October 26, 2011

In Love on Thankful Thursday & Good News

Hi kittehz, it's me again, Princeton! I knows I get alotta bloggie time, but I'm the most active kitteh in the household. Mommy doesn't even share half the stuff  I get into done in a day! She wanted to share these pics of me wif this old ladder. She painted it pursimon, persimun, ORANGE! After it dried she brought it in the house and behold: I WAS IN LUF!  I've gnawed on it, played on it, clawed it, turned it over, and slept on it. Doesn't it kinda make my brown eyes orangey? I am very thankful fur this ladder this Thursday.

Mommy wanted to know if all you kittehz had heard about Jack the Cat? He was the one lost by American Airlines two months ago. He was found! He's very sick, but they expect him to be ok. He and his Mommy haf alot to be thankful fur today!

Be sure and kiss a kitteh today, furriends! Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh Princeton, we think your ladder looks like fun. Does it taste good too?

    We heard about Jack this afternoon. We hope he gets well so he can go back home.

    PS, our mom says to tell your mom she's not old enough to remember that stuff either. MOL!

  2. Princeton, I think you are a little nutty - I can't imagine falling in love with a ladder!

    I heard about Jack too, and I am SO glad he was finally found!

  3. the ladder can be a great plaything for us..hehe

  4. You look great with that ladder... Thanks so much for telling us about Jack the Cat. We were wondering about him. So glad they found him.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. That ladder is great, Princeton!! We bet you have lots of fun with it!!

    And we were glad to hear the news about Jack. YAY!

  6. That poor baby, Jack I mean, Thank heaven they found him. Sick, you say? Probably starved. Bless his sweet heart.

  7. Princeton yes indeed it makes your brown eyes orangey. You my sweet are too cute for words.
    We didn't hear about Jack but we sure are glad he was found and will purr he completely recovers.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. FaRADaY: *doubtful look* that ladder doesn't look like very tasty noms. Unless persimmums smell like TOONA??? *perk*

    Maxwell: An' we totally HIGHPAW Jack being found, but still wanna use AA for our litterbox for taking TWO WHOLE MONTHS to find him.

    That's ...uh... *scribble*scribble*carry the two* ...like, 1/8 of my WHOLE LIFE!
    (horrified look)

  9. Princeton
    We read about Jack yesterday on twitter. WE were so glad that he was found. There was a lot of twittering about him! All the purrs were answered.

  10. Hey cutie, we were so very happy to hear about Jack, we did several happy dances!

  11. There's nothing better than when something once used for something else is turned into something we can play with!! I'd say that's a score, Princeton!