December 3, 2011

Rain On Our Parade

Old John Deere tractor pullin a float.

Three  of Santa's helpers throwin candy.

Anudder float in the parade.

Gingerbread house float.

Anudder float..

Decorated horses in the parade.

Sandy Paws on the fire truck!

Gratuitous kitteh shot. (Princeton)
Hi furriends and Happy Sunday! Princeton postin while Prancer's sleepin in the ham-mick. Yesterday the Mommy deserted us and wented to a small town nearby and attended their Catmouse parade. She said the small town and home-spun floats made her think of her childhood. She had a good time in spite of all the rain.

Speakin of rain, Mommy said sumthin horrible. She said it was rainin cats and dogs! Oh My Cod! Those poor animals. I nefur did see a single kitteh or woofie fall from the sky yesterday. Thank Baste!
Well, I'm off to the ham-mick, too. All this rain makes me sleepy. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. Princeton, Just how BIG are you gettin' anyway? You look bigger in efurry picture!?!?

    I too have heard that expression before and I haz neffur seen kitties or doggies falling neither. I think it is just one of those stoopid fings the Humans say to scare us.

  2. CATMOUSE parade?! Ha! I don't see one cat or mouse there.

  3. No cats! No Dogs, but there was horses!
    Princeton yous turning into one big boy!

  4. That looked like a fun parade. We have never seen cats and dogs fall from the sky but we have heard Popsy say that it was raining cats and dogs. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Bonjour dear friend,
    What a cool parade there, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.I love those horses and the funny snow-man!
    purrs and a nice Sunday
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  6. Looks like a great parade...

    Have a super Sunday.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. We love a parade! Too bad it rained cats and dogs...we hope those animals are okay.

    Have an easy Sunday in your hammick!

  8. Morning Princeton.
    thanks for sharing the parade pictures. There is nothing like a parade to get one in the spirit.
    Mom told her friend it was raining cats and dogs the other day. She rec'd a funny reply (that she had never heard) so she'll share it with you. Her friend said,
    'don't step in any poodles'!!
    Hugs Madi

  9. I love Madi's mom's friend. Funny!!
    Mama said the floats reminded her of where she grew up (a small town in Missouri), and said to say they did a very good job.
    I also loved the gratuitous cat shot.
    You had cats and dogs? We just had cotton balls fall from the sky.

  10. FaRADaY: HIGHPAW on da Gratuituos Kitteh Shot! Der should be mores of dems - just meowin'! Pee raining here too (whispers: an' Allie furry GRUMPY 'bout it)

  11. What a great parade!!!
    Woof, woof,


  12. The parade floats were fun, but like you, we would rather stay home.

    BTW, we LOVE yer new hammicks!

  13. Princeton
    That parade sure looked liked lot of fun!
    OMC...cats fallin from the sky? Oh we hope not!

  14. Great parade photos, and so lovely to finish it off with a kitty shot =^..^=

  15. The parade looked good. Our mum keeps telling us it is raining cats and dogs too and we have to stay indoors, but we never see any cats ad dogs coming out of the sky either.

  16. Princeton, that was a furry nice parade. We live in a small town too, but we didn't go watch the catmouse parade. Ours was at night and we don't go out dark. We're gonna get rain, but no cats and dogs from the sky, I hope.
    xoxo Kassey