June 18, 2012

International Box Day

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the graphic.
We're you expecting sumthing great?

Hi furriends, Precious here on your INTERNATIONAL BOX DAY.  This is our second one and we can't believe it!  Unfortunately the Mommy got the "coughing crud" and didn't get new pics.  (there will be demerits fur that)  

Funny story:  I used to have a box that a frozen turkey (yes, it was yummy) was delivered in.  On the side of the box was printed "YOUNG TURKEY" .  The Mommy and Daddy had so much fun laffin and jokin bout me and my "young turkey" box, that I peed in it!  End of box and end of story.

HaHaMeow!  I love a good story wif a happy ending and I love Tuxie Tuesdays.  Gotta go, I'm terrorizing the wooden blinds and Princeton simultaneously.  Happy Tuesday ya'll and remember:  TUXIES RULE!!!!


  1. A good box is hard to find. You need to use it, no matter what it says!

  2. I never knew about this great day! ;o)

    Hope you guys can stop by my blog to check out my latest giveaway!!


  3. You peed in the box?! Aw man, Precious, I wish I had read that earlier, I probably should have added something about that to my Box Club post.

  4. We read turkey and got all drooly!

  5. Peeps are wierd that way. We too pee in boxes that are substandard...or cardboard...
    Tell your Mom to take it easy! Our Mommy's crud lasted THREE weeks and you can imagine how neglected we were.

  6. YOU play the blinds TOO? Tuxies DO rule..just ask me!

  7. Hey Precious....
    That was a very funny story and I love it when the cat gets revenge at the end!!

    We are so sorry your Mom has the 'can't help its'! My Dad just got over that mess too.

    Hugs,purrs and get well wishes
    Madi your BFFF

  8. Bawhahhaha. Peed in the box. hehheh. I like your style.

  9. Isn't that what a box is for?
    You look very cute in that box by the way :)

  10. We have a shot of Mamacita in a World's Best (cat litter) box - funny how the words ont he boxes make beans laugh! Come back by for more Chica stories!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  11. HAHAHA about tuxie, young turkey, box and pee! MOL.

  12. Now THAT'S funny!! How to get a box and get rid of a box in the same day, huh? LOLOL!!

    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  13. Great box story. I love seeing everyone's favorite boxes.

  14. Haha! That'll teach them to laugh about you and Young Turkey at the same time! But wait...you ruined a good box! Something's not right there.

  15. Precious
    you were only makin the turkey box smell like you, I can't understand why they threw it out.
    But you do look so adorable in your box and enjoy playing with Princeton.



  16. We say "That isnt a Special box, but all boxes are Special". TBT says that statement gives him a headache...

    Annyway, you look good in it.

  17. Allie: *wails* I am sooooooo mistreated! Mother completely and TOTALLY forgot Box Day! *delicate sniff*

  18. Hi Precious, as we said in our post, we don't do boxes, BUT if we thought there was a turkey in there, we definitely might reconsider:)

    Thanks for participating in International Box Day.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Precious! Yous reminds me of me! Yous looks just wonderful in your box!

  20. Precious, How DARE your People snicker at you!? I am happy to hear you showed them what's what and who's in charge around there.

  21. Well, at least your response was appropriate since they laughed at you! The nerve!

  22. Emma says tuxies rule too.... and mama added, they pee everywhere too, har har har.

    emma and buster