September 2, 2011

Friday Furcast and About A Snake




Thank cod it's Friday! Prancer Pie here with our Friday Furcast. We might be gettin a break from this dreaded heat kittehz! Mebbe as soon as this weekend! Mom and Dad and all the beans are talkin bout it. We hopes so. When it's nice outside, even us inside kittehz want to frisk more.

What do you kittehz think about my photos? Mom thought the last one was so funny she just had to add it! It looks like i haf human arms! MOL! We almost didn't get to post at all, cuz, Dad had to kill a (poisonous) snake on the front walk and Mommy is so afraid, that she gets all worked up. It was a water moccasin. It was about 3 feet long and it was thick! When Dad got the gun, we kittehz knew to go UTB! Precious was the only kitteh that came out and wanted to go sniff things out and snoopervise. Figures. Mommy didn't want any of those pictures on our bloggie. Sorry if we offended any snake lovers. Mommy is going to put the cold rag back on her head. (bless her heart) We hopes efurry one has a great weekend. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. Snakes?? YIKES!!!!!! And DOUBLE YIKESSSSSSS!!!!
    My SS used to live in the country and there were quite a few of them. She was (still is) really scared of them because they were poisonous. She did not have guns and had to call for help.

    Thanks for coming to my party. Hope you had a good time.

  2. My human loves NON-poisonous snakes, but if she saw a rattlesnake (the poisonous kind we get here), she would be slamming a shovel on his head (mainly because a) we do not have a gun, and b) she is not a great shot, even if we did have one). Our safety comes first, even the safety of that dumb dog, who is the only one around here who is allowed outside.

  3. Our mom doesn't mind non-poisonous snakes...We don't think we have poisonous ones in our area--not native to our area, anyway. We bet that was pretty scary, even scarier that your dad had to shoot it. Poor thing. We know you can't have it around, but of course it was just trying to live its life and do its snake thing. Sometimes it's hard when humans have taken over the planet!

  4. You live in an exciting place with such savage beasts, Prancer!

    We love the photos. Just don't know why you don't like her taking them!

    The Chans

  5. I hope you have a wonderful, and snake-free weekend!!!

  6. The pictures are wonderful and thank you for not showing a picture of the snake.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Snakes?! Poisonous snakes?! Egad! I would've been UTB faster than you could say "snake". It's a good thing your daddy was able to take care of it. It gives me shivers just thinking about it.

    We love the photos too. It's clear that you don't want to be photographed. We give our Mommy that look a lot.

  8. Prancer we finally here after a morning of not internets....
    OMC we don't like snakes or anything that crawls..well except human babies..MOL
    Dad had to kill a copperhead in our yard in July. Dang hot weather!!
    I hope your weekend is good,
    Hugs Madi

  9. erg...Our Mommy does the snake duty around here...sad but it's gotta be done.

    Prancer, do your arms have thumbs? That might make you a God you know!

  10. Oh dear...Heather feels a bit faint as well. (I'm okay, I'm made of tougher stuff!) Do you get a lot of poisonous snakes around your area?

  11. I love the pictures! We haf copperheads around here and they all camed out after the earthquake. I am glad that snake didn't get you!

  12. Oh my! Aren't those snakes quite poisony? We're lucky--we've never seen a snake and in all the time my mom has been here, neither has she!

  13. We wuz your pictures! They made us and Mumsy smile real big! We bee afraids of dat snakes too! Wee glad your CatDaddy shooted it! If it bees not poison-on-us, our CatDaddy movers it away. But if it bees poison-on-us... He gets it dead to protector us and Mumsy!

    (((hugs))) everyone!