January 5, 2012

Finally Friday - Anudder Day Trip

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Mommy finally gets to show efurrybody her Fort Smith National Cemetery pics.  We thinks you will agree it is very stunning.  Many, many hoomans, social groups, veterans and such, come out to put these wreaths on each and efurry grave of military service people.  The effect is stunning.

The cemetery has a rich history that Mom won't go into. It has been there fur about 200 years and does haf several notable purrsons in history interred there. (anyone hear of Judge Isaac Parker?)  Mommy doesn't think the pics do it justice. It was beautiful and lots of hoomans were visiting the graves and walking around the beautiful 32 acres the cemetery sits on. 

We are all gonna get our easy on tomorrow.  Mom's cleaning today, that means the sucky beast is out. Doesn't bother me.  Mine Mommy would nefur let it get her little man.  Happy Friday and purrs, ya'll.


  1. Those wreaths iz beyootiful. It is good to a-member those who served our country.

    The sucky monster? ::shudder:: I cannot get UTB fast enough when it comes out.

    But do you know what, PP? One of the Kitties Who Came Before used to like the Human to vacuum his furs RIGHT ON HIS BODY!!! I mean, how crazy is THAT? She said he luubed it! He'd roll right over so his tummy could be vacuumed also!

  2. What a beautiful resting place and how lovely these folk are never forgotton. I bet the colours were absolutely stunning from the wreaths.
    Enjoy snopervising the cleaning, its such a hard job making sure these hoomans do a good job huh :)xx

  3. Beautiful but tragic. How can humans do these things to each other ? THis is very sad that there have to be places like that. Why can't humans just tussle and wrassle and accept someone is boss! ?

  4. Prancer, your mommy's pictures are beautiful and made quite an impact on Julie in a way that anything military does. Her father and two brothers served.

    Thank you for sharing them. I'm glad she had a nice day to visit.

    Have a good weekend!

    Tom, mom Julie & Mittens

  5. What a lovely resting place - we hope that all fighting will stop but as one war ends another seems to take its place. Such a waste of young lives.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. It's nice that your mom shared these photos of such a beautiful and peaceful place. Makes me want to nap.

  7. What a lovely final tribute to our military!
    Sucky monster?? We have tile floors, so we only have a tiny sucky monster. And it's not really scary.
    Mom also had a kitty who liked to be vaccuumed. Very weird.

  8. moving shots. happy new year.. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  9. Prancer thank you for sharing these stunning pictures of Fort Smith...you Mom captured each section perfectly.

    Sucky monsters are noisy and invasive but as long as we seek higher ground we are ok.
    Hugs Madi

  10. What lovely pictures! Thanks for the history lesson. We love history.

    Happy Friday to you too!

  11. Mommy likes cemetaries, too.

    We do not trust our Mommy with the sucky monster. Not one bit.

  12. We have several Veterans cemeteries in area, and we are always so moved with the way different groups make sure that every single one of them have a wreath. Those were great pictures.

  13. That's very nice that they put out those wreaths. They did that here in my state (MT), and someone stole all of them!!

    I'm glad the suck monster doesn't bother you, I wish some of that bravado would rub off on my 3 kitties, they are terrified of the thing.