December 12, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday - Bad Moon Risin'

Full Moon.

Different shot of moon on same night.

Greetings and salutations from the Confessional.
Hi ya'll.  It's me, Precious, guest postin today.  You know what day that makes this - Tuesday!  I'm only in a little bit of trubble this week.  Tryin to be good fur the fat man in the red suit, if you know what I mean.  Two different times I snuck up on Princeton while he was sleepin the Mom's lap.  A quick whap and he tore outta the Mom's lap!  Hahameow!  Er, I mean, Woops!  Unfortunately, the Mom got the brunt of it.  The first time she got a claw to the eyelid.  ouch!   The second time left her wif bloody racing stripes down her leg . ( I didn't mean to hurt the Mommy, just Princeton.)  Well, we is puttin it off to a full moon this past weekend.  I'm gonna try harder to be good this week.  Promise.  Happy Tuxie Tuesday furriends and remember:  TUXIES RULE!


  1. It was a full moon this past weekend? Hm. Maybe that is why my human was acting so weird.

  2. I can most definitely say that full moons affect us Tuxie's. Oh yes. Apsolutely, positively, for sure. Blame it on that full moon :)xx

  3. Tsk Tsk Tsk is not wise to hurt the hand that feeds you!! Well technically you didn't hurt her ..the kid did! Best watch you ps and qs.
    PS just between you and me I love your tactical sneak up method on gotta show him who is the Queen!!

  4. Oh, Precious...Santa's almost here and you don't want coal in your stocking! At least pretend to behave until the 25th. :-P

  5. Yep, the FM defense works for us, too! Why, I bet ever Santa uses it!

  6. Be very very careful! Save the attacks for after Santy Claws!!

  7. Me loves to whap Kozmo when he is on a lap -that is good! And leaving big scratches priceless!

  8. Hmmmm, Princess.. It sounds to us like you do need to tone it down a bit for the next little while...

    The Chans

  9. Oh Dear Princess,,,, It'z crunch time Darlin... ^..^ Sandtoe Clawz haz already been here checkin on us to see if we'z bein good,,, he efen left a couple of thinz..... ^..^
    (Psssst.... Lolly uzed to blame it on da Faeriez ^..^)
    You Really needz to be Good Girl .... ^..^, no tellin what da man in da Red suit might do.....

  10. Ouchy! Did you take so wild child pills?

  11. Ouch -- racing stripes? Princess you are just like me! I am a feisty little tuxie too. Just be good for Santa Paws!!


  12. Precious a full moon messies with any kitty as it is a wild side. Next week should be much better

  13. Oh that full moon business will get you every time! At least there's no more before Santa, so that will improve your chances! Hope your Mommy heals up quickly, purrs to her.

  14. It's so hard to be good, isn't it, Precious?? Just blame it on the full moon!!

  15. Poor Mom getting clawed by you two. We hope she'll be OK. You kitties be good acause the fat man will soon be here.
    xoxo Kassey