February 1, 2013

Saturday Snoozing In 5 Easy Steps

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I'm gonna show all my furriends how to have a successful snoozy Saturday.  
First, we'll start with the baff.
It's a must to get those feet.  
It aids in peaceful slumber to have clean toesies.
Back ones first...

Front ones last.  
Make sure you have lots of drool and spit.
(It can only help if you're on Mom's new sofa, at this point.)

Third, you're ready to settle into that purrfect pawsition.
Sometimes it helps to have a sleeping buddy.
Notice that I have stolen borrowed one from Chi-Chi.
Your eyes should be almost closed.

The next stage to your purrfect siesta is the "OMC, he looks soooo adorable" pawsition.
You should be fairly relaxed with legs extended and eyes tightly closed.

Lastly, we have full-on relaxification.  
Note my bellah is exposed for optimum snorglin, paws are adorably curled and one toofie is hangin out of my mouth.  
The Mommy should be putty in your paws at this point. 
(Notice that my Mommy has moved my sleeping buddy, so it will not get in the way of my respite.)

I hope this can be of some help to you kittehz. Have a happy Caturday.  Purrs, y'all.


  1. Charlotte here, I have studied your instructions closely in midst of SS's squeeing over your adorable self. Will definitely take note and try out in this windy, miserable day.

  2. Ummm can I skip the bath part? Other wise I find this very helpful.

  3. It's the curled back paw that melted the Human's heart.

    Surely, PP, you don't allow gratuitous belly snorgles while you are a-seeping? That's just horrifying. And why Spitty the Kitty usually sleeps curled up in a nice tight ball.

  4. Oh you got theese one downpat! My Human is a big fan of your cuteness and snuggability...We hope everything is going well with your settling into your new home. Have a wonderful weekend kitties!

  5. Hey Prancer! Thanks for all the sleeping tips. Since we are just kittens we are still learning all this complicated type stuff.

    Our Mama is squeeing like a crazy lady over your bellah. She does that with ours too.

    Georgia & Adam
    Kittens in Training

  6. Prancer, doesn't your nap get disturbed because your human can't keep her hands off all that cuteness? That ALWAYS happens to me!

  7. We like ta do our feets last. Must be a local custom. But ya did well Prancer!

  8. Just as well Äiti has done the snow work already, she's just melted away hersel. That curled paw and the little vampire toof did it. Cheers, PP - we are not going to get anything useful out of her now. So we'd best follow your example and sleep....

  9. Mum is quite overcome by those pictures of your gorgeous furs
    Prancer Pie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Excellent instructions pal. I'm following them to the T!

  11. Pawsatively purrfect!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Those instructions are just purfect and so are you.. HUgs GJ xx

  13. Very good advice. I think I will go try it out.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Scoot on over Prancer Pie I'm heading to OK....O.K.!
    You look so handsome sleeping or playing.
    hugs madi your BFFF

  15. PURRfect technique!! We must go test it out ourselves now!

  16. We have taken note of your instructions and are about to try them out.

  17. New furniture is a must for snooze-prep and we never take off for dreamland with dirty feet! Good lesson!

  18. Too cold around here to expose the cute belleh during naps. Otherwise, we like your method.

  19. Gasp! She removed your sleeping buddy so it wouldn't innerfere with the flashy box. Excellent primer for the unskilled.

  20. Prancer, you sure got that snoozing down...you are an expert!!

  21. Oh PRANCER! Oh my gosh you have mommy doing the drooling here. That toof hanging out..the sweetly curled paws...almost too much for her.

  22. We puppies think that you have the snoozing down pat... except for the baths... we think that a bath isn't as important... but neither does our human brother.. :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  23. Me too, I'll skip the baff but I'm cool wiff the rest, you are so super sweet :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  24. PAWsome instructions !
    Happy snoozy CAT-urday :)