September 22, 2011

Frazzled Friday

Me,Prancer Pie, takin it all in stride.
Well, kittehz, here's the devastatin news. The kitten is here to stay, at MY house.**sigh** I'm just exhausted. This is no kind of a life fur a mature mancat such as myself. At least the weather is cooler and we had sum rain part of the day. That made fur sum good nappin. We furgot to mention that Dad is home fur two weeks (Yay!) after knee surgery (Boo!). We just luf it when all the beans are together. You might ask yourselves, "howz that workin out wif a crazed kitteh on the loose wif a dad on crutches?" Well, how in the Hello Kitteh do you think?!? Mommy locks the little critter up at night so we can all get sum much needed rest.

Is efurryone posting about Less Adoptable Pet Week? There are sum good stories out there. One of the kittehz that came befur us was FIV. Mommy says he was a great mancat. Great post today at Cats of Wildcatwoods. Click on their name and hop ofur and visit them and learn about Cobbie. Happy Friday efurryone and purrs, ya'll.


  1. Yeah, take the high road...or the high chair (bed?)...that's what we had to do when the dawgs moved in...we envy you the fact that you only have a kitten to live with cuz life with dawgs is for the dawgs!! They are noisy and smelly and have to put their noses EVERYWHERE! And these dang dawgs can even jump to high places...Stay up there...don't come down until you get as much out of it as you can (in the form of chicken, treats, ham and all sorts of loving'!) Hey, a mancat has to do what a mancat has to do...I know, I'm good at doing mancat things!! hehehe!! Thanks for your purrs, they really meant a lot to me, Lautrec (and, of course, Tiny and, uh...was there someone else here...naw...can't think of anyone else.)

  2. Purrhaps if you encourage the kitten to be naughty your mom will shut him in another room earlier.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We feel your pain! But maybe ya'll will end up being great furriends. PS: We hope your Dad recovers quickly.

  4. Oh mom has threatened me with a kitten sisfur but I told her I am going to be 14 nest minth and don't put me thru that right now. She concurred.Thank you so much for coming to see me while I was in the hospital. xoxoxox

  5. Prancer you are a better kitty than me..I know for a fact I would never ever accept another kitty here. PERIOD!!!
    Get well wishes to Dad
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Well, take it from me, just give the little one some time...and some of your expert knowledge and you'll get along just fine! Hope you have a restful weekend!!!

  7. If the kitten is staying you might want to keep your tail curled up out of the way.
    We hope your dad is recovering well from his surgery.

  8. I've really enjoyed all the posts about less adoptable cats this week too! Don't know what to tell you about that kitten. I'm just glad it's not here with me!

  9. Oh! A Baby Brother! Just like I was! Prancer, Man Cat Monday is my birthday pawty!
    I am going to be one year old. Nellie says I am almost an OK brother now.
    Please come (You can leave the baby at home if you want)

  10. Kittens...oh, I LOVE kittens! I'll come over and kittensit any time...

    Yr Manny, Tiny Johnson

  11. Prancer Pie--I like how you're hangin' out on that stool. OK. so you posted this last Friday--and your picture is getting me ready for this Friday. The new kitten get the jest who IS boss!