December 22, 2011

Are You Ready For Sum Futball?

Me checkin out the score a little more closely.
Hi ya'll. It's me Princeton, guest posting today. I'm gonna tell you kittehz my dirty little secret. I likes futsball. I can't resist  jumpin up to our televishun and tryin to help those little men in the there wif the ball that I can't seem to catch. It's lots of entertainment at our house. Hee-hee.

In udder mews, we just found out that Obi, ofur at Forty Paws is not doin so well.  He needs exploratory surgery and could use lots of purrs. Stop by and visit them HERE. (forty paws is our ham-mick supplier) Happy Thursday kittehz and hang in there. Sandy Claws is almost here.


  1. The humans here do not like football, so I have never seen it! I saw the post about Obi and I have been purring lots for him.

  2. I hope you help them to score hee he. We shall go and visit now and send some healing purrrrrrs :)xx

  3. Princeton you are a real man's mancat and would be a very fast running back!! I expect you'd be very good at basketball too with your excellent jumping skills.
    Hugs Madi

  4. I like to sit with my dad-guy when he is watching football...but sometimes he gets too loud!

    We are purring for Obi and hope he will be okay.


  5. The Human is awl a-cited because for the first time in AGES she can say, "So, how 'bout them Niners???"

    Purrs for Obi. I have a hammick, too!

  6. Princeton, I am more a hockey cat! I just love to watch (and chase) that little black puck! I also like to bat at the players! Maybe I should try football...

  7. My sister Gracie loves football! We have all been sending special purrs to sweet Obi.

  8. Enjoy watching the futball game!

    We're purring for Obi too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Princeton we bet you would be better at football than those guys in the red shorts.


  10. Ooh, Princeton, that looks like fun. We're going to ask our mom to let us watch futsball too. We would love to helps those little men gets the ball.

    We are sending lots and lots of purrs to Obi, we hope he gets better soon.

  11. I bet you were an asset to the game ;o)
    Happy Holidays! =^..^=