October 14, 2011

Efurrything You Wanted To Know About Princess on Caturday

Me, Princess, showin sum color and laserz.
Greetings! It's me, HRH Princess. Did you know my middle name is Hope? It certainly is. The kitteh that came first was FIV + and became ill. The next kitteh was feral and had a bad blood disorder. Next, was me. Mom called me Hope. The sisbean was just a little sticky thing then, announced my name was Princess. I haf to say it is more befitting. It just felt right. Years ago they told me I was a calico. I had distinct colors wif defined lines and white in between. Since I've um, matured, my colors blended into this beautiful tortie coat. If you rub my furs the wrong way, I'm orange underneath.  Who knew?  Since I'm a mature kitteh, I get speshul treatment and foods. MOL! I still haf lots of tortitude, but really girls, who of us doesn't? Happy Caturday and Smooches!


  1. You do have a lovely coat colour, Princess Hope! Thanks for sharing your story :-)

  2. Rub Binga's coat the wrong way and you get... gray-black. She's not as colorful as you!

  3. Rub a girlcat's coat the wrong way and we thought you'd get bitten. And we are very careful with torties especially - except for with my girlfriend who is a gorgeous tortie called Maggie May and she has masses of tortitude. It is good to read your story, Princess Hope of the Calico Land.

  4. Hi, Princess! I like what you said about orange underneath and your name is very fitting, I'd say.
    Your fur looks soft as fluff, but, pretty please turn off the lasers so I can give you a nose-kiss!


  5. Yeah, turn the lasers off...I want to get closer for a nosetap myself. xoxox

  6. So, the Sisbean is super-intelligent, eh? Of COURSE you are a Princess. Duh!
    The ManCats here think you are quite the gal they'd like to know...do you bite?

  7. Hello Princess Hope, you are one very beautiful girl. We think you have really pretty colors.

    Lots of purrs and kitty kisses,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  8. Princess...first name is most beautifuf and to be followed by Hope makes us smile.

  9. We agree that Princess is a good name for you. But Hope is nice too...

  10. Lovely post, YRH! And quite fascinating about your fur's "secret glow"!!!

    The Chans

  11. Hi ya, Princess...aka Hope! We think your coat is beautiful!!