January 23, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday or Tea-mageddon

Let's play more peek-a-boo in this box, Mom.

Cheesin fur the flashy box. I like to stick my nose to it. MOL!

Playin run your finger round the back of the chair and i'll bitey it.

Daddy given me lufs after playtime or the bum of disrespect.

OMC Mom, the smell of your shoe is makin me cross-eyed!
 Hi furriends, it's me, Precious wif your Tuxie Tuesday.  Well, that little rugrat Princeton, is still stealin my thunder.  He found three, used, family size tea bags on the counter last night.  Mommy puts them on her eyes after brewing tea.  We woke to Tea-mageddon, furriends.  Mommy says tea was scattered from he--, to breakfast!  Why, oh why, didn't I think of that??? 

Mommy has been trying to spend more time wif me, so I will mebbe quit doin terrible things.  I haf quit alot of them.  Stalk and terrorize is still my favorite game.  Princeton is gettin old enuff to start giving it back to me, though.  He does seem determined to unsurp my pawsition as homewrecker.  He just better remember one thing:  TUXIES RULE!  Purrs, ya'll.


  1. The only time we see teabags is when they are in the compost bucket. They are all wet and among icky vegable scraps!

  2. Prancer, we think it is ok to let your outrageousness shine through! We never tried that chair-bitey game before.... does it bite back??!

  3. Precious as always, you gots it goin' on for sure! I hopes you have some good quality time with your Mommy this week and that it is an awesome week for all you kitties.

  4. Nobody here drinks tea, unfortunately - that trick of Princeton's sounds awesome!

  5. You are one of our favourite tuxies, Precious! We always luff to read your adventures

  6. Well, I have to say your human is one of the smarter ones to have figured out that kitties don't do discipline, we just sometimes need special attentions. Love your crossed eyes!

  7. Morning Precious..tea bags scattered from he-- to breakfast. That cracked us up!! Maybe Princeton was trying to form his very on Tea Party.

    Hugs from your BFF,

  8. Precious, we hope the extra time with your mom does help. It can be really hard to adjust to a newcomer...the interloper. Our angel Annie never really did adjust, unfortunately, but we certainly hope that won't be the same in your case.

    As for the tea bags...The mom laughed and laughed, but only because it hasn't happened to her. :-P

  9. That's a great way to start a tea party!
    Efurryone needs more loving, Precious, you will get yours. Give mom and dad a chance!

  10. You are totally adorable Precious!!!!!! Our mama likes your mommy's sleepers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to y'all.

  11. Mumlkaughed about the tea bags - she always drops our straight in the bin after being caught out once!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx x

  12. hehehehe from here to breakfast...that was so funny.OOPS we didn't mean to tell your Mommie that.
    Let us know the next time you wanna have a tea party though we'd like to join in.

  13. Tea-mageddon is INSPIRED! Precious, you and Princeton ought to have a detante and JOIN FORCES. Can you imagine the awfulness?

  14. Dear Precious!
    I think you are adorable! You and I could Wreck much havoc together, a Dynamic Tuxi Duo of Doom!

  15. Tea-maggedon! What a riot! That Princeton!

  16. Princeton is making you look like the good kitty, Precious!

  17. It looks like you have lots of great games that you like to play with your people!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. Oh noos, brofur Princeton tearing tea bags while you're being a good boy. Keep playing wif Mommy and stay outta mischief.
    xoxo Kassey