January 22, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Update:  12:00  a.m. CST, Prancer Pie was admitted to our local vet hospital, dehydrated and with rapid heartbeat.   The Mommy is taking a valium and going to bed. She will checking in on him at 8:00 a.m.  Update then.   XOXO

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Mommy would like efurrybody who has any experience or knows anybody with any experience with that dreaded Convenia injection to please send her any info they have.  She's Googled herself sillly, but there is limited info out there.  It really bugs us that he seemed to rally about a week after the shot, then about ten days post injection, he picked up the upset tummy and started hiding again.

Prancer seems to be holding his own at this point, but he is so very ill, Mommy is a nervous wreck.  She is force-feeding, giving Forti-flora, anti-diarrheal, and trying not to bug him too much.  He has a check-up at the Vet tomorrow at 3:15.  Thank you in advance for the purrs.  They mean so much.

Have a great Thursday and purrs, y'all.

Pee Ess - we hope all our furriends in the blizzard are staying warm and doing ok.  We're purring for you.


  1. oh my, we are sending extra healing purrs for our pal prancer pie and head butts to your mommeh.

    we have no experience with the injection, sorry, but we hope that someone knows and would tell you.

    emma and buster

  2. We don't know anything about the injection, but we're sending our strongest purrs.

  3. I feel so awful that Prancer is still so sick - I am sending my biggest and best purrs his way! My human does not ever intend to let any of us (or even herself) have long-lasting drug injections ever after reading about what Prancer has had to go through.

    I wish I had more info for you, but you have probably read the same things online that we have. You do know there is a Facebook page about this, right? If not, it is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Convenia-adverse-reactions-in-catsfelines-and-dogscanines/118697391502152

  4. Oh sweet Prancer, we are sending the strongest healing purrs and lots of prayers your way.

    Mama here: I have been researching Convenia and did run across a bit of info that said in case of a reaction to Convenia "an aggressive probiotic therapy to help counteract a reaction. Forti Flora and Beneba c are recommended." Apparently it helps to get it out of the system. Hope this is of some help. Georgia had an injection of Convenia about a year ago for an eye infection. Fortunately she did not have a reaction. She won't be getting it again.

    Purrs and Hugs,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    and Mama

  5. we can't say anything except we are sending loads of love and purrs to you all. Feel helpless. Thinking of you. xxxx

  6. Oh Poor Prancer and Poor Mom. We know nothing about this injection but it sounds just awful. We are crossing everything we've got and sending purrs, woofs and neighs, as well as hugs.

  7. Me or the mom-person don't know anything about the injection :(
    But we're sending lot of (((purrs))) and huggies <3

  8. Sending purrs and prayers for Prancer Pie. xx

  9. We are purring loudly for you, Prancer Pie. Hang in there, buddy, this stuff will work its way out of your system.

  10. We are purring loudly for you, Prancer Pie. Hang in there, buddy, this stuff will work its way out of your system.

  11. Prancer, leaky eyes here. I want them to find out what is WRONG! Seems the Vet can and should call the drug company that made this and ask THEM wheat's going on. Also, ask him if he/she is a member of the VIN..Veterinary Information Network. He/she can go online and ask other Vets. They pay a fee to be in this network so it's not just chit chat.

  12. We don't know enough about Convenia to add any info. We are purring our hardest for Prancer Pie.

  13. Both boys have had it once (Nicki possibly twice against my wishes, but I can't be sure), and Annie had it twice as well. I wish I had known about the possible problems with it before it had been given, but it's too late now.

    I do recall Derry been a bit "off" for about a week after his dental extractions and Convenia shot back in June 2010, but I honestly can't say if it was the injection or not. I had his blood work redone, though--I'd have to check what particular value (red blood cell count???) that Convenia can affect.

    But I don't have enough knowledge or experience to offer anything but universal healing Light...and continued purrs from the boys.


