

Precious: She's plannin on bein gone part of today too. Sumthin bout the sisbean bein a geek and haffin a pawty.

Princess: Being Greek , not a geek! Stoopid. (Hissss.)  And they're haffin Parent's Day. She'll leave us fur hours and hours again. I need Mom to hold me at least 23 of 24 hrs a day. Woe and despair is me!

Precious: Hahameow! It won't be so bad, I get to do whatefur I want when the Mom is gone! (face whap to Princess)

Mom:  Girls! Knock it off right now.

Precious:  Honk twice when you pull in the driveway, Mom, so i can quit bein a hellion be ready to greet you at the door.  Happy Caturday furriends and remember:TUXIES RULE!

November 10, 2011

Friday Wrap-Up

Princeton on the look-out.
Hi furriends and Happy Friday! Prancer here. I thought you might enjoy this pic of the little rug-rat sittin on his hind feet in the window. He's watchin sumthin closely. Mebbe. Might be nuffin at all, too! Hahameow!

We wanted to remind efurryone there are lots of good items ofur at the auction fur Marg. You can visit the auction HERE.  (remember Christmas is on its way)

Anudder thing impawtant to us is the petition fur Jack the Cat's Law.  Jack was the kitteh lost by American Airlines that ultimately led to his death. You can visit and sign HERE.

We hopes efurrybody has a pawsome weekend and get sum snoozing in. REMEMBER - hug your kittehz today and purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - Thanks to all those who serve or haf served in the military-Happy Veteran's Day- whatefur country you're from.(mommy would furget her head if it weren't on her shoulders)

November 9, 2011

Pawty In the Mudroom

 Oh hi furriends! You caught me off guard. I'm in the mudroom bath (small bathroom off of back door entrance). Me and the kittehz was haffin a little pawty.

                                Efun Princess was pawticipating. She kinda looks guilty doesn't she?

Ummm, I'm not real sure what Princeton is doin here.... He kinda has that far-away look in his eyes! MOL!

This is the water fountain. Mom turned it on fur our little get-together. We can drink or whap it wif our paws. I'll show you how it's done. (see my little pink tongue?)

We'll wash up when we're done. Mommy likes a nice clean mancat. Happy Thursday and purrs, ya'll.

Mommy here. Excuse the kittehz mud bathroom. The kittehz don't clean up after themselves. They splatter the mirror and drop litter in the toilet (when they're not drinking from it - ewww.).