June 7, 2012


Prancer in the clean towels.  Note tortie laserz off to the right.

Prancer's gettin that uneasy feeling.  Fur good reason. MOL!

Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here.  Do you kittehz ever feel like sumbody is just behind you, watchin everything you do, lookin over your shoulder?  I have been feeling this way fur awhile, now.  I just can't quite put my paw on it.  **sigh**  It might just be me worrying bout my Mommy.  "Why" you ask?  This is why:

These are the shoes Mommy wore to town the other day.  She realized her mistake after getting home.  Cod luf her.  She really needs me to take care of her.  Happy Friday and remember, Mommies:  Just look down before you leave the house.  Purrs, ya'll.


  1. BOL! At least your mommy had her shoes on. My MOM has been know to go get the mail and newspaper WITHOUT her shirt on. Boy they sure do need our help.

  2. What would humans do without us kitties caring for them?
    By the way, I love fresh from the drier, clean towels :-)

  3. Oh dear. Oops. That's something even the woman hasn't done yet...

  4. Don't look behind you Prancer, you really don't want to know.

    MOL! Our mama did that not long ago but good thing for her we was on the alert and stopped her at the door. When she leaned down to pet us she noticed her shoe problem.
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  5. Äiti did a day at work wearing a 'pair' of shoes like that. Of course the students noticed and thought it riotously funny....

    But Prancer, we know the feeling. You are having a good rest and then there's a sneaky girlcat interfering. It's all too familiar.

  6. Mummy thinks that is an easy mistake to make. At least she didn't notice till she got home. Mind you, if she had noticed whilst out it could have been a good excuse to buy a new pair :)xx

  7. Hahaha about your Mommy! That's so funny. We suppose in a way, it's good she only noticed it when she got home.

  8. MOL! You think THAT is bad - one time my human left town and forgot to pack any shoes - and the ones she was wearing were her workout shoes, except she had a different one on each foot! Even worse, she was going back east to watch her boyfriend play some shows and he is like some big rock star there and being his girlfriend, she was supposed to look cool! That was SO not happening! Served her right for leaving us kitties.

  9. I loved the bloggie and the comments too. MY mom hasn't pulled a stunt like that for awhile. xxoo

  10. Oh, been there, done that!!! Just pretend it was what you meant to do. Be proud. Be eccentric!

    Prancer, you are being a bit fanciful I think lol

  11. OMC, you cracked us up! Made our mom feel better about her own silly faux pas. LOL.

  12. MOL=that seems like something our Mommy might do too=those silly humans!!...Love the lasers, sweetie!...We hope you guys enjoy a happy, lazy weekend ahead, precious friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Oh that's a good one! Once our mom wore two different colored shoes to work. She can be a real airhead sometimes.

  14. BOL at Mom's shoe boo boo:)

    See, we knew you would like Friday - TCIF - that's a good one:)

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. MOL PRANCER...I expect one laser it is turned to the back to keep an eye on the enemy!!

    Bless your sweet Mom's heart...she has too many things on her mind to worry about her feet. Hey maybe she'll start a new fashion and make a million bucks!
    Hugs from your BFFF

  16. Ha ha ha ha! My mom's done the same thing, only she did it to work, one black shoe and one blue shoe!! Humans! They keep us entertained.

  17. OK. Mom said I could tell you that once she wore her pants inside out. IN PUBLIC!

  18. Yer Mom has a ways to go to match OUR Mommy's attire! It's a good thing she wears a uniform most days.

    Also, WTG with the paper towels!!!!!!!

  19. MOL that is funny. Your mum could have told anyone that asked that it is the latest fashion.

  20. --heeheeheehee--

    oops we're sorry we didn't mean to giggle..no wait, yes we did.

    Prancer you do need to watch out over your Mom and make sure she goes out with everyone on that matches.


  21. We thought mismatched shoes are in fashion, since that's a common accurance around here!

    You have to turn and look behind you some times Prancer!

  22. Me has to laughs at your Mommy! Our Mommy has done that more than once! And me always feels like somebody is watching....
    Kisses Nellie
    PS has me told yous lately what a handsome man cat yous are?

  23. hehehehehehe..... ^..^

    we thinkz Princeton needz to give your mom a rest ^..^ :))

    ♥♥purrz♥♥ xoxo