December 19, 2011

Of Mancats and Monkeys on Monday

Manly picture of me, Prancer.

Macaque monkey. Mommy doesn't know the people in this pic.

Princeton, not very manly, but definitely adorable.
Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here on Mancat Monday! Kittehz, I has a story to tell you. My Mom was invited to a 3 yr. old's birthday pawty. (Mom knows her grandma.) So she went. OMC! They had a real live monkey! It was a macaque monkey. Well, the Mom didn't know about the monkey, so when it came in, she started gettin all leaky-eyed. The Mom believes that wild animals are wild animals and is sad when they are asked to perform fur beans enjoyment. This monkey didn't efun know what anudder monkey was and was bought by this couple (who in all fairness were very kind and luffing) when it was 5 days old! It nefur efun got to  be wif it's Mommy. Mommy said it was very sweet, but was very sad out of it's eyes. Prolly from nefur bein in a jungle and bein at a child's pawty. So, the Mommy had anudder sad this weekend.  We luffed on her when she gotted home and made her better. Very mancatly of us.
Hope efurrybody has a great start to Christmas week. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. Poor little monkey must be very confoosed about what it is an why it seems so differnt from evrybody else...

  2. I imagine the monkey thinks he is a hooman. It is nicer to see animals in their right places. Simba thinks he is a dog. I know I am a tiger hee he :)xx

  3. We agree that it's not fair to take a monkey away from its own environment.

    You boys are looking very manly!

    The Chans

  4. At least the monkey doesn't know what it is missing. Still sad, though.

  5. Prancer, you can be our man any time!

    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! Now, make your humans give you extra treats or 'nip from us!

    -Abby Normal

  6. Aw, the poor monkey. Your mom has a tender heart, Prancer.

  7. You two boys just make me want to come right thru..not in a scary way now..and love on both of you right thru the screen. BUT I won't'll just know you two make me smile to see you. xoxoxox

    Mom Carole

    pee ess..I agree..wild animals should be left alone and they never will be. It does make a big sads.


  8. and Princeton are very kind to give mom lots of cuddles. OMC I cannot imagine never knowing ones Mommy. Poor little monkey.
    Hugs and purrs,
    Mom and Madi

  9. Oh, dear...Our mom would be VERY upset at that too. Why are humans so stupid and selfish? :-(

  10. That would have been very difficult to see. Was the monkey being used as a surrogate child? Our mum saw a tv show about that and it was very sad.

  11. it was very mancatly of you to luf on your mom!

  12. We understand that sad and you did the right thing loving on your Mom!

  13. Not knowing your mom is very sad. I don't remember mine, but I have had friends who have helped me.
    Prancer, you are such a gentlecat, and moms really luf that! Princeton, well, he's good for a smile....

  14. I'm with your mum. It's apalling and as loving as the peeps are they coulda given it to a zoo or some such. That Woman gets the same way when she peeps who haz burds, in cages.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  15. Prancer, Princeton you boys did a marvelous job consoling your mommy. Our mama sympathizes because she feels the same way as your mommy. Let wild animals be wild.

    Emma and Buster

  16. Those are some great photos! It is sad to see animals taken from their environment and trained for human benefit, or even animals that are so self reliant on humans they no longer act like they would in their home environment.
    We went to Thailand with my family about 10 years ago and we went to a cave where a gold Buddha was. The cave was full of monkeys, but the monkeys weren't playing in their environment, they were too busy being fed or trying to steal food from the tourists.

    Even the gibbons kept in the gibbon rehabilitation centre who were being trained to be reintroduced into the wild seemed sad and they were still being made to perform tricks to get money from tourists to help pay for the facility.

  17. We agree with your Mommy. We think wild animals need to be with other wild animals and not in home as domesticated pets. There is too much danger with monkeys and a lot of exotic animals. Mom said there are too many woofies and kitties out there with no home that should be adopted instead.
    Mom's just sayin....

  18. Why adopt a wild animal when there are so many cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, et cetera in shelters that need homes? Humans are so silly sometimes.

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  20. Prancer! Yous and Princeton looks so manly today!
    Is yous being good!

  21. We think you and Princeton are very handsome!!!!!!!!
    We also feel bad for the monkey as it will be very hard to manage when it is an adult and not "cute" anymore. We purr the owners are planning for the time they may have to give him up. (like to a zoo)
    We wish humans would stick to cats,dogs etc!!!
    Have a fun day boys!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  22. Poor lil monkey... Your mom is LOVELY! =^..^=

  23. That poor little monkey! Your Mom is right that it should be with it's mother and not at a child's birthday party.

  24. Oh that is sad about the monkey. Good you gave your Mommy lots of love when she got home. Boys, those are great photos of both of you, and that Princeton makes a great monkey!

  25. We Sad too fur da monkey,,,, it'z not right :( dat kinda thin makez owr mom furry sad too...... but it waz a good thin you were all dere to makez your mom feelz Better ^..^