February 14, 2016

Mancat Monday Celebrations

Happy Singles Awareness Day, kittehz!
It's a day for us single kittehz to relish in the fact that we're not tied down,
we're foot loose and fancy free.

It's also Presidents Day for us here in the U.S.
I'm not a president,  more of the dictator type Mommy says,
but it seems to be a good enough reason to celebrate that, too!

On top of all that - it's Mancat Monday!
I've staked out a claim on the Mommy's cushion to celebrate all these occasions.
All this celebrating seems to have worn me out.

Happy Monday effurrybody and purrs, y'all!


  1. Yo, Princeton! I too am a single Boy, pawloose and fancy-free, and as a King I consider myself quite undemocratic. And Precious? There is plent of room for you in the purple bed--I can scrunch over and make space. There *is* more of me than there used to be--but I'm a good snuggler! XOXOXO

  2. I may not be single but I am loyal in my love, and I am a true mancat at heart (as I think you know), so I join in the cushion thievery. And any day is worth celebrating for those reasons.

  3. We are all single in our house. We didn't know there was an awareness day!

  4. We are all unattached and free and happy here! Well, except for the humans - they're happy but not the rest of it.

  5. Princeton! Hi there Pal! Missed ya.

    Katie Isabella

  6. Princeton, the expression on your face is priceless. You are adorable! So many things to celebrate today. You may like being single, but we also think you'd find it very nice to have a girlfriend. Just saying! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. We're all singles and loving it too.
    We especially like having mum home today :)
    It's Heritage Day in Nova Scotia.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. These are all excellent things to celebrate. We will join in on the celebrations with you!!!

  9. Mew mew mew Princeton yur face sayss it ALL!!!! ;)
    Happy Purresident'ss Day to you an thee gang!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  10. Princeton you're looking quite Presidential there!

  11. I didn't know so much was happening today.

  12. Wow, so much to celebrate today! And we're with you, Princeton, about being single. It's best to be paw-loose and fancy free! ~Wally & Ernie

  13. Why, Princeton, you look positively kingly!

  14. Quite a day! I hear it's also Family Day! Maybe we should just call it Happy Everything Day!