January 8, 2012

That Mancat Of Mine

Feel free to admire those tootsies. - Prancer
Hi furriends, Prancer here on Mancat Monday.  We is still operating on what little battery power we has left on the Mommy's laptop.  Hopefully she gets her cord today.  Mommy says she is gonna guard it carefully.  She'll haf too, cuz that Princeton is one slick kitteh. MOL!

We all has a sad today cuz the handsum Lolo runned off to the bridge.  Be sure to stop by his blog and give his Mom sum purrs. Click HERE to visit them.

Haf a pawsome day and purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - shortly after this pic was taken, I was smothered in Mommy kisses. (i luf that woman)


  1. It occurs to us that most computer cables hang down. What about attaching them UP high on the wall?

  2. Paws crossed that the new cord stays intact!

    We too are very sad about Lautrec.

  3. Prancer you are such a tease...those handsome tootsies are so close but so far...
    Mom and I are heading over to Lolo's..we knew he was a senior kitty but we didn't know he was sick
    Hugs Madi

  4. Our mom says she sees why you were smothered in kisses after that. :-)

    Yes, it was terrible news that Lolo had passed. The only blessing is that he's not suffering anymore--but that's not much comfort for his family.

  5. We've been smothered a lot today too... So sad about sweet Lolo. We loved that boy.

    Here's hoping the cord lives! At one point, the Beebs was killing mouse cords at a frightening rate. Thankfully, he has now stopped.

    The Chans

  6. We hope your Mom's battery hangs on for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Yous guys has a marvelous Mommy! Gotta love all thise improptue kissing.

  8. We're glad your Mom gave you TONS of smoochies! Paws crossed that the new laptop cord comes soon. Maybe it should be charged in a closed room...our Mommy has to do that with her cell phone!

  9. My mom would totally kiss on those toes!

  10. Prancer I can see why your Mom gave you lots of kisses, you are irresistible.We hope she got her cable today!


  11. Toesies! We love Toesies!
    Please stay away from the new cord when it arrives. We want you to get more kissies for being good!

  12. Handsome..so handsome and very content!

  13. Prancer, we can see why you got smothered with Mommy kisses!

  14. The Human is nibblin on your toes, PP. She LOVES toesies!

    Purrs for Lolo's family.