December 29, 2011

We Got Whiffies

This shot of me is fur the ladeez (and the mommies).
Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  I haven't done a furcast fur a while, so since we are experiencing warmer than normal weddurs, well, here we are.  We has had two days in a row ofur 65 degrees F.  One more day of 65 degrees + then we will drop back down in the 40s (fahrenheit).  No rains, either.  On one paw, we really enjoy cold weddurs cuz Dad lights the gas log fireplace.  On the udder paw, we get sum nice window whiffies.  Today, Princeton efun saw a  honeybee.  We hopes whatefur your weddurs, you're enjoyin them.  Happy Friday and purrs, ya'll.


  1. I am really enjoying the weather here right now - it is low 70s and lots of sun puddles. We get lots of days like this in SoCal!

  2. We is having teh weird weather too. Warm, no rain, too much sun for December. I don't like it! I want cold and rain! It's WINTER!!!

  3. Prancer Pie, you're looking quite hunky! Enjoy the whiffies and warmer weather while you can!

  4. We are having mild weather at the moment, but not as nice as yours. Enjoy your window whiffies :)xx

  5. Mommie said sqeeee at your picture.
    Our wedder has been mild, too, but not quite as warm as yours. They were saying maybe slick roads this morning. But I can't see any out my window. Just grey and brown crap.
    We can't do whiffies. Momm, can we for a little while, huh? Mommy stop laughing.

  6. We had the doors open yesterday, too! Everyone stampeded outside to hang out and get groomed by mommy.
    Who btw, is in LURVE with you!

  7. Why can't we live where you all do - it's cold here and has been raining all day.
    We hate wet pawsies so we've had to stay in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Rain and wind here but who cars. Have a really happy new year from us - FAZ and Birks

  9. Prancer - Me is in love! You is a handsome specimine of a man cat!
    Our weather has been really wacky too. But me will be happy when it gets really warm and me don't need my heating pad.

  10. Hi Prancer,
    We are late to the party. My assistant and her better half go to Panera every Friday for breakfast, then they walked then they had to go buy my assistant new walking shoes...yada yada yada. Excuses!!

    We have very unseasonable weather for the weekend but then they ruined it by saying...but expect a dramatic change on Monday.
    Poo Poo Poo on them.
    Hugs from Madi

  11. Hello Handsum Prancer Pie ^..^ We gladz you havin warm wedder, we'z a bit warmer dan normal here but not az heavenly warm az you are :) da mom openz da windowz in da morning warm or not. she turnz da heat off, dan openz da windowz sumtimez fur an hour so we can get owr whiffz....... We wish it waz Spring........ Enjoy your warm wedder :) Purrrz buddy ^..^ ~

  12. Prancer
    WE are also having warmer than normal weather and Mom has let us go in and out on the screen porch. We like that a lot. But Monday we are due for our coldest weather of the year (so far)... darn there goes being out on the porch.

  13. Oh we are so jealous! We want some whiffies!!

  14. Mom left me alone today, so I got not window whiffie. She said the wind got furry cold and we're gonna get brrr cold weather this weekend.Prancer, you look furry mancatly there.
    xoxo Kassey

  15. We are expecting warmer weather for a few days so Mom is gonna give our woofie ICE a shower if Grammom is having a good day like she did today, Happy Holidays=^Y^=