November 25, 2011

Caturday Nappin - NOT

Seriously Mommy! I need my sleep!
You snooze, Prancer, I haf udder plans.  ::evil laff::
Hi furriends, Prancer Pie here to tell you I'm very upset wif the Mommy. She woke me up and I gave her the high-beam laserz. A mancat needs his rest. Does she not unnerstand that camera makes enuff noise to wake the dead? Click, whirr, snap, and it's all ofur but the cryin. Shortly after this pic, I stormed off (after showin her the back of disrespect). Caturdays are fur nappin and eatin. If it's not her ruinin my dreams of all the lovely ladeez of the CB, it's that little rugrat, Princeton.  Precious looks like she's got sumthin planned, too. (she socked a claw in Mom yesterday and all hello kitteh broke loose) Well, I'm off to an undisclosed nappin hideaway. Happy Caturday, sweet dreams, and purrs, ya'll.


  1. When the humans pull out that confounded camera, the only thing you can do is head for the UNL (Undisclosed Napping Location).

  2. Oh...oh.... we all have that flashy box going off all the time. Part of life, pal.

    Have a great day anyway.

    pawhugs Max

  3. I have found that it is best to just get the picture-taking over with so you can relax!

  4. I hope you find a good hidey spot to catch some good naps!

  5. Can't you find any where camera flashy free? Same here we just ignore it as best we can when that light smacks you in the eyes.
    Luv hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Prancer, do what I do: fart.
    You notice I don't get a lot of blog time...
    xx Grayce

  7. Great lasers, Prancer Pie! We are sure she was blinded for a minute or two!

  8. If there is one thing I've learned after many decades of being owned by a cat, it's that they hate naptus iterruptus!! I don't blame you for showing her the back of disrespect.

    This is my first visit to your blog. It's great! Hope you can visit me sometime too!

  9. We had to wake up Mom Paula this morning because she was taking advantage of Caturday.

    Truffle and Brulee

  10. WTG Prancer....we cats need to form a united front to adopt some very steadfast flashy beast rules!!
    1. No pictures when we are at rest. MOL that is about the only rule we need since we are at rest 23 hours a day
    Hugs Madi

  11. Those are very good lasers. They should have scared your mum off.

  12. We hate the flashy box! You're right, Prancer, it makes lots of noise and always disrupts our naps!

    Hope you get some sleep!

  13. Me hates the flashy box! Me has learned to Blink just when Mommy presses her funger so all the pictures she gets my eyes is closed.