April 23, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

You remember those chocolate pinwheel cookies?  I is one. MOL!

Hi ya'll. Precious here on your Tuxie Tuesday.  I've been "holding down the fort" while efurrybody got the sicks.  Postin, pacin the floors, eatin the leftovers, are just a few of the extra chores I've had.  Mommy says that suspiciously enuff, I haf been a little angel while Princess and Prancer haf been sick.  I'm ready to get back to my normal self! Even Mommy says she misses it a little. Now, here's the Prancer Pie report:

Mommy here. Prancer Pie spent almost all of today out from UTB.  He is coming for his meals now, too. Today, he got down with his silvervine pillow and bunny-kicked it a little and gave it sum biteys.  I know it will take time, but am ecstatic with his progress. Thank you again fur all those get well wishes.

Efurrybody haf a great Tuesday and remember: TUXIES RULE !!!


  1. Precious, you are a good kid. We're glad to hear about Prancer's progress!

  2. Good job Precious. And MOM and I are very happy all are returning to health.

  3. Great Job! Yous and Kozmo is great cat nurses!

  4. We are glad everyone is getting back to their normal routine. I bet Precious needs some time to rest after all that work!

  5. Precious, It is really, really nice of you to have kept your true nature in check during this crisis, but it seems that Princess and Prancer are really well on the road to recovery, so I think you can start being bad again. I love it when you're bad.

    Mommy: We are thrilled every day to get such wonderful reports about your Boy!

  6. Yay for Prancer! And as for you, Precious, it sounds like you need to get back to your normal self too! Angelic? C'mon, that is SO not you!

  7. Precious, it was so good (what are we sayin'?) of you to deny your nature and act the angel while those two were so sick. We think mommy did appreciate it. Now, however, BACK TO NORMAL, yeah!

    We are so happy that Prancer has made such steady progress. It's all due to Mommy's excellent care and the Prance's natural strength! We's still purrin'.

    Laura & Taffy

  8. Precious, you're doing a great job keeping us posted with Prancer and Princess are sick.

    I'm sure you'll all be back to your old selves in no time!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Precious, we hope you get some rest now, after all that extra work you had to do.
    And Prancer! We're really happy you're definitely on the road to a full recovery. Keep going!

  10. How good are you Precious, doing all those nice things. Not long now and you can get back to playing properly. Yay Prancer, glad you are doing so well. Simba has the sickies now, but he seems a bit better this morning :)xx

  11. Princess...you are a true Tuxie girl, and now, it's time to spread your toesies, flex those back legs and pouce on someone..reperat and repeat again. Have some funs. xoxoxox

  12. What an adorable pic of you, Precious! You have been such a good girl not to give MOm any trouble while she has been so busy caring for the other kitties.

    Great news on Prancer Pie - keep it going now.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Well Precious, it is strategically important to take advantage f such situations!

    Prancer, you bunny-kick away!!!

    The Chans

  14. You are a pretty Precious pinwheel! I am so happy to hear that Prance is on the mend!!!!!!

  15. Precious we know how good you were to give up your time to hold the fort while Prancer was sick. Now you can tell everyone how you behaved so selflessly while your family sat back and watch you do all the work.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Such good news! Soon, Prancer will be back to his old self and then, you'll be able to get back to yours, too. You've been such a good sister, filling in for him like that but I don't blame you for wanting a bit of rest & relaxation now. You deserve it, I think.

  17. Precious! You need to get down to some X-Treme naughtiness! Want any help?

  18. Give my sweet Prancer a gentle nose tap and Precious we are proud of you for showing your true good side.
    Hugs Madi

  19. Precious you were a tuxie champ!
    We are glad you were able to take up the extra duties so well and execute them so fabulously.
    AND we are just over the moon that Prancer is doing so great.

  20. I'm sooooooo glad for Prancer's progress! YAY!
    And Precious that is just PRECIOUS!!!

  21. Precious, you deserve a really long nap for all the fort holding down you've been doing. We're happy Prancer seems to be on the road to recovery!!

  22. Precious I am so proud of you for taking such good care of everything adn we are so happy to hear that Prancer is doing better.

    we will still keep on sending hugs


  23. You doo look like a cookie!

    Precious, plz thank Mom for the update on Prancer Pie. We are do happy dat him is bettur.

    Katie Kitty Too.

  24. Precious, it's good for the humans to keep them guessing! We glad you making them suspicious! Good on you for holding down the fort!