July 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Our Glogirly and Katie swag.

Prancer Pie makin sure the box was empty.

3 paw taps means he approves.

A sweet note accompanied it.

Even Precious got in on the action!

Is there anything else in there? We just realized Mom didn't get a pic of the pens! Sorry!

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Remember a couple of days ago we told you we got a package from KATIE AND GLOGIRLY?  Mom entered our names in their contest and we won the bag and pens!  Our Mommy is over the moon fur this adorable bag.  We were over the moon for the Tuna Temptations they sent us!  Thanks so much KATIE AND GLOGIRLY!  We think that we're the lucky ones fur haffin such great furriends!

Be sure and stop by the AUCTION FOR MISS STELLA.  She had to have her toe removed after injuring it and there are some great items to bid on or you can just donate to the chip-in. This just in:  KATNIP LOUNGE is havin a commentathon, so rush over a leave a comment and their Mommy will donate .50 fur efurry comment.  One per blog, please.

Efurrybody have a great Thankful Thursday and stay cool.  Purrs, ya'll.


  1. OMD I love the tote!! ConCatsulation! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  2. We love the bag! Oui Oui says it would be fun to sleep in too, a little like camping out!

  3. Oh yes! This bag definitely looks like a sleeping bag for the kitties. The Human does not need it and should not have it. Whose picture is on it, I ask you???

    We're going to go look at the auction later! XOXOXO

  4. YAY!!!!
    We're so glad everything arrived safely and you're loving the loot! ...we suspect there may be some arm and paw wrestling going on for the bag!

    Glogirly just LOVES hers. She's carrying it with her everyday. : )

    We just LOVE your pics too!!!

    Katie & Glogirly

  5. You got really really cool stuff! Lucky you!

  6. My human saw that tote in person at BlogPaws - your human is so lucky! And so are you kitties!

  7. Wow, that sure is a beautiful bag. We think you could get at least 2 kitties in there :)xx

  8. Temptations, a bag, a box - what heaven. What a gift. We hope you enjoy!

  9. You gots super prizes! Especially those Temptations and that box!

  10. I want dat bag...I luv's pink..It's great gettin prezzies :)
    Have a great day, enjoy yor bag!!
    hugs Mollie
    mollie and alfie

  11. I'll head right over there and congratulations on the Glogirly swag! xox

  12. WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE AND FUN GIFT. Your Mom will get a ton of use out of the pretty tote.

    Hugs and purrs heading over to visit the links
    Hugs Madi your BFFF and Mom

  13. Hey pal - congrats on being the super prize winner. Quite a haul you made.

  14. Congratulations! The tote bag is pawsome!

  15. Oh wow!!! Yay for such a brilliant win from gorgeous Katie!! Awwww and three taps of approval!! Wonderful! take care

  16. Fabulous! That is just fabulous, we know how fabulous Miss Katie stuff is, did you see where we thought this was fabulous??


  17. What a cool tote bag! We won the notecards from Katie and Glogirly and we got them the other day. They are awesome!!

  18. Now that is some cool loot! Me thinks that bag is PURRFECT!
    We has donated a custom portrait (by our Mommy) to help out Ms Stella.
    Now me must goes to the Katnip Lounge.
    Excuse me please

  19. Those are very nice gifts you received. I bet kitties enjoyed the box more! I hope nobody peed on anything!