November 18, 2011

Caturday Cat Talk

Come a little closer. We need to chat.

That's purrrrfect.
 Hi people! It's me, HRH, Princess. I hopes efurrybody is haffin a pawsome Caturday. We are spending ours napping, eating, and taking turns layin on the Mom. We sent the Dad off to the woods early to go hunting fur vishus deer. They're not so vishus simmerin on the stove! MOL! Sorry deer luffers, a girl has got to eat!

Be sure to stop by Ginger Jasper's. They are haffin a commentathon in honor of GJ's birthday. You can visit them HERE. It's a great pawty! Lots of treats and toys.

Haf a purrrrfect Caturday. Smooches ya'll.


  1. Happy Caturday Princess! We unnerstands about the deer thingy...Mommy says she remembers nice tasty Midwest venison...

  2. Hi Princess! You're very pretty and it sounds like you're going to have a great Saturday! I hope to spend my Saturday very similarly to yours.


  3. We hope you have a great weekend with snuggles and cuddles and nip.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Princess you are so pretty!! How nice of you to help GJ's birfday celebration. Xxoo

  5. Vishus deer are only good when they are simmerin on the stove! MOL!

  6. I sure hope you have a warm and snuggly weekend everyone!

  7. MMMMMmmmmmm, vishus deer. TW sez if she had to hunt the fud herself she'd probably be a vegetarian. She willingly admits to the hypocrisy of buying her meat at Safeway!!
    Hope you all have a cuddly warm Caturday!

  8. Vishus deer is yummy. We share it when our mum cooks it.

  9. Well from a dogs point of view, I would rather be out with your dad than inside all comfy adn warm, but then, we dogs are not the smartest box of rocks on the shelf.

    Have a nice day


  10. Hi Princess. thanks for the info on on GJ we'll head over now.
    Happy Sat. afternoon,
    Hugs Madi

  11. It sounds like you kitties have excellent plans for the day. We hope you have a great Caturday.

  12. Well, hello there Princess! It sounds like you all are having a great Saturday. We were over at GJ's. His party was a lot of fun!!

  13. What a great Caturday! And Venisons! Wowwie! Me thinks me likes Deer better than Quail!

  14. Allie: *giggle* oooh HI Princess! *royal wave from one HRH to another* So you love a good bit of venison too? SQUEE! so do I!!

    Maxwell: uhhh, yeah, we gets Instinct canned as a treat each morning. It's either rabbit or venison.

    FaRADaY: And Mommy asks us do wanna eat some Bambi today or some Thumper. *confused look* Humans are SOOO weird.