September 21, 2015

We Got Mail On Tuxie Tuesday

 We got a delivery today.
Mom ripped it open and we two kits went crazy.
(We realize one of these kits is NOT a tuxie, but he begged to be in this post.)

It was from those luscious ladycats, TRUFFLE AND BRULEE
over at Sweet Purrfections.
We won TWO hair removal rollers.
The box they were in had lots of wonderful smells on it.
Some kitteh was overly zealous...

For some silly reason our Mommy was over-the-moon about this win.
You would think she wants to remove our furs from her clothing or 
something stoopid like that.

Thank you so much to Mom Paula, Truffle, and Brulee.
These will definitely be used.

Happy Tuxie Tuesday efurrybody and remember:  US TUXIES RULE!
Purrs, y'all.


  1. Yeah, what is it with humans and lint rollers? My human treats the ones here like valuable commodities!

  2. Remove your hurs?
    You'll have to work extra hard to put more furs around.
    Mom thinks this is a pawsome win :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Those will be really useful! The head peep never has enough of those things.

  4. YEAH! MY mommy would have been too because for some reason she keeps removing my gleaming warm furs from our BED!!!!

  5. Mum is always getting our furs off the bed - you'd have thought she would know by now that it's a waste of time!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  7. Concatulations ! Can you imagine that our Mum has not even one of those rollers ? Purrs

  8. Our Mom has those rollers everywhere. Even in the car!

  9. I see some of those things around here too but I am not sure why!

  10. Very cool! Those hair rollers are very useful! ConCATs on the win!

  11. Humans think those rollers are useful, but we kitties know they are only effective for a short time. We always make sure our humans clothing is full of our hair/furs. hehehe

    Emma and Buster

  12. We think Mom would need a super supser super-sized one of those rollers to handle all our furs:) Great pressie - get busy, Mom.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. I think this is definitely something that humans go crazy about! Can't see the attraction myself! Mol

  14. ConCats, we fawt those was purretty neat too.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  15. guys....way awesum prize...conga ratz two ewe on de awesum box & conga ratz two yur food gurl sayz thoze toyz R de best thing sinz de toaster !! ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  16. Always a fun day when the mailman brings you something. Congrats on your win.
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday to help me celebrate my Gotcha Day. It was so nice seeing you. Hope you had a good time at the party.

  17. I can see why Mom was happy, but treats would have been better.

  18. We won some of those too. The mom was really thrilled about it. We just loved the little box. ;)

  19. So glad you received the rollers. You can definitely thank EverCare Pet Rollers because they are the one who allowed us to host the giveaway. We can't do without the rollers at our house.

  20. I can't believe your mom would want to REMOVE your furs from her clothes and furniture! Doesn't she realize how much time, energy and expertise goes into properly placing all that fur?
    ; )