  14. Adding our purrs and purrayers to the many headed your and Prancer Pie's way. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  15. Two of the Hotties have had Convenia injections. Sanjee when she had a severe tooth abcess secondary to mouth cancer and two months later when she had a sinus infection from the tumor blocking her sinus from draining. Both times it worked well for her and she had no side effects we could relate to it. Gree also had it once, for dental problems so she could have dental work safely. Again, no problems. It might be that the injection's effect is running out during the 10 days. That said, I would expect probiotics could be helpful and at the very least not harmful. Definitely I'd ask the vet as someone above said to get you full information on Convenia and ask why he thinks this is happening with it, as well as ask him to consult with VIN, Tufts, someone, for more information in general. Sending lots of purrs from the Hotties and positive healing energy from me.

  16. We don't know anything about Convenia so can't help but we are sending rumbly purrs to Princeton and hope they help.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. We are purring our hearts out for you dear Prancer. Come on pal, fight this thing, fight like crazy. We love you Prancer.

  18. Oh no.....please get better Prancer Pie. We love you.

    The Florida Furkids

  19. http://catinfo.org is run by Dr. Lisa Pierson and has some experience with the side effects of convenia. She is available for consult as well..

    Convenia kills bacteria, bad and good, and the lack of good bacteria in the gut is often the issue. If it were me, I'd probably be supplementing with probiotics.. no idea if it would be helpful or not, but I would try.

    Good luck! and I am sooo sorry you are going through this..

  20. btw, when I say probiotics, I mean a human product. one with multiple strains of bacteria and look for a count in the billions like PB8

    Fortifloria only has one strain of bacteria in it..

  21. OH DOGGIES, we can't help, but we gots them paws all 12 of them, crossed!

    The Mad Scots

  22. We dpn't know much about that convenia except that it is what Phantom got yesterday after his lump removal. It is supposed to be a two week antibiotic. We hope Prancer Pie responds well to whatever the vet can do for him. Phantom too has a very sensitive tummy so we will be watching carefully for any news you gather about the effects of that convenia.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  23. We are sending tons of purrs and prayers to you Prancer. We sure hope you feel all better really soon. Take care

  24. dood...pleez tell yur mom ta reed thiz link;


    az thiz vet explains it in full dee tail for ewe...

    we purrsonally will NEVER...NEVER allow it on a trouter now, or in de few chure.....ever again....ever

    can we pleez say sauce wuz ...knot good.....but after de dam convenia injection.....a month later well, ewe noe de rest.... we iz knot tryin ta scare ewe...just bee in truth full :(

    and link heer for hyperthyroidism


    veree help full with their info

    prancer...dood...we iz beyond sorree that ya gotta go thru this...yur mom two...its de werst...trust uz, we noe....

    askin R pal St Francis ta pull out ALL STOPS N send mega blessings asap


  25. You have my love and you are in my thoughts. I am so praying for your boy to be well xx

  26. We are definitely purring and praying for Prancer. You are probably at the vet right now. We sure hope it's going okay...


  27. This must be so very hard on all of you. :(

    The mommy feels so badly for your mommy. Not to make this about our mommy or anything, but hers knows all too well about dealing with sick kitties (Carmine gets sick a lot and Jewel has CRF), so if your Mommy ever needs to talk, wants a shoulder to cry on, or just wants a hug, hers can contact our mommy at: fureverywhere [at] gmail [dot] com. The mom says she'll be happy to give your mommy her cell phone info in an e-mail if hers wants it, too.

    Please give your mommy lots of rumbly purrs, Princeton. We know this is hard on you, too, so you and your Mommy will have to pull together and be strong for Prancer. We know it is hard and stressful.

    We are sending our loudest rumbly purrs to you all. We loves you all and hope that Prancer will be okay. Lots of love and hugs and prayers coming your way, too.

    Purrs, love, and hugs,
    Carmine, Milita, Jewel, and Mom Sierra

  28. Oh no, we hate to hear this terrible news...We are purring loudly and praying for precious Prancer Pie to get well asap=for good this time...Sending love and hugs to your Mommy, we know she is doing everything she can for her sweet boy...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  29. Many many purrs and prayers and good thoughts and whatever else we can do to help!

  30. We know we are posting this comment about Convenia late, and that sweet P.P. has gone to the bridge, but Convenia,, because it stays in the system so long, is very risky for cats with kidney or liver disease and if IBD was a underlying possibility, then pancreatitis and liver disease could have been a complicating factor. But blood work for organ function and liver function should have indicated if things weren't good for using something like Convenia...