November 11, 2011

Just Us Girls On Caturday

Precious, lookin purrfectly innocent.

Princess tryin to catch sum zzzzzzzzzs.
Hi ya'll, we girls don't usually get along, but we're gonna try this bloggie thing today.

Princess:  Mommy left us yesterday to do more Catmouse shopping and to visit the sisbean. It was a horrible, long, depressing day. Wif only two extra cans of stinky goodness put out to tide us ofur.

Precious: She's plannin on bein gone part of today too. Sumthin bout the sisbean bein a geek and haffin a pawty.

Princess: Being Greek , not a geek! Stoopid. (Hissss.)  And they're haffin Parent's Day. She'll leave us fur hours and hours again. I need Mom to hold me at least 23 of 24 hrs a day. Woe and despair is me!

Precious: Hahameow! It won't be so bad, I get to do whatefur I want when the Mom is gone! (face whap to Princess)

Mom:  Girls! Knock it off right now.

Precious:  Honk twice when you pull in the driveway, Mom, so i can quit bein a hellion be ready to greet you at the door.  Happy Caturday furriends and remember:TUXIES RULE!


  1. Precious, Honey, I like your style, Girl. I dunno 'bowt all this "needy" stuff when it comes to the Humans. Hey--Open the darn cans and then leave me alone. That's my philosophy!

  2. It's hard to decide what is better, isn't it - having your human around all the time and catering to your every whim or NOT having them around so you can have fun without getting yelled at!

  3. We agree with Sparkle, it is hard to decide if it's better to have or hooman around or gone. We do enjoy being waited on paw and paw but it's really hard to have fun (or get into things) when she's here.

  4. I think your mummy should leave a webcam up so we can see all the fun you are having hee he :)xx

  5. Difficult choices!
    I also love to wait mammy to greet her at the door!
    I love your pictures,
    purrs, love to your hearts
    enjoy your weekend
    Luna - We love Luna

  6. MOL while sisterbean is at a Greek party you two gals will be having
    a fun time trying to see who is really Queen bee at your house.
    Hugs Madi

  7. Here's what we would do: Sleep really hard and long all day, then when nighttime comes, rev it up and have a rumble ALL night long. Keep your Mom UP. It's Karma.

  8. Girls! GIRLS!! Be nice to each is to the boy cats and the dogs that you should be wappin'!! Girls should stick together!! Lolo and I have outgrown the need for alone time (and since the dawgs invaded our beans' lives, we have had too much alone time) so we only want our Mom 24/24...but that won't happen here so we make sure we glue ourselves to her at nighttime...when she is sleeping...sometimes you have to take what you get. But like Katnip Lounge says, the best is to sleep all day and make your mom pay all night...maybe she'll think twice next time about leaving you. haha!! Purrs, Lautrec (Lolove), Tiny and forget the dawgs!

  9. If she doesn't bribe you with Temptations and/or Stinky Goodness when she comes home then I double what Katnip Lounge has to say.

  10. Great photos of you beautiful girls...Extra stinky goodness sounds like a winwin to us!!...Happy weekend, precious friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Hmmm....Peoples at home.....Peoples not at home.....Me votes for having peoples at home. Me likes having a servant at my beck and call.

  12. I LOVE that whappin'. Sorry but I always wished I had someone besides mommy to whap!

  13. We think extra stinky goodness is good! We're pretty sure whaps when Mom isn't home don't count!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. We're with the Lounge Kats! Get lots of sleep in while your mom is gone so you can keep her entertained all night long!! She'll love it!!

  15. You should visit us fer lessons on how sisers get aong! Really, lets make it a Girlcat's night in with some nature DVDs and some Niptinis... Well lure Marley inta the garage so we can be alone...

    Ayla an Iza