December 19, 2012

Thursday's Thunder and Lightning

 Here's a little clue as to what we were doin late Wednesday.

Prancer Pie
 It was 72 degrees Fahrenheit earlier in the day.  Boy, were we kittehz enjoyin that weather.

Precious (miffed as always)
 But alas, all good things must come to an end.  **sighs**

Princess in her heated cat cup.  Look closely to the right baseboard to see another of Princeton's messes.
We are having strong storms roll through now.  (That's why we are posting early.)  But we are thankful for the warmth earlier in the week.  Hello, old man winter!  We hope our furriends in Kansas and up north are braced for that blizzard.  Stay warm and snuggle your kittehz (and woofies).   Purrs, y'all. 

Pee Ess - We are so saddened by JUNIOR leavin for the Rainbow Bridge.  Be sure to visit his Mom by clicking on his name.


  1. Stay warm kitties! Even if you gotta steal human body heat!

  2. You are going from 72 to a STORM!? Wow! We are going from sorta cold (40s to low 60s) to... well, pretty much the same for a while.

  3. We could use a little warm around here, right now. Me don't mind the snow as the temperature is usually around 32 degrees and we get a ton of snow, but today it is really really cold!

  4. A storm ? Yuck. Well, we have -20¨C this morning which is -4 in your units so it's far too cold to go outside.
    Stay cosy!

  5. Its nice & warm where you are! We are thankful its been in the 50's here. Especially since we didn't have any heats for a few days. The nights were colder, but not too bad. Thank Cod, no snow yet.

  6. Stay warm and safe kitties and Chi chi!

  7. Keep warm furry kitten friends. It's about 11 degrees at my house. I think I might need a heated cat cup. Do they make them in Goose size?

  8. Hope you get thru the storm okay.

    I really like that heated cat cup, but I might be too big for it.

  9. Prance Pie, you really need to learn how to relax!

    We visited Jr. And sent our love's too.

    MS Stella O Houligan

  10. We hopes you get through the storm with no loss of power so the cat cup will not get cold. We are getting noisy winds right now up to 51 mph gusts. We just stay close to Mama and that way we don't get scared.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Georgia and Adam

  11. Here we have 28 F = BRR !
    I´m sleeping all day in mom and dad´s warm bed :)
    Have a great thursday !

  12. I have set up tent for a kitty high tea if you would like to join me in my lilac garden.

  13. Sounds really bad weather,
    We can see from your faces!!!
    We will have bad weather soon this Saturday!!!

  14. A storm, stay safe and warm to you all :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. That cat cup looks lovely and snug. You look after yourselves while the weather is cold.

  16. OOoh! We hadz some of those boomies last night too! And we woke up to SNOW! Blowing hard! Blizzard is right - Brrrrrrrrrr.....

  17. So sorry about your friend Junior - very sad.

    We got snow and wind and more wind and more wind. We even had thunder and lightning before the snow came. We probably only got about two inches but with the wind it is hard to tell. It isn't very much but we snow dogs are loving it.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Crazy weather - we are going to get high winds and cold!!!

    We were very sad to hear about Junior also.

    cats of wildcat woods

  19. We hear the t-storms are headed here for later today and night and possibly strong winds.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  20. 72 degres??? Wow! You could almost wear a bikini!
    ; ) Katie

  21. That storm which rolled through earlier on you? Well it's here with us now. We had 82 degrees today. It's supposed to be only 50 tomorrow, suppose to have our first freeze tomorrow night. Momma gotta move all her plants into the greenhouse.(we'll snoopverise)

  22. We had a windy night last night and it was furry scary! Stay safe and warm kitties!

  23. we will be thinking of you guys and hope you stay warm through the blizzard. we shall send some special pibble toots to keep your pack warm.
    we are sorry to hear about junior
    pibble sniffles
    Brinks and Bella

  24. We hope you all are safe and sound from your storms. And we hope you were able to sleep through them!!

  25. Dear Cats,

    Did you survive the storm? My Cat named Jericho does not like storms. She hides under the covers on the people's bed. As long as she's not in my bed I don't mind.

    Do you hide when it storms?


  26. Stay warm and safe my friends, those storms are sure scary. We were heartbroken to hear about sweet Junior.

  27. We LOVE hearin rain on the roof here. But we DONT want it falling outside to make the yard all wet when we go out.

    TBT is laffin at us sayin that but we dont know why. Mebbe he likes it wet outside. Well, HE has shoes, so meebe THATS it...

  28. Hope the storms are over. TW is scared of T-storms.

  29. Bet that heated kitty bed is pawsome! I could use that right now...but I do have our electric blanket on our bed and Dad and Mom turn it on low when I want to nap, so it's all good. Hope those T-storms are done with you guys by now. paw pats, Savannah