January 7, 2012

Who Knew?

Hi furriends, Princeton here.  Daddy taked a picture of me and the Mommy while we were snoozin.  He left the camera next to Mommy's easy chair, so when she woke, she knew sumthin was up.  I, of course, furever alert, (hahameow) knew what he was up to.  You will note that my leg is almost touching the floor.  I'm flexible like that.  This is how we are gettin our easy on today. 

We probably won't be visitin much, as I just chewed up my second power cord.  Two in a week.  That's not all i've chewed up this week, but that's a later post.  Who Knew I would be a Cat From Hell??

Purrs to all of ya'lls.  Hope you haf an easy Sunday.


  1. We are lovin' that picture. You are flexible for sure...we had to giggle when we saw your leg hanging down. You watch out chewing those power cords we miss you when you can't post a blog. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Dood, I hope you're unplugging the cords before commencing with the nomming thereof... Just to be safe ;)

  3. Oh Little Princeton! You nobviously need better toys, right? Send you Humans out shopping right away! If only they'd buy you eleventy seven new toys, you wouldn't have to chew that cord! Their fault, Man, their fault!

    Do you know what? We thinked that was your TAIL hanging down like that! Ha ha ha!!

  4. Princeton, normally I would not care if you did things to inconvenience your humans because that doesn't usually matter much anyway, but those cords? First off, it keeps you and the rest of your crew from visiting the rest of us, and secondly, one of these days you might give yourself an unpleasant shock! So you need to watch what you are wrecking!

  5. Princeton, chewing is good and we do it too but not the cord thingys that go to mom's 'puter. We needs access to our online pals. You need some better chewing stuff.

    We love your flexibility!

  6. Look how sweet you are! You couldn't possibly ever be trouble.

  7. What a cute photo.
    You looks really comfortable, too.
    But then, you's gotted one leg almost on tha floor, just in case... you need to move fast!!!
    Love & Purrs,

  8. That is an excellent sleeping position for showing off your fancy stripes. It looks pretty comfy too. I don't want to alarm you, but I see some toe monsters that may need to be attacked immediately. My brofur Clarence who is 8 months old went through a cord chewing phase too, but he has moved on to just chewing on our brofur Ambrose instead. That pleases me.

  9. It's so wonderful to sleep with mammy! Wonderful picture!
    purrs, love and a nice Sunday !
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  10. Oh NO! Not another power cord!

    Interesting sleeping position...

    The Chans

  11. Well, all that chewing musta wore you out, Princeton! You look pretty comfy there.

    (Your mom needs to get those cord protectors...our mom had to do that because Ernie chews cords too...he chewed the TV cord, the coffee pot cord and the phone cord! Mom finally learned her lesson and got some cord protectors.)

  12. Princeton...what exactly is it that you found so tasty on power cords? If you don't behave you'll be wearing a muzzle. Maybe you need a raw hide to chew on.
    Very very puzzing.
    Hugs from a distance..as I don't want you chewing on me,

  13. Lesson 1: stop chewing power cords to the puter. We want to read about more of you!
    Lesson 2: chew the tv cords so that the beans pay more attention to you. MOL
    Lesson 3: Snuggling is always a very good idea. But you already know that one.

  14. Princeton, I think you should chew up some shoes and stuff instead!

  15. Dear Princeton
    Way to go! You IS a Cat From Hell!
    Me thinks yous should send me a picture of you and me will make yous a Cat From Hell badge!
    penelope dot catfromhell at gmail dot com

  16. Princeton do you need to share the Confessional Cube with Precious or is it excessive kittiness energy that is causing the chew chew chewing of cords.

  17. What is this obsession with cords when the REAL topic should be your Mom's jammy bottoms...STYLIN'!!!

  18. They need some training about not leaving tasty stuff like that just laying around to nom on.
    What a cute picture of you, we thought that leg was tail too!

  19. Haha great pic for a naughty kitty ;o)
    You are too adorable though!!!

  20. Princeton! You MUST cease this action. I told you Admiral did that too..but eventually she stopped and it was the phone cord. Mom will have to shut the computer room up and keep the door closed except when she is in it till you learn some kitten manners. And yes, you are adorable!


    Mom Carole

    PEE ESS! You will never ever believe the word verification! CABLE!!

  21. We think you're adorable, but we agree with effurybuddy else - stop chewing cords. You could get really hurt doing that.

    The Florida Furkids

  22. We loved the picture!

    But, yer Beins really ought to get some cable protectors so that ya dont ZAP yerself straight ta the Bridge without so much as a Fare-Thee-Well...

  23. Hey Princeton, Have you met Allred (Devil Cat) seein how you think you might be a cat from Hell.

    Livin with Allred (Devil Cat, Spawn of Satan) I am pretty sure, you are not even close.

    Besides, you look innocent to me.


  24. Oh Princeton, you naughty baby. Stop chewing out the cords. Hehehe, well at least don't get caught.

    Emma and Buster

  25. It's fun to be a cat from hell - why do the humans always complain??
    -From one Princeton to another